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  1. I did not get those parts. I did get a large radar blister that looked like an AP-20, so it looks like they occasionally include some spurious parts.
  2. More X-planes

    Like most people here I have a huge stash of unbuilt models. Probably unlike most my anal retentive nature causes me to organize them in chronological order of first flight. I am currently trying to work backwards from the present. Trying because I keep adding new things into the pile, like the UAVs I am working on. Given that and my average time per build I should be get to the M2-F1 in July, the X-15 and XF5D in August, the XF10F in Sept., the XA2D in Nov., and the XF-91, which I just added, in Dec. Farther ahead then that I choose not to plan. We'll see how closely I can keep to this schedule. Thanks for all the undeserved praise
  3. This is the Skunkmodels MQ-9 Reaper. This was a very pleasant build and only took 10 days. The fit was mostly excellent with the only exception being the engine housing which needed some filler the decals are Cartograf and worked fine. Not much more to say so on with the pictures. Next up is the Platz MQ-1B Predator. Enjoy
  4. You mean something like this?
  5. I agree and the decal windows are a disappointment. Good luck.
  6. The kit came with the 4 weapons pylons but weapons. My research indicated that Harpoons for long range and Mavericks for short range were popular loads. I have the Hasegawa weapons set 5. It has 3 Harpoons but no Mavericks. I used the 2 Harpoons you see and ordered set 4 which has some Mavericks. They will get added when they arrive. It has an internal weapons bay and I think most ordnance is carried there, but I thing the more stuff you have hanging from the wings the better it looks. Thanks
  7. That white metal looked nice a beefy. I used white metal gear on my RB-57F recently and it was thin and bent, but at least it was easy to straighten without breaking.
  8. It's a lot of work but no real show stopper. The biggest problem is the physical size which makes it awkward to handle and move around. If I can do it, anyone can.
  9. Arg! I can't tell you how many pictures I looked at and didn't notice that. It was in the mold and the decals, so I just assumed it was right. Too late to do anything about it now.
  10. So I wasn't imagining the metal gear. Was it strong enough or did it bend under the weight?
  11. No hanger. It just barely fits on the top of one of my model cabinets.
  12. This is my rendition of the Welsh Models' Boeing P-8A Poseidon. I always thought of the 737, which the Poseidon is based on, as a small airliner, but this thing is huge. Because it is so large they made the fuselage vacu-form while the rest of is is resin. Even so it is still pretty heavy. With the exception of the landing gear all the resin was excellent with nice detail. It was a lot of work with a lot of sanding, but I think it came out pretty well. A few notes. They give you 3 options for the cockpit. There is a vacu-formed transparency that contains all the window and the fuselage has indentation for where the can go that you can open up. They also give you a decal for the windows. You can either cut out the individual windows and place them in the openings, You can cut the large transparency in half and glue each half to each fuselage half. Or you can fill in the openings and use the decal. They actually include a decent interior, so I chose the second of these and glued the transparency halves into the fuselage halves and detailed the interior. Unfortunately even though I carefully glued the halves in after closing up the fuselage one side of windows popped out, or I should say in and disappeared into somewhere in the interior. I did a lot of soul searching and looking at what you could actually see of the interior I decided to close up the opening and use the decal. The only other issue was the main gear. I seem to recall reading a review that said the gear was white medal, but in my kit they were resin and crudely cast at that. And they are just not up the the task of supporting the weight. I should have replaced the main strut with brass rod, but instead I spent a lot of time repairing them. At some point they will probably collapse and then I will replace them. The decals are printed in Australia and they are excellent. Very thin but strong enough not to tear easily. They did have a tendency to wrinkle and fold, but were easily straightened and snuggled down and the film disappeared with only minimal solvent. But enough of me and on to the pictures. Next up is a Skunkmodels' RQ-9 Reaper. Enjoy