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Walkaround Pictures


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The idea behind the walkaround section is to provide the modeller with a centralised source of detailed pictures that will be invaluable as a reference for model making rather than simply pictures of aircraft.

We welcome submissions from all, either by email to Julien's address, by CD or DVD via the postal system, or by us copying them from your online hosting (e.g. your webspace or Photobucket account), with your permission of course.

The following guidelines will help you get your photos accepted:

  • Pictures should be 1024 x 800 pixels as a maximum, with 800 x 600 a minimum
  • Files should be in the .jpg format with a high quality setting
  • If you are submitting pictures that are already online, please include the web address (URL) where we can find them
  • The submitter should own copyright to the photos submitted, and permit Britmodeller.com to host these files for viewing and downloading by modellers for their own private use
  • We will attribute the pictures to the owner, so please include your full name with your submissions

Members wishing to submit photos can contact Julien directly by personal message to discuss making their submissions.

As an addition the mics section is really for anything which does not fit in the main sections.


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