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  1. They are all truly amazing, beautiful job on each. Riley
  2. Hi all, here is my recently completed Zvezda 1/72 IS/JS-2. This has probably got to be one of my favourite amour builds of all time, as the kit went together beautifully and the details were nice and crisp. I added a cast iron texture on the turret with a sponge and some filler, but apart from that, the kit was built out of box. I used a brown oil paint and a small amount of dry pigments for the weathering. Hope you enjoy! Questions and feedback welcome. Regards, Riley
  3. Very nicely done, although hairspray weathering is best used to make much finer chipping effects. Riley
  4. Very interesting, I wonder what it would be like to ride one. Great job on the diorama, how did you do the tarp? Riley
  5. Excellent dio, I love the figures especially! Riley
  6. Hi all, I present to you Ivan Kozedub's la-7 in 1/72. The kit is the hobbyboss easy assembly version, it has 28 plastic parts including the canopy. It also comes with a metal prop shaft. Detail is lacking in all areas, although the panel lines are molded quite nicely. All in all, this kit is very good for beginners, or as a quick mojo boosting build. Here are the photos: Q&C welcome Cheers, Riley
  7. Great job on both, the weathering looks amazing to me! Riley
  8. Great job on such a small aircraft. Riley
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