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Vignette Group Build: 25th June - 23rd October 2016


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Hi all,

If you haven't seen yet:- later this year, from the 25th June until 23rd October 2016, there will be a Vignette Group Build taking place over in the Group Build section. If you are already into making dioramas and/or vignettes this will be the Group Build for you! If you haven't ever tried to make a scenic display for your lovingly built kit then here is the opportunity to give it a go - hopefully there will be lots of other builds going on to inspire you.

49 Britmodellers have already signed up to take part. If you would like to see who has signed up so far and the guidelines for taking part then just click HERE.

If you'd like to join in just add a reply to the Vignette GB thread and we'll add you to the list.

Blastvader, Neu and I look forward to seeing you in June! Make sure you have the dates in your diary!! :thumbsup:

Kind regards,


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