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  1. There's something about these little Pz.kpfw II's and III's that is just bigger than life. Maybe it's because they carried the blitz attacks for the first year or so before the Pz.kpfw IV took over the heavy lifting, just don't know. I do know that I like this and you have done another superb job. Lloyd
  2. Chris What to say? Wow, excellent, great build, fantastic weathering and attention to detail, looks like the ones I've seen live out at BATUS just down the road. I built one of these many moons ago and it sure didn't turn out like this, almost like a different kit, but it did have tracks and a turret and it was sort of sandy coloured, didn't keep it though and after seeing this I don't miss it. Good job, no, great job and keep them coming, Lloyd
  3. Pzrgren I have tried the paste/putty/arcane substance method to apply zimmerit on several models with generally crappy/not worth keeping results and it's not fun to try to get failed attempts back out of the cracks and crevices so those kits usually make it to the big bin. So basically I have limited myself to German armour after late 1944 that didn't have zimmerit or I have purchased some of the Dragon models that come with excellent moulded-on zimmerit and I'm considering one of the Takom King Tigers with the interior and zimmerit. Your PE zimmerit may be too regular or whatever but it's much much better than I've been able to accomplish so "job well done". The faded camo, the damaged skirts, the zimmerit and even the tracks are plenty good enough for one of my shelves if you feel like donating it.......... Take care and I'm waiting on your Tiger II, Lloyd
  4. Thanks Gaz, glad to get it finished. Lloyd
  5. Looks good Chris. I can see the interior is a fair piece of work for sure but you did it proud. The model sure looks natural with the palm tree and the overall diorama theme. Must have been rather toasty in there though, or just damned hot!! These Grants sure were ugly and probably didn't survive long against even a Pkw IV let alone a Tiger. Brave lads to crew them and the Shermans for sure. Lloyd
  6. Looking good, really good. I love that faded 3 color camo look as it seems more natural and prototypical than some of the more contrasty schemes I've seen. The PE zimmerit looks very realistic and it must be fun to apply, not. The tracks don't look all that bad either. Overall I like it and if it's been years since you built armour then keep them coming. Hmmmm 007, that's James somebody isn't it? Lloyd
  7. Thanks Chris Lloyd
  8. Thanks Stix I could have got the comforter a little tighter on the bed but it looks rather like rough ground cover if you can ignore the two tone color scheme and the rows of stitches down the middle. All in all I'm pleased with the way this turned out and it seems like I waited forever for Trumpeter to release the radar trailer as a separate kit so I could add it to the AFV Club tractor and launcher. It's done.....finally. Lloyd
  9. BTW there is a Brit armor group over here training at BATUS Suffield which is only 30kms west of Medicine Hat. It's a live firing exercise and you can hear the Challengers and artillery banging and booming away in the afternoon and early evenings. Then there are choppers and even some of our own F-18's buzzing back and forth and some of those passes are low and noisey. "The sound of freedom" and ain't it grand? Wish they would let us civies go watch, but that's another dream. I have managed to go when they have open houses but they aren't throwing live ammo around then, much as I'd like to see it. Lloyd
  10. Here is the complete set of tractor, launcher and now radar trailer. It's big and no place to display it complete other than of course a bed.
  11. Never thought of that but it makes sense. Lloyd
  12. Looking good John, like it's getting ready for another fire mission against the port. They didn't go much for sloped armor and it's a rolling rivet collection isn't it? Amazing how tanks have evolved over the last 60-70 years, and got lots bigger. Lloyd
  13. This is the radar tracking trailer to go with my AFV Club HEMTT 983 Tractor and Patriot PAC-2 launching trailer. The set is now finally complete.
  14. Thanks Chris Put the tail light lenses in today and this one is a wrap. Lloyd
  15. Pretty much finished except for the tail light lenses I forgot to paint and install. Tried to match the weathering on the launching trailer and it turned out close but maybe still a little too dark and needs more dust. Big trailers and a tight squeeze in my cabinet but they do both fit on the same shelf as the HEMTT tractor, that shelf is full.......