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  1. I think it looks pretty good and the glue is certainly dry after 10 years. The zimmerit turned out very realistic and the weathering is first rate. I like the beat up winter camo look (and that's good as it seems that's all I can do after several tries) and yours turned out very well, subtle damage and dings but still overall white, just right. Please don't take 10 years for the next one, I want to live long enough to see it............ Take care, Lloyd
  2. RyeField 1/35 Abrams M1A2 TUSK II

    Those tiles on the turret look real good all lined up like little soldiers and I like the subtle color variations. I know you haven't finished the weathering but it looks good already. Shouldn't that exhaust deflector on the rearmost turret rack be a sort of burnt paint rusty color. I think they hung that over the turbine exhaust when in convoy to avoid frying the guy behind or when doing maintenance or just to stop dust blowing and it tended to get pretty hot with 1500 degree exhaust. Could be full of it but I think that's what it's for and it got pretty abused. Oops, guess I should read my own comments, "you haven't finished the weathering". I'll go back to that nap I was having now........ Take care, Lloyd
  3. 1/35 T-34/85 Tank

    Sure looks like a T-34 Jim. I think it actually looks better without those dumb fuel drums on the sides and rear too. And the aggravation of the PE straps for the drums probably wasn't missed either, lol. The turret doesn't look too rough to me, after I used glue to stipple that AFV clear turret that was rough, but so was the real casting, they didn't waste any effort to polish them up. Three at once? My goodness, I have a tough time concentrating on one at a time and I'm retired with nothing but time also. Take care, Lloyd
  4. Pz.kpfw. IV ausf. G - Dragon 1/35

    Looking really good Chris. The weathering is great, love the ice on the tracks and suspension and like the missing track sections, looks like it's been in action. The figures really set it off, those guys look pretty cold, probably wondering if a hot meal is coming. Take care, Lloyd
  5. T-55 mod. 1963 test-build (MiniArt)

    Never even thought of the black marker. That works well and I was wondering how you managed to paint the black lines. Fantastic job Lloyd
  6. Tiger I x 4

    Does it get some brown now? I can't remember if you said 3 color camo. or 2 color tiger stripes. I like the feathered edges much better than the hard edge and I rather doubt they masked and sprayed anything in the field. Maybe they did but seems like a lot of extra work and since the object was to blend in there aren't many hard edges in nature. The Hemp does look rather good and now the other color looks rather yellow, tricky stuff this. Take care, Lloyd
  7. Meng Soviet T-10M

    The decals don't have a flat coat over them but how do you remove them without screwing up the paint job? Lloyd
  8. Meng Soviet T-10M

    Thanks Chris Yes, funny how some decals are fine and others aren't. Take care, Lloyd
  9. Meng Soviet T-10M

    Thanks Blaubar Thanks Stix Lloyd
  10. Meng Soviet T-10M

    Thanks Julian Thanks Soeren I think I'll leave it as is now but thanks for the suggestions. I believe that's a 14.5mm machine gun which is even bigger than a .50 cal. It also had a 122mm main gun which was the largest in the world at that time. The Soviet were obsessed with gun size and also had the thickest armor of any tank, equivalent to 320mm on the glacis so it was a very menacing beast. Never actually did anything or involved in any conflict but by far the most powerful tank in the world in the 1950's and early 1960's. Interesting reading up on this stuff. Take care, Lloyd
  11. Meng Soviet T-10M

    I tried to give it a more dusty faded paint look without making it any dirtier. Not entirely successful but think I'll quit while still ahead. There's 3 different greens on this but it all seems to show as basically one color. Maybe the smoke canisters are a little different but that's about all. Sort of a wasted effort but don't know without trying.
  12. Meng Soviet T-10M

    Thanks Pat I usually make my stuff pretty dirty so this was a change with a lot of dry brushing instead of washing. Turned out ok though but maybe just a little too clean like they just washed it to impress the allies across the wall. Lloyd
  13. Dragon 6395 Sd. Kfz. 251/17C

    This looks really good Soeren. Those oil washes sure bring out the detail and I especially like the rifle ready racks. Not a lot of room with that big gun stuffed back there. Take care, Lloyd
  14. Meng Soviet T-10M

    Thanks Julian Thanks Soeren Thanks Jim This is moved over to the RFI page now, I think it's about done. Lloyd
  15. RyeField 1/35 Abrams M1A2 TUSK II

    Not too many polar bears left, ice is melting and poor buggers can't take the warmth. I feel really sorry for them and some of the pics I've seen are very very depressing. Penguins not so much, see them in zoos and wonder why they are used in so many commercials and comic strips when they are really not that swift. (intelligent) Yes I had to resort to some Evergreen styrene rod to patch up the racks on my 2nd Rye Field Abrams and then even some bedrolls and a tarp to hide some oops. Might have used a couple of expletives myself. Hate to say it but photo etched uprights and plastic bars would be better but probably add to the cost and those kits are already over the Cdn$100. mark. It's looking good so far and the paint on the turret brings it together. Take care, Lloyd