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scalemodelindex.com gone?


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Mods, move to different part of forum if you believe it should be in there. Guys, and, gals, I went to check Tony M.'s great site; and, found that it has vanished! Anybody know when this happened? I am often one of the last to know types; so, am wondering if it had been announced somewhere; and, I missed it. It has been replaced by a generic search type thing with titles such as: Model Cars, Model Tanks, etc.. Has anyone else noticed this?


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        HI ALL ,


                      on the same note: where can I download an Index for Scale Aviation Modeller International.... aka SAM Publicatshunz.

                .....like they issued in their 1st (3) years of Print

                  I find it extremely fustratin' and time consumin' to find an Article/Drawing from SAM Magazines

                   .....only to discover ........I'm lookin 'thru thr the wrong XXXXXXX Modellin' Magazine !


                                                                                                                  cheery "modellin" mumbas !



                                                                                                                                          F.T.G .3156

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