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  1. Great job, the artist's acrylic paints turned out great! Riley
  2. Terrific work! Amazing figure painting and weathering. Riley
  3. Sorry, I meant my inspiration to try and build one of these myself won't last long! I am sorry if you took that the wrong way. Regards, Riley
  4. That is awesome, I am awe inspired, I wonder how long that will last. Great finish overall, great photography too. Riley
  5. Amazing diorama, I love it, especially the figures. Riley
  6. Welcome aboard!! No need to feel intimidated, that is a beautiful diorama, very nicely done. Riley
  7. Awesome work! If it was not for this post I would never have known that this plane existed, so thanks too! Riley
  8. Very nice work, top class paintwork. Riley
  9. Very nice!! I like the variety in schemes. Riley
  10. That is an amazing piece of modeling, very nicely finished and top class details. Riley
  11. Great job!! I like it a lot, especially the weathering and tracks. Riley
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