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  1. Meng Whippet

    Thanks Dreamwriter Old but good. Lloyd
  2. Jagdtiger winter worn

    Not too worn but a little weary and ready for the next ambush. Sherman barbeque coming up. That flag and the superb weathering just make this one come alive. Great work Steve!!! Take care, Lloyd
  3. Jagdtiger

    Looking forward to the 1/16 KT Steve. I have a 1/16 Henschel turret variant and thinking about the Porsche turret model as a companion but I need the ATAK zimmerit sheets for sure for that one. Take care, Lloyd
  4. Jagdtiger

    I pretty much used up all of my descriptive adjectives on the last few messages but this is amazing. Love the flag, great idea, the mantlet cover keeps dirt dust and smoke out and you fixed the shells. So can you send this to Medicine Hat, Alberta for my display cabinet???? I'm about to start a 1/16 Trumpeter Jagdtiger for my second attempt (first one got scrapped) and you have given me some great ideas, not too proud to pilfer them either, LOL. Take care, Lloyd
  5. Jagdtiger

    Steve Sorry about that but everything else looks so damn good I had to mention the shells. I don't think these things ever made it to the Russian front, too big, too heavy and too unreliable, couldn't stray far from the repair depot. More for ambush tactics I think than open warfare, another brilliant idea. Lloyd
  6. Jagdtiger

    Simply awesome Steve, the weathering is just beautiful. Love the faded look of the camo and the beat up whitewash just makes the detail pop. Those poor side skirts have seen better days though. Maybe shouldn't drive these things down narrow alleys. The one strange thing I see is that the Jagdtiger ammo was 2 piece with separate shells and powder canisters so the ammo on the rear deck must be for a King Tiger or some other 88mm and they are just transporting it. Just noticed that antenna, must have been fun. Take care, Lloyd
  7. Takom Merkava Mk1 Hybrid

    Excellent Arnaud, that looks really good. The anti-skid turned out very well, it's a lot more realistic and even than the mess I created. The figures add life and I still like the orange tarp. Is the tarp an air recognition marking? Just the right amount of subtle dust, especially like the rear mudflaps. Take care, Lloyd
  8. Meng IDF Merkava 3D Early

    Hey that looks great Arnaud. The pose and the base sure look like somewhere in the Middle East. They must have a good parking brake on that vehicle to hold it on the hill but it sure looks authentic and original. I'd be perfectly happy with that anti-skid treatment also, sure looks a lot nicer than my attempt. You are right, probably pouring it onto a tacky surface and shaking off the excess is the right way, wish I had tried that. Take care, I'm off to the RFI page to check out your MK 1 now Lloyd
  9. Meng IDF Merkava 3D Early

    Widow Sometimes get rather frustrated and tend to react impulsively. What the heck, gives me an excuse to get a couple more kits and there's lots of new stuff coming this year. There is a Takom Chieftain MK 5 at the LHS and since I have a MK 10 and a MK 11 then I really should have an older MK too, shouldn't I?? I wish someone would make a decent Challenger or Challenger II as the Trumpeter and Tamiya kits are not great and I'd like to have one beside all of the Chieftains. I thinned out my collection on Sunday and got rid of a bunch of WWII German stuff as I'm tending to a little more modern equipment and I rather like some of the IDF stuff. Take care, Lloyd
  10. Meng IDF Merkava 3D Early

    I'll have to give it another try Arnaud. I dabbed it onto the wet diluted glue with a brush and that's probably why it all balled up and became so lumpy. If you just pour the powder on to the partly dry glue do you just shake the excess off when it dries or do you spread it with a brush? It's a technique that requires some practice and yours turned out so well. I'll wait for another Meng or Takom Merkava as all that's at the LHS right now is the Academy MK IV LIC and it's not as nice a kit. Take care, Lloyd
  11. Meng IDF Merkava 3D Early

    Yes the Merkava 4M with the APS system should be pretty nice. Let's hope they take the time to do the anti-skid as that's missing on all of the Merkava models regardless of the brand. It's surely missed too and rather hard to duplicate as I found out, LOL. Take care, Lloyd
  12. Meng Panther A Late

    Thanks Soeren It's only plastic, no sentimental value and hard to polish a turd. I cleaned out my display cabinets on Sunday and crunched up 25 other 1/35 AFV's to make some room. Some of the older units bit the dust but I've still got something like 23 models left in there and eventually they will get rotated for new builds too. After a couple of years it's time for new stuff and interesting to see the improvements in technique after some time. So far the 1/16 AFV's get to stay for a while longer. Only 3 of the 5 will fit in the display cabinets and the other 2 get to sleep on top. Take care, Lloyd
  13. Meng IDF Merkava 3D Early

    Thanks for the suggestions Arnaud but this one is crunched and in the big blue bin out back. Lloyd
  14. Meng Panther A Late

    Had a great day today, broke off 2 of the swing arms on the right side trying to get the second run of tracks off for painting. Tried to super glue them but with the wheels in place and interleaved wheels no less that didn't work either. Since the wheels are so terrible and I had already twisted some of the swing arms even trying to mount the wheels. not to mention requiring zimmerit for certain, I'm just giving up on this one. I'm not a huge fan of the Panther Type A or D anyway, give me a G any time. Batting 1000 today, messed up this and ruined that Merkava 3D with the anti-skid mess so I'm taking a break. Lots of room in the big blue bin out back so both kits are history. I have a Merkava MK 1 and I'll wait for the Panther G that doesn't need zimmerit but it won't be another Meng. Hopefully the Trumpeter 1/16 Panther G is coming soon or even the Rye Field 1/35. Lloyd
  15. Meng IDF Merkava 3D Early

    Hi Widow No, it's a mess and I broke off a machine gun, some of the fittings and a bunch of the dingle balls hanging from the basket with my toothbrush, that stuff is pretty tenacious. This one is consigned to the big blue bin. Won't try that again, especially painting over the anti-skid, dumb play. Meng is bringing out a MK IV LIC so I might try that, hopefully it has the anti-skid already applied. Had a terrible day today, broke off 2 of the swing arms on that Meng Panther A trying to get the second run of tracks off for painting and messed up this Merkava rather badly. Two for two, both in the blue bin in pieces. Time for a nap I think. Take care, Lloyd