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  1. Thank you Arnaud - what beautiful potential additions. However, having spent quite a lot on the PE to try and get the cockpit reasonable, I will try the kit components initially to see how they look. Icarus
  2. So, cockpit now complete (apart from the HUD, which I will add later to try and stop it getting knocked off in the build). The extra PE and those Reheat decals work well. A test fit of the canopy looks promising, but also illustrates why I went for somewhat exaggerated weathering - even with the canopy as clear as this, I am likely not to fix the canopy, as it just clicks into place at the moment. This will also give me the option of mounting the cockpit open later if I wanted. Will need to touch up the base of the MFD with grey as well. Next steps are building up the main airframe, and then working out how to mask off the upper fuselage for the colour scheme. Thanks for looking, Icarus
  3. Cockpit coming together, with the PE detail really working for the instruments. I found some ancient 1990 Reheat 1/48 generic instrument decals, that have enabled me to make a pretty accurate representation of the original Rafale A i/p. Can't get the photo focus quite correct, but in reality it looks pretty realistic. The flash has accentuated the weathering in the rest of the cockpit, but I do think I may need to tone down the seat cushions a tad. Of course, when its all in the murk of cockpit tub the contrasts will be useful. Thanks for looking, Icarus
  4. So, early steps. I have used the kit plastic and then added the Eduard PE seatbelts, plus a bit of weathering. At least this is accurate. Unlike the cockpit tub that I will start work on today, which will by necessity will incorporate a fictional upgrade, to accommodate as much of the Eduard Rafale C PE that I can fit in! Thanks for looking, Icarus
  5. Agreed - no easy solution here, but great work Alex. So I am going to go for a little bit of artistic license, and follow the (invented) line of thought that the demonstrator might have been used as the basis to test some of the MFDs/instrumentation present in the modern Rafale C cockpit. Following this (invented) logic, I will see what bits from the Rafale C cockpit PE I can cram into the very interesting interpretation of a cockpit that comes with the Heller kit. Anyway, as I always said to my brother when we were building kits on the very same day that we bought them with our pocket money, "it's my kit, so I can do with it what I want". Just as well he ended up as the engineer!
  6. So, this is now complete (apart from a minor touch up at the nose probe base that I have just seen! I'll put some better photos in the Gallery later, then it's off to France for the Rafale A build. If I get time, I will also try build the 1/48 ESCI Viggen that I have in my stash for this GB, in the famous all red Danish "ghost" scheme. Thank you for looking, Icarus
  7. Evening everyone and thank you so much for the comments. Looking at reference photos of the original aircraft this had gloss finish, so I've been having fun with the micromesh polishing cloths today. I've also added the u/c - the front one was pretty complicated, but seems to have worked out accurate and strong. Enjoying this build. Thanks for looking, Icarus
  8. Good morning. With the Draken contribution to the Nordic GB approaching the "final straight", I thought I would make a start on this. Initial priming and painting shows that the kit supplied ejector seat will be fine with the addition of the PE belts, but the cockpit and instrument detail is pretty laughable (middle bottom on the photo below). I will need to get some aftermarket reinforcements for this, even if I'm mounting the canopy closed... So much for this being an out of the box build! Thanks for looking, Icarus
  9. So now with decals on. What an amazing paint scheme! Next step is to build up and add the various undercarriage and fragile bits, remove the masking from the canopy and cockpit space, then glue open. I also need to add the nose probe, with its "stipes", which could be a bit of a challenge. Hopefully then all will be complete, and I can start on the Danish "Ghost" Viggen. Thanks for looking, Icarus
  10. So, now with main structure built, masked, then good old Halfords automotive grey primer: Looking to lay down some of the ever reliable diluted X-1 this evening, then after micromesh polishing it's the main challenge in this build - those decals! Thanks for looking, Icarus
  11. Afternoon all. This is a relatively simple build, with excellent engineering, and is progressing well. I decided that I might leave the canopy open, so have invested in a resin ejector seat. Fitted and painted up as follows: I refrained from going the "full hog" with a resin 'pit, especially as the kit instrument decals have worked out so well! I added a few extra instrument dial decals from a generic set where there were some obvious inaccuracies, but that's all. This does mean the area behind the seat is a bit simplified, but I can live with that for the sake of sanity/finance. Thanks for looking, Icarus
  12. Kit: Airfix 1/48 Bristol Blenheim Mk. IF Markings: 54 Operational Training Unit YX-N, December 1940, RAF Church Fenton Extras: Nil Paint: Tamiya lacquers, Alclad metals and Semi-matt varnish. Weathering: Dilute Windsor and Newton Oils, artists' pastels, maskol over aluminium base "chipping", artist's silver pencil Original build here: Thanks for looking, Icarus
  13. Good afternoon. I picked up this Hasegawa kit unboxed as part of a Job Lot purchase. Looks complete, but we shall see. I have dug out the Master metal nose probe out of the vault to go with this as well... The main challenge in this build is likely to be the decals. I have seen plenty of online builds with the undercarriage up, which would make this easier. However, who wants a quiet life? The undercarriage will be down, which obviously means some surgical dissection on the decals down the line. Thanks for looking, Icarus
  14. Now complete. A wonderful kit to build - well done Airfix. I'll take some better photos later and put them in the Gallery. Now off to the French Fancy II GB... Thanks for looking, Icarus
  15. Now with engines, wheels (which are not visible in this shot!) and dorsal gun turret. I have not yet fully glued the transparency for the latter on - will do that after the oil pin wash then the final semi-matt varnish. Those odd scratches will e muted out with micro-mesh polishing. I will add the propellers after unmasking the canopies, then the last little delicate bits, then hopefully we're done. Thanks for looking, Icarus
  16. Thanks Adrian - hoping to get the more streamlined version built and added this weekend! Thanks for looking, Icarus
  17. So, decals now on, and I have started some of the chipping/weathering. Will stop now, and finish the engines/wheels/gun turret, add some engine exhaust stains then mute everything down with a semi-matte varnish before removing the masks. Decals performed flawlessly, and sunk well into the lovely surface detail with just a little bit of Micro Sol. Hoping to have this largely complete this weekend. Thanks for looking, Icarus
  18. Also available in black... Good old X-1. Probably needs one more layer, then I can probably add the decals directly without the usual gloss varnish (famous last words) Thanks for looking, Icarus
  19. I have now added the wingtip and landing light covers. I sprayed the areas I want to have some wear and tear showing through with Alclad Airframe Al, then freckled on some overlying Maskol with a old flat brush, ready for eventual removal. I then primed with Halfords Grey Primer... Absolutely no touching up or filling needed - a testament to Airfix's engineering here. Note, the flaps are just held in place with Blu-Tak. Note also that I will add the ventral gun pack later. Now for the main black colour, which will be Tamiya X-1 built up in thin layers. I will matt it down later after revealing the wear and tear. Thanks for looking, Icarus
  20. So, last night I had lots of fun trying to get the transparencies to fit (and stay in place!). In the end it worked out ok - now the minor task of masking all of this before an initial coat of interior green... Irritatingly, due to the build's logic, I have had to attached the undercarriage early. Unsurprisingly, they are already getting some collateral damage, with one of the oleos shearing off. Not good. Thank you for looking, Icarus
  21. All starting to come together now. I am just about to add the transparencies - I see some have had issues here, although based on the rest of the build I am hopeful. Given this is the Bristol GB, I thought I should get my two out for show (!) Thanks for looking, Icarus
  22. Despite the earlier (self-induced) complications, eventually the fuselage came together fine. Just working on the undercarriage mechanisms here - wonderful engineering from Airfix. This is a joy to make. Thanks for looking, Icarus
  23. Noted. I will use the kit seat as the basis, then add the Eduard PE belts.
  24. Thank you exdraken - that's really helpful. I wanted to do this one out of the box to keep it simple, but I'm tempted to get the seatbelt set from Eduard, as the seat will be so visible and this will disguise the somewhat basic one in the kit. Will have a think. Icarus
  25. Afternoon. My second entry for this GB will be the later Pierre Clostermann Eduard 1/48 Tempest - with suitably prominent Lorraine Cross on it for the Forum prefect... Interestingly, I seem to have been a bit over zealous in the past, and have purchased an additional canopy mask set for this model. If anyone needs it please DM me and let me know. Thanks for looking, Icarus
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