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Bit of long shot, but here goes!..............I'm looking for skilled model builder near Warminster, Wilts. (willing to travel) Whilst, i'm a amateur model kit enthusiast, i'm looking for someone to do some detailed repair work on a scratch built model of a Royal Navy C Class Destroyer.


I purchased the model from a Antiques dealer, and i managed to drop it. The damage is to the railings and forward gun, i need someone with experience in this type of modeling. I would be more than happy to pay for their time/materials.


If you can help, i can send you some images of the damage.  


Kind Regards



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Whilst I am not an expert in larger scale scratch build repairs, I have repaired a 1/96 shipbuilder's model of HMS DANAE after some Sea Cadets leant on its case and squashed it, and then repaired it again 3/4 years later after the Unit CO failed to get it put in a new case and the little darlings fiddled with it!
















If you want to PM me some photos of the damage and I'm more than happy to have a look to see if I can help.  I'm about an hour or so from Warminster.


Best rgds

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