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  1. Very early days, but the initial signs from this kit are very promising. I forgot that this has some PE included, so will use these seatbelts. Cartograph decals as well - how on Earth was this so heavily discounted when I bought it??? Those I/P surface details should pop out really well with a bit of dry brushing. Having (belatedly) looked at some reference photos, I am tempted to try and use capillary action to fill in the background behind the black instruments with the cockpit base grey, but perhaps not worth the risk of ruining the detail. There are some spare copies of the I/Ps in the kit, so I will experiment on these first... Thanks for looking, Icarus
  2. Thank you for the kind feedback @trickyrich - I am enjoying trying out marbling and black basing as well as using the old panel line pre-shading to try and add more depth to my paintwork. Given the F-15E I am building over in the F-15 GB is a single colour, this will be really important there! Icarus
  3. Here's mine, Kit: Tamiya Tetsuzo Iwamoto Mitsubishi A6M2 Zeke Scale: 1/48 Build: OOB Paints: Tamiya and Mr Hobby lacquers. Satin varnish Weathering: Initial marbling on Black primer, Subsequent pastels and oil pin wash Decals: OOB Build thread here: Thank you, Icarus
  4. Good evening. As you can see by the sale stickers (and price!) this has been in the Vault for some time. With the joy of a cost of living crisis, I will be building this out of the box, so that will mean the original "bang seat" with the included flight crew present to negate the need for aftermarket belts. Looking forward to this. Icarus
  5. So, this is all done now. I took some photos last night, but the flash appears a bit too harsh. so for once I have used natural light. I might do this again (depending on the weather!) Thank you for all the advice. Now off to the F-15 GB... Icarus
  6. So, progressing with this now. I didn't think the "black basing/marbling approach" I used on the recent Falklands SHAR build would work with this paint scheme, especially with the IJN grey, so have gone for old school pre-shading... And today, after the paint layers of IJN Grey and upper green, this is where we are. I have also added on the engine, but the prop still needs decaling, etc. there is also a bit of scuffing/weathering at the wing roots to represent wear from boots.. Next stage is gloss varnish, then decaling. Thanks for looking, Icarus.
  7. Cockpit components painted, weathered and ready for assembly. I have gone for quite strong weathering, as I think this will be hidden in quite a small cockpit aperture. Thanks for looking, Icarus
  8. A bit of progress with this already... Usually I paint and weather the cockpit components before building up the cockpit, but I think the paint layers at the mating surfaces, even after sanding, may have contributed to some fit issues I have recently had with high fidelity/low tolerance kits. I saw a recent article in a magazine where the author assembled the cockpit, primed it, sprayed on Alclad polished Al, then the cockpit colour before some very effective weathering by abrasion. Clearly that only works if the cockpit is one colour - happily the A6M2 is Mr Hobby 127. I have modified this approach slightly, so the cockpit is only tacked in. I also need to straighten the I/P a bit! Thanks for looking, Icarus
  9. Good afternoon everyone. The joys of CoVID mean I won't be travelling with work for a while, so I may have inadvertently generated some home time to build this. We will see... Time is short, so whilst we're not quite in Blitzbuild territory, the only aftermarket item I will be getting is some commercial masking, to speed up that always painful process. I will include the pilot figure to obviate the need for seatbelts. Anyway, that's the aspiration. Let's see where we end up. Thanks for looking, Icarus
  10. Model: Kinetic 1/48 BAe Sea Harrier FRS.1 Aircraft: XZ456/14 ex-714 of 899 NAS,,HMS Hermes Air Group, "Operation Corporate" Build details: Built OOB apart from spare Kits World 3D-printed seat belts, airscale I/P dials Paints: Xtracolor EDSG laquer over white on black marbling, all other colours Vallejo acrylics. Oil and pastel weathering. Build thread here: Thanks for looking, Icarus
  11. So, even with a slightly dodgy wing (my fault), this is now complete. A great kit by Kinetic. Thank you for all the helpful advice, Icarus
  12. Thank you Pappy. You are quite correct - I thought there was something a bit awry there. Well, I'm afraid there is nothing I can do about it now. It is being made as a gift for my Dad, who won't know the difference! Thanks for looking, Icarus
  13. Unfortunately I have been away on business for the last couple of weeks, but back in the UK this weekend, so cracking on with this. Decals on, and starting to add details before final weathering. Decals are of the highest quality - well done Kinetic. Thanks for looking, Icarus
  14. A few more layers, and I'm happy with this. Looks far less dynamic in natural light - the flash does rather accentuate the contrasts. thanks for looking, Icarus
  15. So, having read the recent magazine articles from Jay Blakemore about colour modulation, black-basing and marbling, I thought I would give it a try on this SHAR. As these were painted fresh on the boat down to the Falklands, I need to be careful not to overdo it, but if all else fails I can revert to by usual method of an overall coating, then post-shading. Anyway, initial black base and marbling last night: And this morning, after the initial layer of EDSG: The Xtracolor glossiness means the flash rather overemphasises the contrasts, but even so I think this is a bit stark. I will add another thin layer of EDSG then see where we are. Thanks for looking, Icarus
  16. Steady progress with this - just about to add the flaps and tailplanes, but wanted to add a quick layer of Halfords primer to check the seams so far. All looks fine following sanding and polishing with micromesh... The upper nose cone seam looks a bit prominent, but remember there is a nose probe to add there. Again, lovely engraved detail in the plastic - well done Kinetic. Thanks for looking, Icarus
  17. Cockpit done. The flash causes a bit a speckling in the photos, but looks fine in daylight. I used Airscale instrument decals for the I/P, and Kits World 3D decals for the seat belts. Otherwise, OOB. Thanks for looking, Icarus
  18. I have been abroad on business these two weeks (lockdown seems like a weird delusion now) so I will only get a chance to start this tomorrow. this will need to be a pretty efficient build - OOB apart from the seatbelts. That reference material is from my own stash of magazine articles. Incredibly helpful for some of the colour scheme details - let me know if you wanted me to scan and and share. Icarus
  19. Evening all. I would like to add the second 1/48 Kinetic FRS.1 to this GB, this time XZ457. The only extras I will be adding (thus far) are the spare seatbelts from the Kits World 3D printed "Tornado" MB Mk10 seatbelt set.. And some reference material.... I can see the fun and games the @DaveJL is having with this build - sometimes it is better to go second... Thanks for looking, Icarus
  20. So, just in time this was finished this evening.. Phew! The kit-supplied ejector seat is a real disappointment. I suspect I will replace this in time with a resin version. Thanks for looking, Icarus
  21. Model: Revell (née Eduard) 1/48 MiG-21 SMT Colours: "05 White", Soviet Air Force, 1973 Paints: Tamiya and Vallejo acrylics, AK Interactive Metals Weathering: Oils, sanded pastels Build details: Built OOB. Paint pattern airbrushed directly on I would have preferred to use a resin ejector seat, but my aim was to use the kit parts throughout - this is the weakest part of the kit Link to build: Thanks for looking, Icarus
  22. So, Down in the depths of the vault I have found this ancient 1/32 Hasegawa Spitfire VI, missing most of the cockpit contents and without a canopy... Apart from the canopy, the circled items are missing... Also in in the vault, is this modern but flawed Revell 1/32 Spitfire Mk.IIa I was wondering whether I could use the Revell kit as an ~(imperfect but acceptable) donor of spare parts/sources for scratch building/vac-forming? My plan: 1. Build the Revell cockpit. 2. See if it fits with manageable fettling into the Hasegawa fuselage. It won't be 100% accurate, but as the Mk VI canopy is fixed close this probably won't matter. I will also add the Hasegawa pilot 3. If the cockpit does not fit, I will proceed with the Revell kit, having to accept the incorrect spinner and underwing air intake 4. If the cockpit fits, I will continue with the Hasegawa kit 5. I will then use the Revell canopy as the master to make some vac-form replicas 6. The replica will be needed as I try and work out how to modify the canopy to correspond to the Mk VI version. What could possibly go wrong? Either way, there be some sort of 1/32 Spitfire at the end of this Odyssey! Icarus
  23. Sadly, there will not be time to build this. I am planning to sell the kit unbuilt online, and donate the proceeds to the Ukraine DEC fund. Icarus
  24. Thank you @exdraken - not so much a long range missile strike, rather a change of job location to Switzerland, has rather scuppered my model making. I am getting organised again, but I doubt I will get this completed in time. Need to finish the MiG-21 SMT first! Icarus
  25. Good evening. I see @exdraken also has a 1/48 Su-25 in this GB, but I would like to add this version to the GB. Given the world we are in at the moment, I will make it in Ukrainian AF colours, out of respect for the friends and work colleagues I have in Kyiv. When built I plan to sell it, with any proceeds going to the DEC Ukraine Fund. Anyway, initial photos: Nice looking kit, including PE and canopy masks. Thanks for looking, Icarus
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