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  1. Afternoon. I will be contributing this lovely Italeri (Hasegawa) kit, using the Xtradecal aftermarket decals as below. Given the quality of the plastic, I expect this will be an "out of the box " build, but we shall see... Looking forward to this one. I also have to admit that some of the other colour schemes on this decal sheet are also very tempting - we will see how quickly the Mustang goes together, but if all goes well will also be doing one one of the Trop Hurricanes.. Thanks for looking, Icarus
  2. This is progressing rapidly. Just about to close up the fuselage after working on the cockpit last night. The cockpit seems pretty good out of the box - just added a bit of a oil pin wash to help extenuate the detail. Will varnish once the fuselage is closed up, which will eliminate the grey "tinge" from the Payne's grey there at the moment. Thanks for looking, Icarus
  3. OK, initial "on the sprue" painting. I rarely make 1/72 kits, so it is revelation how few sprues there are in this kit. Detail looks reasonable though, with the sidewall detail popping out with dry brushing. The MBs look ok as well. I did say this would be out of the box, but as this will eventually be a gift to another ex-208 friend, I have ordered a tuned brass nose probe to try and add some longevity to the final result. Thanks for looking, Icarus
  4. So here we are, with an old friend. Ready for the off: The base kit looks pretty good to me so will resist the urge for aftermarket extras - the same for the kit scheme. Thanks for looking, Icarus
  5. Right, had a good day, with the progeny actually behaving themselves, so this is now done. I will take some proper pictures later, utilising the unexpected "US pattern parking apron" base that I discovered on the rear of the box when I was just about to recycle it,, but in the mean time this is it. Note the canopy fits so well that there is no need to glue it - great for future storage! Good fun this build, with just the right balance of detail vs ease of construction. Right, next stop (after the Gallery) is the Mediterranean GB, for my RAAF 1/48 Mustang IV. Thanks for looking, and once again that you Modelling Minion for the spare decals! Icarus
  6. I've got a couple of days off now, so hoping to get this finished (best laid plans, and all that...). The Thud has grown legs, and is starting to heft a load: Note the lovely wheel well detail that comes as standard in this great Monogram/Revell kit! Hoping to add the rest of the ordinance then weather and varnish, then should be in the final straight. Thank you for looking, Icarus
  7. So, back on track with this, thanks to the generosity of Modelling Minion and his spare set of ID decals. Now the tail fin ID numbers match. I have also taken the opportunity to touch up some of the "Forest Green". Thanks for looking, and once again thank you to Modelling Minion! Icarus
  8. Correct, apart from it was a P-47. From "Jug" to "Thud", so to speak. Either that, or the Vietnam War involved more combatants than we were previously aware of... Icarus
  9. Thank you Craig - that is very generous of you. I have sent you a PM.
  10. Hi everyone. This is the state of play today, with the autodestruct decals (almost) tamed using a combination of MicroSol, Future/Klear and repeated,, but sotto voce, swearing (kids and all that)... As you can see, there is still some work to be done on the starboard side, but this is a whole lot better than things looked late last night. I will have to do a bit of touching up where the decals shattered, and also have to replace the "7" I placed at the end of the fin registration with the correct number, when I can source it. Model making is meant to be relaxing, yes? Thanks for looking, Icarus
  11. Thank you Modelling minion. I seem to have mostly muddled through, although the one decal I have not been able to resuscitate is the final white "4" on starboard fin unit marking. Unfortunately, as it is white, making a new decal for this is nigh on impossible. I have put on a "7" as a temporary measure, but if you had a spare I can pay you back. Icarus
  12. So, after varnishing I started decaling this last night, but as I feared the decals fell apart. I managed to reconstruct these ones, but I fear for the large white tail unit markings that are next in line to be added. I have resprayed the decals with Future, so we shall see tonight. If this doesn't do the trick I may be heading for an alternate scheme (perhaps the a/c with 3 MiG-17 kills?). The joys of model making. Thanks for looking, Icarus
  13. Indeed Dennis - I have been watching your masterful work with great interest! Icarus
  14. Thank you Trickyrich. Interestingly, I used one of the cheap Chinese Iwata "clones" for this. It is a bit temperamental, but as long as you are very careful when cleaning it not to disrupt the O ring on the nozzle, early results seem to be promising. Looking to do a 1/48 Macchi C.202 Folgore with "smoke ring" colour scheme in the not too distant future, so that will be the real test! Thanks for looking, Icarus
  15. Thanks. The nose cone fit was fine. You can see a bit of reflection from a slight rim of glue at the join in the above photo, but that disappeared with the varnish. Great kit to make, and I did Revell/Monogram a disservice - there is actually quite a lot of engraved detail there. Icarus
  16. So, got the USAF SEA colour scheme down last night. Looking to do a couple of touch ups tonight, then varnish ready for the (old...) decals. Tailplanes are only blu-tacked on at the moment Thank you for looking, Icarus
  17. Hey Antb. don't give up - the model looks brilliant! Maybe a coat of Johnsons' Klear to protect for the NMF, if you haven't done that yet? The fit challenges don't sound insurmountable, but of course I am speaking with the naivety of ignorance. I will be joining this GB with a 3 Sqn RAAF 1/48 Mustang IV (Italeri/Hasegawa base kit) as soon as I've finished the Thudmonster in the Vietnam GB - I will also be doing a NMF colour scheme... Keep up the good work, Icarus
  18. Canopy attached (temporarily for the rear canopy) and masked, and base layer of primer down. Looks fine to proceed with colour scheme (apart from that seam aft of the tail, which I have just spotted!) Will touch that up with a swipe of putty later, then get started on the lower surface FS 36622. Thank you for looking, Icarus
  19. Morning. A bit more construction on this last night. Unfortunately, despite my initial optimism the fuselage joins did need a bit of sanding - nothing too dramatic. Need to fill up the nose cone with liquid gravity attach it, paint up the cockpit coving then attach and mask the canopies, then I'm into priming already. Another fun build, to follow the great Italeri Wessex I've just finished. Thank you for looking, Icarus
  20. OK, only a bit of work last night. Oil pin wash of the cockpit, then both fuselage halves were glued together, with the addition of the front u/c bay, gun port and wing spar (nice touch Monogram) Careful alignment, with multiple pieces of kabuki and clamps, means there is very little clean up of the seam to do - handy, as this model comes from the era of raised panel lines. Enjoying this oldie but goodie! Thanks for looking, Icarus
  21. Thanks Pete - they're typical Monogram/Revell - pragmatic and clear. The build actually looks pretty simple (famous last words), so I decided to go to town a bit on the cockpit, as this will likely be the focus of the eventual build. Icarus
  22. Thank you - very much my plan. Test fitting of the fuselage halves last night looked promising! Icarus
  23. Morning folks. Having now finished the lovely Italeri 1/48 Wessex for the Helo GB, I now have time for this oldie but goodie. Had fun painting then building the cockpit last night, with a mixture of kit bits and Eduard extras scrounged from an old F-105G set (front room parts only!). Being an old Monogram kit I expect this to build up fast with accurate profiles. We shall see.. Thank you for looking! Icarus
  24. Hurrah - mine turned up today. I didn't notice that the base colour scheme for this Revell boxing is my old squadron, so I have no choice but to go with this option - although the one I flew was definitely less flashy than this commemorative scheme. And thanks for the above comments about where the decals were tucked away - I was about to get very grumpy (unusually for me). Icarus
  25. Model: Italeri 1/48 Westland Wessex HAS.1. Paint: Vallejo, MiG and Tamiya Acrylics with Alclad II "Jet Exhaust" and "Polished Aluminium" where relevant Decals: Kit supplied 814 NAS scheme. Weathering: Artists Oils Payne's Grey pin wash, powdered artist's pastels Varnish: base varnish of Johnson's Klear, with unifying Alcad Semi-Matt top coat. PE: Utilised kit PE for meshes, seat belts Masking: Home made window and wheel masks, from kabuki tape. Original build thread here: This was so much fun - a real joy to make! Thank you for looking, Icarus
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