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Fw 190 A-3 "Red 7 / Blue 1" of unknown unit

Milos Gazdic

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Hello again,

I sincerely hope you don't mind me asking two consecutive questions about similar subject but I am planing a multi build of Eduard's Fw 190 A-3 and would like to find a proper references for the decal sheets I have!

This time I am looking for a photo reference (or any secondary source of info) regarding Focke-Wulf Fw 190 A-3 featured on Cutting Edge Decal sheet CED48196 "Fw 190 Reich Defenders Pt2" (can be seen here: http://fineartofdecals.com/goodies/148-treasures-axis/ second decal described on the page)

Decal sheet instructions are mentioning the photo but they do not list any references which we could check to make our own assumption! I somehow remember this machine from some of the discussions on some of the forums over the last 20 years and I thought I have saved the photo & even the discussion in my "archive" but I am unable to dig it out!

From the decal sheet: "First is Fw 190A-3, Red 7/Blue 1 (starboard) AND Blue 1/Red 7 (port), of an unknown unit. This very interesting A-3 features a late-war ground concealment scheme consisting of RLM 82/83 over the original 74/75. It IS possible that was an eastern front aircraft and received the infamous JG 53/54 experimental schemes using Russian paint stocks. There is no evidence of a yellow stripe under the fuselage cross visible in the photo. The exact colors of the numbers is also unclear. The 7 is darker than the yellow undercowl, but much lighter than the 1. The 1 is lighter than the Swastika. We think the colors are as shown, but the one could be black, and the seven could then be yellow or blue. Since the 7 is applied in the standard number position for the Fw 190, it appears the 1 was the new number for the aircraft during its final days."

Is anyone able to help me locate a photo or two of the mentioned machine... I would really appreciate it!


Thank you very much in advance!

PS It's the first machine from the top - in the decal instructions:

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It would be a lot easier if CED had given the the ref. to where then photo of the actual ac. was published, but unfortunately this is not the case as it is with a lot of others decal manufactures.


If all decal companies did like https://www.aviaeology.com/decal-sets.html#/ and https://exito.site/en_GB/c/EXITO-DECALS/2593 , if would be a lot better and more creditable painting instructions.




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Totally agree Jes! Luckily there are / were many companies giving the references some even including them in their decals like Kommandeur Limited Edition Decals did, or like Eagle Cals are doing... or ones you have mentioned above. Unfortunately, I am stuck with the decal sheet that gives that super cool aircraft as an option & I am unable to source or remember if & where I have seen the photo!


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