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  1. Hi all just thought I would post a little poll in regard of Wingnut Wings kits to try and get a handle on just how many Britmodellers are interested in and collect the Wingnuts kits and the reasons if you haven't got any.
  2. FOUR better - or worse!

    he scares me anyway
  3. David Shepherd has died

    That is sad to hear. A brilliant artist. RIP
  4. FOUR better - or worse!

    without a Haggis supper
  5. FOUR better - or worse!

    are apparently rather nice (Despite being a Scot I have never, as yet, tried one although I gather they are actually quite a treat)
  6. FOUR better - or worse!

    flame thrower not recommended
  7. FOUR better - or worse!

    with snails and slugs
  8. FOUR better - or worse!

    at the blueman group (Man those smurfs are smurfing giants)
  9. FOUR better - or worse!

    by those crazy Aussies
  10. FOUR better - or worse!

    are found Welsh wildmen
  11. FOUR better - or worse!

    not blue toilet paper?
  12. FOUR better - or worse!

    the average Scottish summer
  13. I see the Wingnut Wings site now has a page for the Stahltaube and I am guessing that this means the kit isn't that far from appearing. Looks like nice box artwork http://www.wingnutwings.com/ww/product?productid=3162
  14. FOUR better - or worse!

    out on the plains
  15. Did keeping allied scouts drab give a real advantage?

    I can't recall who the pilot was but I do recall reading someones WWI memoirs many years ago and he talked about how quickly you could loose your flight members with even a few seconds of allowing yourself to be distracted and, if caught up in a combat, it was far from unusual to find an apparently empty sky in all directions by the end of your personal duel.
  16. Hi all, While I am a WWI aviation buff I am no expert and was wondering if I could ask my question of more informed WWI aviation boffins. While the Germans encouraged their 'scout' pilots to exercise their artistic talents in giving their mounts a knightly look, while their reconnaissance, bombers and ground attack aircraft were camouflaged, the allies chose to employ drab and camouflage for all types. Did this actually give allied pilots an advantage. I would imagine any advantage would be reflected in success rates and losses between Allied and German scouts.
  17. Damaged WNW kits on sale.

    I wonder if there is actually some difference between importing 'damaged goods' rather than 'retail quality goods'.
  18. FOUR better - or worse!

    of the finest silicon
  19. Hi all, I wonder what the opinions are on the shade of white that would have been seen on WWI aircraft. I use enamels and oils and so my whites are typically more towards cream than pure 'ultrabrite' white which always creates a problem when it comes to blending in decals. It strikes me that the real insignia etc. would have been painted with an oil based white paint and probably a lead white (duller and creamier) rather than the zinc and titanium whites which are more common now and so they would have been pretty close to the off white colour of Humbrol oil based enamels rather than the glaring white of the acrylic that features on every decal sheet I have ever seen. Any experts that can come in on this subject?
  20. FOUR better - or worse!

    use as space stations
  21. FOUR better - or worse!

    and twenty coffin nails
  22. FOUR better - or worse!

    available for celebrity hitching
  23. FOUR better - or worse!

    out of the alphabet
  24. FOUR better - or worse!

    and out for summer
  25. FOUR better - or worse!

    while the stocks last