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  1. Tiger 1 initial prod.

    Looks like he has almost as much whitewash on his face as on the tank. You're not supposed to drink it dummy! Amazing, I thought it was real life for a second. The Tiger is probably only a year old if that, yet it looks ancient, excellent job. Lloyd
  2. Thanks Ade Couldn't get it started so pushing it onto the flat deck was a real chore. Those 100mm shells make a convenient hole though. Lloyd
  3. Thanks John No, this one is beside the Panzer IV, probably a keeper. Thanks BeeKay Lloyd
  4. Thanks, I'll try that next time. Lloyd
  5. M1A2 Abrams Tusk II

    The only other thing I hate about the Abrams tracks is after all of that work over half of them are hidden behind the skirts. In some case you just don't need workable tracks, not Tamiya rubber bands mind you but somewhere in between. BTW won't your Nikon take .jpg photos without any conversions? I used to use RAW but then said way too much effort to convert to something usable and since I never edit anything RAW went away. Lloyd
  6. M4A3E8 Sherman - Dragon 1/35

    That's impressive Chris. I didn't realize the Yanks used white wash camo but I guess they must have and they could have used your model for the pattern, it's that realistic. What kit is this? Lloyd
  7. OK, I took the chain off and gave it a drink of Tamiya Dark Iron. It's still not perfect as even the paint doesn't want to stick that well but it's better and it does look more chain-like.
  8. Thanks Plastix Thanks Chris I've tried to blacken that chain but whatever it's made of nothing works. Finally I decided it's a new chain and hasn't had time to rust that much. It was a last minute addition so maybe the crew just threw it on there, who knows? Yes I imagine they didn't smoke too much or maybe they just ignored all that ammo and hoped for the best. They were sure a dirty crew and dragged in a lot of dirt, must have been really smokey in there with that big gun too. I'd be afraid of catching something just crawling in there. Lloyd
  9. M1A2 Abrams Tusk II

    Sure looks like an Abrams Reilly. The LHS has the Meng kit and I was looking at it, but briefly after reading of your trials and tribulations. The two Rye Field Abrams I've done were good except for the tedious track assembly. If that's the Tamiya kit in the foreground I sort of prefer the color, seems more natural and the other looks like it should be sitting on a showroom floor somewhere. Mind you if they weren't side by side then the Meng would look fine and I see that it has various tones which look great while the Tamiya seems more monotone. Of course that could be my monitor or even my old man eyes for that matter. How about some closer close-ups for us old squinty guys? Take care, Lloyd
  10. Tiger And Jagdpanther and Panther .

    Looking good, a deadly trio. Two years? I have a hard time holding my attention on a model for two weeks, if it ain't done by then I want to chuck it. Gets expensive. Lloyd
  11. Trumpeter Soviet SU-100 Tank Destroyer

    The city dumped the "spares" big blue bin several months ago. They do that every week so anything I chuck in there goes to a landfill, and sometimes that's the best place for it. Thanks for looking John. These Soviet vehicles are kind of addictive, I might try a 1/16 T-34/85 after that Jagdtiger. Lloyd
  12. Bill The drum is ok, the tank is a baby. Lloyd
  13. I think it looks good, especially for just a second AFV. That must be either a small tank or one hell of a big fuel drum, haha. I never worry about the correct insignia, I just make sure no 2 of the same vehicles, like 2 Tiger I's have the same numbers. That would be a SNAFU but as far as caring what was the correct marking for when or where it doesn't concern me. It seems like any time I've tried to put the correct markings on a model to represent the location and time frame I've always managed to farble one decal up so I just gave up. It's tough to get one decal off after you have ruined it's mate, paint job or combat damage. Jack is right, I do see a pinkish or even an orangish tone to the paint and maybe some dust would help with that. And the tracks, the tracks, Tamiya and their rubber bands that are even usually too short so too tight and resemble nothing but an elastic band stretched around the running gear. Kris is right, a model of this quality deserves better and since you have already gone to the dark side with aftermarket photo etch, barrels, drums, etc what's a few more (was going to say "bucks" but guess it would be pounds for you) shekels? Lloyd
  14. StuG IV the firs armour

    Looks pretty good for a first attempt. I think if you have an airbrush you should try a light coat of very thin Tamiya XF57 Buff to tone down the contrasts between the yellow and green and cut back some of the glossy finish. If you don't have an airbrush then a coat of Testor's Dullcote or something similar would give it a more matt finish. Yes your English is certainly a lot better than my Russian, I can't even say "Hi" in Russian. Oh, just a thought, you should try a 1/35 Soviet T-34 as it's an easy paint job being almost entirely green and they are a very nice model. Lloyd