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Martin Mariner & Marlin - 108


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Martin Mariner & Marlin
Warpaint 108 - Guideline Publishing


The Mariner was a large two-engined flying boat, designed from the outset for maritime reconnaissance and light attack, and first flew in early 1939 and entered service soon after. In the US it was known as the PBM Mariner, but the 27 airframes that were sent to Britain for evaluation dropped the PBM, although it wasn't well known as the Mariner, as they didn't see active service because the powers-that-be felt the Sunderland was still superior.


The Mariner lasted long after WWII, but was superseded by the Marlin, which eschewed the H-tail for a more conventional unit and a redesigned hull that gave better water handling characteristics, especially during take-off where porpoising had been a problem. The Marlin stayed in service until the end of the 60s with fewer than 90 produced compared the Mariner's almost 1,400.


The book is the latest in the long and illustrious line of Warpaint series books, and is bound in a flexible card cover with 48 pages plus printed covers, and a set of 1:72 plans on a folded sheet of A2 glossy paper, stapled into the centre of the volume. Written by Kev Darling, it details the design, entry into service, improvements and variants of the aircraft, plus much about its service and some notable sorties. All of this is interleaved with a raft of contemporary photos, many of which are in black and white due to the era, with a number of candid action shots that would be great inspiration for a diorama.


With the recent Minicraft kit of the PBM-5 and Red Roo's British GR.1 conversion, plus two other conversion sets here, it's a good book to have. Even if you're just interested in the type, there will be plenty to read and some great photos to feast your eyes on.


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