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M2A2 ODS IFV 1/35 Scale by Tamiya

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4 Weeks in the making, painting, washing and weathering then finally, sealing it all in i have finally completed my M2A2 ODS Bradley! 

A truly enjoyable build, start to finish but not without its mistakes, which i hope i have learned from.

Now i cant wait to push onto the next part of the project, the diorama in which this IFV will be set.





[On both sides of the tank, the instructions asked for the decals of the CIP (Combat Identification Panel) to be individually placed, which was tedious and nearly broke me. In the end i used electrical tape which i think, gives it that "tapey" look though again not without fault.]



[Honestly have no idea how i managed to mess the "2" up on this one for the decals, but decided to go with it. (Decals can be a pain in the chesticles for me sometimes)



[With the Diorama in mind i decided because the scene was going to have dismounted infantry, i weathered the tail gate for the Bradley, my hope is to remove the attention from the fact that there is no interior to this model.]









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