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Found 8 results

  1. This is a follow-up to a photography post I made here in 2017. That post centered on one particular A-37B during a USAF Test Pilot School departure and spin training mission. Dragonflies were used by the 6510th Test Wing at Edwards AFB for flight test support missions and as USAF Test Pilot School curriculum aircraft. The Test Pilot School (TPS) used the A-37B to teach aircraft performance test techniques and for departure from controlled flight and spin test techniques and evaluations. The Test Pilot School aircraft could be distinguished by the flight test nose-boom installed in place of the aerial refueling probe. The spin aircraft took quite a beating during the departure maneuvers. My favorite was climbing as the airspeed decreased and then putting in hard lateral stick to a 90-deg bank, transitioning pitch to yaw, resulting in a spin - often inverted. On one occasion, the aircraft came back with one horizontal tail now bent downward about 20 degrees. Test support missions were primarily safety and photo chase, and were flown by the 6512th Test Squadron. In the mid-eighties the designation was changed from A-37B to OA-37B to indicate the forward air control mission. At about the same time, the TPS airframes were given the designation NOA-37B - the "N" indicating that permanent test modifications had been made to the airframe. 70-1310, January 1982. The YAPS (Yaw and Pitch Sensor) nose boom characteristic of a TPS aircraft. The black bar on the top and bottom of the right wing was to allow quick determination of the aircraft attitude in a spin by aerial and ground observers. 70-1310, July 1984. 70-1310, May 1985. In August 1994, this aircraft crashed in the desert north of Edwards after a stuck valve in one of the tip tanks created a fuel imbalance resulting in an unrecoverable spin. The crew ejected safely. 73-1060, March 1982. Still bears the crescent and fleur-de-lis of the 706TFS (AFRES) on the tip tanks. 73-1090, March 1981. 73-1090, October 1991. 73-1101, October 1991. 73-1102, October 1991. 73-1101 and '1102 were transferred to the 6510TW in late 1990/early 1991. It was hoped that these airframes would be converted to TPS airframes, but it was determined that the flying hours and condition of the airframes made the conversion impractical and they were excessed to AMARG in 1992. Thanks for looking, Sven
  2. A pair of OA-37B Dragonflies of the 23rd Tactical Air Support Squadron, 602nd Tactical Air Control Wing out of Davis-Monthan AFB participating in Red Flag 83-4, Nellis AFB, June 1983. 73-1101 73-1114 Thanks for looking, Sven
  3. I moved form America about 10 years ago and I am pretty sure I bought this there...so that might have been a few years before that...It's been in the stash for a while. Not as much as some Roden WW1 kits, but close! Time I built it! I'll save the other kit for the next time we do a 'School of the Americas' GB...😉 There are three choices...the Air National Guard from Pennsylvania in '87; The Dominican Republic in 2000 or Bien Hoa 1971. I'll show more later... --John
  4. A-37Bs if the 706th Tac Fighter Squadron, 926th Tac fighter Group, an Air Force Reserve unit based at NAS New Orleans. At Nellis AFB for Green Flag 81-3, April 1981. 73-1070 73-1081 73-1089 73-1105 Thanks for looking, Sven
  5. Hello everyone! This really not a true work in process, because it's already completed! But as it was primarily used by me to try out Colourcoats paints from Sovereign Hobbies, as well as other experimentation, I felt that this was the correct forum, vs. the RFI forum, to discuss the paint and other items. To begin, the kit is the Academy 1/72 A-37B, a small little jewel of a kit -- WITH A LOT OF TINY, FIDDLY BITS! It,s appearance seems quite accurate, save only that the kit seems to be missing what I would call the rear tailpipe pieces. That is, the wing just ends, whereas on the real aircraft there is a fairing, looking somewhat like a brass ferrule is shaped, and it is not there. Other than that, no real problems. I didn't spot this until way late in the game, so I didn't fix it either: Next, I used the appropriate Pavla cockpit set for this model, mainly to get the retractable screen guards for the intakes. They also feature a nifty "sandwich" style of I.P. construction -- and MORE fiddly parts: I used the Mk 82 bombs with fuse extensions from the Hasegawa Weapons set #1, and I got a set of M260 Hydra rocket from CMK, (I think) with six of the little seven rocket type pods frequently used on these aircraft (and OV-10A's). Lastly, I used the drop tanks from the Hasegawa A-37A kit, as they were fatter, and looked more realistic. I just had to add the welding beads or flanges with fine plastic strip and liquid cement. Weapon load: Other than that, I just articulated the elevators, and drilled out some ports and the gun tube. I added the clear lenses to the front of the nose, but you can barely see them. Also added the .005 wire whip antennas shown. I also used a new (for me) masking procedure, advocated by Metodi Metodiev over on ARC: LINK This was a rear trial, as this tiny plane has a camo pattern with small over-spray, and a lot of colors in close spaces. The pics will show how well it worked. And as I said earlier, I wanted to try out the Colourcoat paints, mostly to see how they compared to the Humbrol of old. I must say, I was very pleasantly surprised! The Vietnam era camo colors I tried were outstanding. First, they cover very well, in a thin coat. Some touch-up was needed after the masking (my fault, not M.M.'s system!). I needed to thin the paint down to an ink, and airbrush at around 5-10 p.s.i.. They thinned down to almost water, and the pigments stayed together in the fluid medium, whereas when I tried this with my Model Master paints, I ended up with "sand and water", as the paint pigments fell out of suspension. Later, after gluing some pieces on, a little brush touch-up was in order and the Colourcoats covered with no discernible brush marks. GREAT STUFF! Needless to say, these will become my go to paints for the Viet Camo jobs in future. Alas, the price in the U.S. of $5.55 per tinlet precludes my use of them for everything else. Without further ado, here are a few pics of the model. There won't be a posting in RFI for this one. That's all folks, 'til next time... Ed
  6. In the 1970s and '80s, the USAF Test Pilot School (TPS) used the A-37B for both aircraft performance test and departure/spin test instruction. For the performance test portion of the curriculum students would collect test data to define takeoff and landing, cruise, and climb performance. To make it interesting, all the up and away testing was accomplished single engine. For departure/spin instruction, the A-37 was used for demonstrating departure entry techniques and handling peculiarities of wing-loaded (as opposed to fuselage-loaded) aircraft. Spin instruction began with glider flights using the Blanik L-10. Instruction then moved to the A-37 with TPS instructors in the right seat for student test pilot flights, instructors in the left what for student flight test engineer flights. Student test pilots would then progress to the YA-7D to demonstrate departure, spin, and spin recovery techniques. The spin program is the reason for the black stripe on the right wing. This was to aid ground-based optical trackers determine aircraft attitude during the maneuvers. The A-7s had black triangle outlines on the wing upper surfaces to distinguish between the top and bottom of the aircraft during tracking. Hasegawa/Minicraft issued the A-37B kit in the late 1970's with TPS markings. As I remember it, the markings in this kit were pretty crude and did not include the Yaw and Pitch Sensor (YAPS) boom that replaced the nose-mounted air refueling probe. Ready to take Runway 22. No mini-gun muzzle outlet - flight test instrumentation has replaced the mini-gun in the nose compartment. Cruising to the designated spin area. Fuel jettison the aid ground-based optical trackers acquire the aircraft on the run-in to the spin area. Good views of the nose mounted YAPS boom. Return to base. Over the north shore of Rogers dry lake looking south. Lakebed runways and compass rose (bottom of image) are marked with a black oily mixture. Thats the approach end and "last chance" area for Runway 22 to the right of the left tip tank. Thanks for looking, Sven
  7. Encore Models has just released a limited edition from the Academy's 1/72nd Cessna A-37B Dragonfly as '2 Kit Combo' - ref. EC72104 Source: http://www.squadron.com/Encore-1-72-A-37B-Dragonfly-2-Kit-Combo-EC7210-p/ec72104.htm V.P.
  8. Trumpeter is to release two 1/48th Cessna A-37A/B kits - ref. 02888 et 02889 Where is the long waited Cessna T-37 Tweety Bird? Source: http://tieba.baidu.com/p/2804557302 V.P.
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