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Found 7 results

  1. Hello gents, here's my eighth (and no doubt final) completion of the year – my second Kotare Spitfire I, this one the 'Brian Lane' edition. It's OOB apart from the ASK 3D Printed exhausts and their canopy masking set. Having already built the first release of this kit I got a bit complacent and thought I could just use the instructions as a rough guide and reference, consequently I didn't initially remove the cockpit door rims (as you need to if you are planning on not having the door open) and then wondered why the closed door did not fit properly; I didn't install the prop shaft before joining the two fuselage halves, which means I don't have a successful model – i.e. the propeller does not spin. I also managed to slightly misalign the spine part but somehow only on one side. However these things aside I enjoyed building it as much as I did the last one, indeed I'm slightly more pleased with this one. The next one should be great The paints used were Colourcoats of course - for the 'apple' green cockpit colour I used ACRA08 Verde Mimetico 53192, uppersurface camouflage was ACRN09 Dark Green over ACRN10 Dark Earth and the undersurface camouflage was done in ACRN01 - Sky "S" Type. I painted the spinner yellow as per the instructions; in the most widely-reproduced picture of this aircraft it looks white ...but Brian Lane's fitter John Milne apparently told Dilip Sarkar that it was yellow and I didn't feel I could really argue with that. I did use a paler yellow than RAF trainer yellow so that there is a difference from the roundel surround as the original photograph suggests, but in the photos I took of my model it looks exactly the same shade There is also this photograph, apparently of the same aircraft. Doesn't look like a white spinner there (and it does prove Kotare's assertion that it didn't have doped covers over the gun muzzle openings, though I imagine they would have been applied after the first time it was armed up, I'm pretty sure it was standard practice by September 1940). TLDR, I went with a yellow spinner; it's your choice what colour you do yours The markings are from the kit transfers, they are beautiful to use (they're made by Cartograph) and can take repeated applications of decal softener (and you may well need it to get them to settle down over the bumps on the gun covers and the rivets on the rear fuselage). My only gripe is that the grey for the codes looks far too light, the side-view photo linked above shows nothing like that level of contrast between the camouflage colours and the codes. The final touches were a coat of AK Varnish (Satin with a little bit of Ultra-matt mixed in); an RT wire from Infini lycra thread – slightly underscale I suspect but I prefer the wires not to be too obvious; some wing-root chipping with Prismacolour pencils in a mid- and light-grey; a little exhaust staining from a brownish-black mix; navigation lights in red and blue Tamiya Clear and some staining from the cartridge ejector slots using black-grey pastel powder as this appears to be present on the original aircraft. Apologies for all the verbiage, thanks for stopping by Cheers, Stew
  2. INTRO The last time I stuck plastic was about 36 years ago before family and work pushed my aircraft habit to one side. But I was fortunate to be working with aircraft so wasn't feeling too deprived! Now I have time on my hands I was casting about and came across this fantastick forum. I've had an enjoyable last 8 months rediscovering my stash and logging it for future reference - mostly RAF and Luftwaffe from WW1 to end of WW2 with examples mostly from Airfix, Matchbox, Italeri and Revell and a small number of Heller/Humbrol, Hasegawa and Fujimi. Whilst that was fun, i have also been mesmerised by the fantastic builds and discusions and debates from all the experienced guys and girls from whom I've learned a lot. Strangely my stash has increased by 4 Spitfires, a Defiant, a Hurricane and a Fiat CR 42!! It's all your fault for being so inspirational! BUT now it's time to try and put it into practice after being encouraged to do so by responses to my tentative postings. This will be by way of being a "Starter for 10" (sorry to non-uk people who won't know this as a catchphrase from a well known quiz programme) and to see to where we might get. Hopefully by throwing myself on the populace I, and other similar tyros, can learn something and in return provide a few giggles of the "Ha yes, I did that!" type at the disasters that will inevitabley occur ........ ðŸĪŠ To Business If you've not nodded off yet thanks, I will be attempting a Spitfire Mk1 as I do like the year 1940. This will be my recurring theme (assuming I last beyond this build!! 🙂 ) . Oh go on, be ambitious! I'm actually doing 2 Spitfires!! As a nod to my previous experience I thought I'd compare the 1980 tooling/1986 boxing with a newer generation 2010 tooling/ 2018 boxing. The intention here is to do these OOB but I might try and see if we can't create mayhem and mess by adding a few bits as we go along.... Well at least I think I might have managed ot start a topic.........so thats the first thing done! 🙂 Thanks for looking, Rob
  3. Hi again Fellow Modellers, This is my first build in my new home, intended to be a bit of a mojo restorer however I tried to use Airwaves PE kit with it and disccovered that Mojo and photo-etch don't mix at all well First time with PE and couldn't work out whether you are supposed to stick the PE onto existing stuff or scrape/cut the plastic off, used only the seat belts in the end. The decals were from Sky models Spitfire sheet and paint is Tamiya and Vallejo MA. To me the tailwheel looks a bit long, this is the 'Project Airfix' edition that I think is based on the new tool. Thanks for looking........I know Airfix Mk1's are ten a penny after the Aldi/Daily Mail thingies. I've just noticed the engine has had a major oil-leak Either that or I've over-weathered again !!
  4. This isn't going to be a very involved WIP, but I thought I'd put one together upon my return from a few months hiatus from modelling. I have other stalled projects that I should probably be working on, but it has been well established that Spitfire builds bring good luck. So this build includes a high back XVI from an AZ 'Joypack', a low back AZ XVI, and my unfinished Mk I from the Battle of Britain GB. The Mk I depicts the aircraft of 'Titch' Havercoft who flew with 92 Sqn during the Battle of Britain. It just needs its prop, landing gear and a little weathering. Next up is a Mk XVI that I'm planning on finishing as James 'Stocky' Edwards' aircraft from when he commanded 127 Wing in Germany near the end of the war, using this Xtradecal set. This is the first time I've tried using pre-cut canopy masks. Pretty nice! I had to use a little of the new Tamiya 'curves' masking tape since the Techmod masks were designed for the Hasegawa kit. The new Tamiya tape is pretty good stuff too. I brushed on some metalizer in order to do some chipping as Stocky's Spitfire looks pretty beat up in the few pics I found here, and here. The bubble top Mk XVI is going to depict Boleslaw Kaczmarek's aircraft from 302 Sqn using the same Xtradecal sheet. It's good to be back!
  5. Merry Christmas everybody. I've just finished up one of my Battle of Britain GB entries, just a hair past the deadline (OK, two months). Yes, it's another 1/72 Airfix Spitfire, which you may be sick of seeing, but no one should ever tire of building. It is one of the most enjoyable kits to build of any I've attempted. The plane represents a Spitfire I flown by Ralph 'Titch' Havercroft serving with 92 Sqn during the Battle of Britain. Most of the build thread is here, but there's a little more here. And because I always enjoy it when people put a bonus build at the end, here it is next to a 303 Sqn Mk II from the same kit.
  6. I became a 92 Sqn enthusiast by pure coincidence. I joined the Lightning STGB last year with absolutely no knowledge of the Lightning, but the Airfix kit had a very attractive natural metal 92 Sqn scheme out of the box and I went for it. Now I'm hooked, and am jumping at the chance to honor the squadron's participation in the Battle of Britain. I'm planning on using the Airfix kit and transfers from Xtradecal for what should be a very pleasant build if my previous experience of this kit is any indication.
  7. I've just finished these, the first trio of Airfix's Spitfire I's from my stash built to utilise three of the schemes on the new Xtradecal Battle of Britain 75th Anniversary Spitfires transfer sheet X72221 here. A further three are on the way for the release of the second Xtradecal set of Spitfires when it is released in a couple of weeks time. The first is a Spitfire I, RNoN, serial overpainted (or possibly retouched out of the photographs by the censor) of 72 Squadron at RAF Leconfield in Yorkshire, May 1940. The text indicates this aircraft was flown by the Australian ace Des Sheen, I would suggest that although he may have flown it on occasion it 'belonged' to another pilot as it has a Kiwi badge on the cowling; I have seen another Spitfire from this squadron with a boomerang motif on the access door coded RNoJ also described as Des Sheen's aircraft which would make more sense - not that it matters in respect to my model This was built out of the box except for Eduard microfabric seatbelts, Owl etched metal exhaust shield night-flying 'blinkers', SBS resin exhausts (the ones for the Hurricane kit but they fitted fine, as they should ) Rizla paper gun-port covers, EZ-Line R/T aerial wire and Xtradecal transfers as described above. I also added plasticard seat and headrest armour, but I would not bother doing that again unless I was planning on leaving the canopy open, as it is quite invisible once closed up. Uppersurface camouflage was Phoenix Precision Paints Dark Earth and Dark Green, the undersides are a one-off mix of near-black and near-white, The second is a Spitfire Ia X4593 UOoA of 266 Squadron based at RAF Wittering in Cambridgeshire in July 1940, I haven't been able to find out anything about this aircraft or who might have flown in it, but the Aviation Directory suggests that it first flew in October 1940 which is possibly correct as it is quite a late series serial number... again, this makes no real difference to my model though, except that they might be displayed in the wrong chronological order; sorry... This model was built and painted as the one above, with the exception that the exhaust glare-shields were not fitted and the undersides were painted in Phoenix Precision Paints 'Sky'. The third and final model represents Spitfire Ia P9323, ZDoF, of 222 Squadron based at RAF Hornchurch in Essex in late August 1940. This aircraft was shot down by a Bf109 over the Isle of Sheppey on 30 August 1940; the pilot Sergeant Arthur Spears baled out unhurt - he was later shot down and wounded by Adolf Galland in 1941 but survived the war and died 30 September 1998. This one was painted as the others, but with the underside done in WEM Colourcoats 'Eau de Nil' (now available under the Sovereign Hobbies label) as there is some reason - ranging from 'probable evidence' to 'wishful thinking' depending what end of the spectrum you choose - that at least some 222 Squadron in 1940 were, for a period at least, painted in a colour other than standard 'Sky'* These were my first builds of the 'new tool' Spitfire kit released in 2011(?) and it was a lovely build; I 'loosened' the holes for the locating pins on the fuselage and the wings on the advice of our compadre Beard from this very forum (thank you Simon) and may have sidestepped several issues in doing this - ignorance in this case being analogous to bliss Most of the criticism of this kit I have read relates to the panel lines - they are actually quite thin but they are very deep indeed and you might consider not making any effort to shade them; I just left them as they were and I think they are okay, bit more present than would be ideal but not a sufficient reason not to make this your Mk.I Spitfire of choice. Sorry for all the words. Cheers, Stew * How to avoid saying something while appearing to say something, or to say something while appearing to say nothing
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