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  1. Hallo This is the P-38L-5-LO 44-26176 Vagrant Virgin coded A flown by Lt. Peter Macgowan of 36th FS 8th FG Ie Shima September 1945 This model was the 3rd Eduard-Acadamy hybrid kit. Everything which showed up is told in my previous RFI and my WIP. Here I faced first time on this type the pure aluminum coat. Together with black anti-glare and white outline. It was a nice challenge. Look at the outcome and enjoy it! Happy modelling
  2. Hallo Has someone any experience with quality and accuracy of this FPW engines? https://www.facebook.com/photo?fbid=600605248769067&set=a.545617137601212&locale=de_DE Happy modelling
  3. Hi Now my 5th Ju-88 is ready. The second from ICM. Before that it was Dragon and Revell. Regarding the kit: Relatively large compromises have to be made in terms of accuracy compared to the origin. This primarily affects the cockpit, with the flat floor instead of the massive height offset. This is linked to a few details in the cockpit that made me shake my head. The additional control stick in position, the additional control stick, which was intended for the bombardier, is only installed when approaching the target, otherwise it is fixed to the right side wall. The device for storing the boarding ladder on the rear bulkhead under the radio equipment is missing! The A-4 variant is missing all ammo boxes. The ammunition feed and the sleeve hoses are also missing. Therefore I did not install the weapons. What is still missing is the large bulkhead on the large cockpit hood, not even Eduard has it with him. General: The injection molded parts just don't fit well. Some parts are warped, the wing connections have a tolerance problem with the pins and holes. They're really annoying. Many gluing areas are beveled, so that in the end there is an gluing line instead of an gluing area. So it will loosen easily! When installing the engine nacelles, the designer obviously neglected some of the geometry. The front tenons of the inside and outside nacelle would have to be chamfered so that a reasonable prefabrication of the assembly group is possible. The quality: Of the injection molded parts themselves can best be observed with small parts. There is hardly an antenna or pitot tube that does not break. Brittleness is present in smal long thin parts. Some components have so much internal stress that maximum force is required to join them. Classic example is the great pulpit. The nose pulpit has a typical tolerance problem. Tongues on upper part reach too far down left and right for lack of fit. Rework required. Especially on a fuselage front part, which consists of three or four parts, a complete fitting test beforehand is hardly possible. About the model: This A-4 has an interesting paint job that deviates from the norm. The aircraft is from KG 54 Totenkopf. Operative in Brindisi in Italy around 1943. I will make the aircraft from KG 54 Totenkopf. Operative in Brindisi in Italy around 1943. Brindisi is in the middle of the heel of the Italian boot at the eastern coast. In this area there occurred one of the biggest environmental pollutions. Here is the link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SS_John_Harvey By the way, the scribbling I used a pen. First time. Acrylic empty pen from Montana. My WIP: Well, so have a look on the model now: Happy modelling
  4. Hallo This is now my second Ju-88 from ICM. I built before my A-5 version. I will make the aircraft from KG 54 Totenkopf. Operative in Brindisi in Italy around 1943. I will make the aircraft from KG 54 Totenkopf. Operative in Brindisi in Italy around 1943. Brindisi is in the middle of the heel of the Italian boot at the eastern coast. In this area there occurred one of the biggest environmental pollutions. Here is the link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SS_John_Harvey From Wiki German edition translated / English version of Wiki this subject is omitted! The most momentous air raid occurred on the night of December 3rd, when II. Gruppe, together with other squadrons, attacked the port of Bari. 18 ships with a total of 71,566 GRT and 38,000 t of cargo were destroyed. The Liberty-class freighter SS John Harvey exploded with a cargo of 2,000 AN-M47 bombs filled with a total of 480 tons of mustard gas. 1000 soldiers and civilians perished. The Allies concealed the consequences of the mustard gas on those affected. The camo is interesting, a good difference to the splinter scheme of my A-5. I will use Montex masks. Which individual a/c I will do, my options are from the same squadron LR or LA. Now, to face the main issues on this kit. The cockpit is wrong. We face here a flat floor, which is not so at all in reality. We have three possibilities. · To leave it as it is · To use a resin aftermarket cockpit · Or to make some scratch I decided after my experience with the resin from AIMS for the third choice. To avoid fitting troubles with the glass and fitting problems with the Bola. (Boden Lafette) The downward gondola. To improve the fuselage stiffness close to the wings I made one bulkhead in scratch. Before continuing with the build I emptied one sprue and did the main gear already. One error in the instruction is obvious. Look at the picture 48! The gear main mount is too small in gauge. About 1 mm. I had this problem when inserting the gear on my A-5 already. In this kit the difference is more. So I increased the gauge with steel wire to the proper distance as required. Meanwhile I did also the wings. Assembling, grinding, and filling. I inserted the landing light, after spraying the backside with Aluminum. At the wing tips I drilled holes, since this kit omitted the position lights in red and green. Well, it is done! So far this day. Happy modelling
  5. Hallo This is my Ju 88 A-5 in 1/48 from ICM. Since this kit has some flaws in geometry in the cockpit, I got the resin AIMS cockpit. This is fine, but you create some longitudinal displacement. This displacements accompany through the finish of the model and cause some sever headache. Most of the vertical positions are fine, but not all of them. Here meets two flaws and one single place. The trim wheel from Eduard is too big! So it causes an intersection with the horizontal cockpit panel. This horizontal panel has all the control levers. Here is one point: Exactly under the trim wheel is the throttle double lever inside and outside both sides the propeller feather control. This detail is in the original Luftwaffe manual by page diversion omitted! And Eduard etched parts, also do not show the throttle lever. I also show you some other details from the manual, which may be unknown to you. The rudder break. Eduard has this part in the interior set. The hydraulic lines, I made it with lead wire. Here number 5, the bombardier control stick, just used in attack! This control stick has to be stowd! Eduard set has the fixing here number 1! The seats of pilot and radio operator. The seats for bombardier and gunner in ready position. The bombardier seat in stowed position. I could not make it. So far some details explained. So have a look and get some inspiration for creating a more accurate Ju-88, as the kit provides it. Used aftermarket parts: · Resin AIMS cockpit · BIG Eduard set · Montex masks · New Ware masks Happy modelling
  6. Hallo This is my finished model now. The kit is from Zvezda. I used resin sets from Black Dog and Reskit. For the rotor and engine. Beside I used Eduard etched parts. Masks from New Ware. The building was not easy, since the fitting and assembling of resin parts took my patience. Since the building started from a flat hill to a steep mountain after some days, I decided to drop my idea of Afghan camouflage. So I chose the dark grey version. Well at the final stage I lost one pitot tube. Well, so have a look. Happy modelling
  7. Hallo This is the start of my Mi-24. All you see is the job from 08:00 until 15:45 this day. First of all I had to get a picture of this kit. How do parts fit, what is the overall design and how about handling. Well, after that closing up process, I got to the etched parts and made many cross switches between instruction from Zvezda to Eduard. In my mind I had to place two sets from etched parts in. Cockpit interior and cargo interior. With both in mind to check what makes sense, and what to leave out. Actually the instruction from Eduard surprised me until this hour. No flaw noticed and as you see all parts fit. The instruments at this set are much better from production as all seen before. However, I proceed that way, that I install prepainted etched parts before spraying. I mask them and this works well. So I can hide the gluing margin or leftover. · For tomorrow I have left some interior for the WO, still to finish and some electronic boxes from unpainted fret. · And to finish the big rear bulkhead from the cargo room. · The back seat cushion I will probably create by scratch. The next challenge is my resin rotor. Here I have to be careful. Since I am not sure if I will use the resin engine installation from Black Dog which I get by the end of this week. The rotor I think I will use in every case from the Reskit. The gear box from Reskit or Black Dog? This question I will decide at weekend. Happy modelling
  8. Hallo This is my 1/48 scale Su-25 from Zvezda. I used the Quintas cockpit decals and the masks from NewWare. The probes are from Master. In all, it was a nice built. I did one Su-25 UB from KP, but I had to give up due to poor resin parts in the Master series. So it was a happy building now this kit. The parts are well designed and the instruction is quite logic. Have a look: Happy modelling
  9. Hallo Today I need help, for some detailed information on this famous Russian jet. What do I seek for? Which panels in the rear, all views, side, top, and bottom are in pure metal? In my case, please the RBT version. And what do the panels where the probes are attached look like? The AoA panel is probably circular pure metal? The antennas at the bottom of the forward fuselage? Which color? The lenses for camera, and light, how does the sealing look like? What do you suggest for the overall color in Gunze C-range? Anti-glare and cone? The pylons I have in my ICM kit, are basic only. Which color? Grey, pure metal or anything else? The model is already finished, polished with 2400. Before attaching Eduard etched parts for the panels. My nozzles are from Res-Kit. Quite well. I built some time ago the Mig-31. This kit is well designed, but ill designed with a cone on the stubs for attachment of main wheel and tail-plane. Thank you all in forward. Happy modelling
  10. Hallo It happened that the decal from version B, aircraft of pilot Wick. The decal for the kill markings on the rudder. Left side perfect, rightside split in 1000 small parts imediately after entering luckwarm water. Well, I reported to Eduard an hour before. Did it happen to anybodey else? Happy modelling
  11. Hallo I have two Hasegawa kits in 1/48 scale. I have two options of kill markings: 57 (in red &black, or on white background) 82 in red & black Both of them I want to build. The a/c with 82 kills is the overhauled Emil in 76/75/74 colors. The a/c with 57 kills is this still the a/c with original colors 02/65/71? The spinner? When did it change to the pointed version? Which details I have to be regarded too? Happy modelling
  12. Hallo Scale 48 only now! This is now a series of Messerschmitt 109. I will start with the A version as prototype. Now after a half year with modelling tanks, I wanted to switch back to my roots. Many years ago, I built my last CA kit. So I started after breakfast and after cleaning my workbench. As I said, I started in the morning. I cut all resin parts with my US cutter. Anyone, who does not know about this tool: https://www.amazon.com/Honda-Cutters-ZO-41-ultrasonic-cutter/dp/B00KCAKZ7G This tool is the best invention after resin parts in modelling appeared. No breaking of crispy parts anymore. On th other hand, when I need a saw, I take my Japanese saw. https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10101375 So, with this comfortable tools, working is easy and clean. Afterward I took out all plastic parts and cleaned them, I went on the first assembly process. The wings with wheel bay. Of course, some thinning and additional grinding is necessary. As with CA kit is usual. I got them easily together and glued them. Then I checked the slats, and with some fitting work for increasing the holes for the levers, it was done. Gap filling at the outer ends of the wing with CA glue. Getting the molded lights off, since they will be replaced by glass. The cockpit is straight forward. The resin parts fit, without wall thinning! So far it was done. Time was left and I took out all etched parts and film. My spraying will be with Montex masks. Just part of it. So far for today. Next week more! Happy modelling
  13. This is old kit from 80's, but with rich set of addons First time, cockpit: Seat - resin from Quickboost, panel - pe from Eduard. How to use unused screws from Ikea? -) Fit fuselage panels with putty: Enhanced vertical stabilizer: Almost ready cockpit:
  14. Hallo Now a very different WIP. Different in many ways. I finished last week my RE.8 from WW1. Here I got to a climax in my ability, which satisfied me really. This was the impetus to change the subject, to jets again. And here to continue in my MIG series. After 15 , 17 and 19 and a batch of 21s. The challenge for me is to get the right touch on the external paint. This is a grey with a metallic shine. Like on so many MIGs. Ok, so I took this challenge and tried something. I knew, all I did in the past did not meet the subject in a satisfying way. Think over it and try step by step. Finally I ended up by doing a mixture of paint. The outer surface is mentioned as grey from Gunze in C308. Good, since I work on C color basis I added about one third of Aluminum in C8. This is in the C spectrum with extremely fine pigments. (not at all in H8!!!) The mixture looks for me excellent, since it makes the grey metallic looking. Anyway, you will decide, what you like or how you think about this idea. I use for this model an Aires cockpit and the nozzle. Both of them are in a certain way unfinished products as you may know. Unfinished that way, that the instruction invites to guess, instead of being a helpful & explanatory instruction. If using a PE part, you may guess where is the exact position to glue it at all. For me all Aires products are half finished. I was unsatisfied about the painting of my models at all. I think that it is unwise to use strict colors as mentioned in the instruction. I changed my arrangement of paints in the shelf. They were in line with the numbers. From C1 to up the highest number. Anyway I arranged them in shades. White shades, grey shades, green shades in my shelf. The basic color may be used, but not always. I get now much more shades during painting. An other thing was the details at the surface. Panel lines. Here I underwent now also a major change. By doing all panel lines first with Tamiya panel line fluid. After finishing the excess is cleaned away with cotton bud and airbrush cleaner. The spraying on this surface gives me a total new appearance. So far my new way. For me it is a new challenge to get the model more looking like the original. Good photos gave me the kick. Duke Hawkins is a master of this profession! All you see, now from the cockpit and nozzle is waiting for detail work. Happy modelling
  15. Hallo This Spitfire is nearly without decals. Just stencils. I used Montex masks for all markings. Happy modelling
  16. Hallo This is my next Spitfire. A IXc variant. Quite straight from the box. With some use of some etched parts. Some more ahead. I choose Techmod decals, because this colorful option won my heart. Beside this I had a book about the southern theater of operation. Well, next time a Spitfire again! Happy modelling
  17. Hallo This is my last of a serie of 3 Spitfires Mk.I. The kit I knew already and it was a fast enjoying built. Happy modelling
  18. Hallo Here are my trucks and a/c. In 1/35 and 1/48. Happy modelling
  19. Well, some of my production, not all. Maybe you like it. Just one picture each! Happy modelling & stay healthy
  20. Hallo again This here is my third Kfir in 1/48. For cutting extra fine resin parts I use the US-cutter. So I can get out every resin part. For sawing I use japaneses saws, which reduce the volume of chips to 20% of the 100% to normal saws, you are used to have or we comonly buy. The first was an Italeri with a conversation set from Isracast several years ago. The second you may see on the forum, was from ANK. This third one is from Kinetic with resin parts from Wingman (cockpit) and Aires (exhaust, scoops and antennas and pitot). The plastic is very different to AMK. In every sense. I do not want to judge it. But I can tell, that the main fuselage is more accurate, as in the AMK. The lever mechanism for the two small wheelbay doors is also there. This was a missing part on AMK. The installation for the main gear strut is also better. We can see the finished a/c and then you may decide it. The resin cockpit including front wheelbay is accurate. The really sad point is, that the left side console aft the throttle is a worse molding! I painted all the cockpit tube by airbrush in C308 and C2. All details later on by brush. The air intake I did preassemble, spraying and total gap filling and grinding before any installation in the fuselage. The gap is too big. Cockpit installation is easy and fuselage completion too. But one point to remark: The Aires nozzle needs some surgery inside the support of the nozzle and tube! Now after grinding the assembled a/c I put on some surfacer on the gaps underwing, and on spots, which I filed already with CA. Now I sprayed the glasses and do final painting on the ejection seat. Here it is my intention, to show a nearly clean a/c, just with supersonic tanks on the wings. Maybe I add the launcher for the Python 3. The four airbrakes I will not close entirely just a little bit open. The flaps are in down position. Since I have photos from the a/c I want to build, I will have to pre-shade it according photos. If it works out, you may see both photos. In a few days, I will show you more. Happy modelling
  21. Hallo This colorful F-1 is one of my favorite a/c. I saw the original several times. Well, the kit is not so difficult. I can recommend it. Happy modelling
  22. Hallo This is the Gavia kit for the SM-79. In opposition to the Trumpeter kit, the a/c has a better appearance. The build was not easy at all. I did lots of interior by scratch. Not visible here. The open door area inside is quite well equipped. Happy modelling
  23. Hallo This Morane-Saulnier is in 48 scale. I do not remember which producer. Some years ago, I did this cute tiny model. Happy modelling
  24. Hallo Some years ago, this kits ware on sale. I had at this time no clue what a resin kit really is. So, this is my first one! This model is the Do-22 in Abukir, flown from Yugoslavia after the German invasion. The land version I also built. Happy modelling
  25. Hallo Now it is done. I would like to thank you all modelers for the support. Happy modelling
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