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  1. Yes thanks for your input mate,I started with balsa this afternoon but didn't think it would work so I tried with plastic,who knows at this stage?maybe that won't work.I have given up for tonight but with a fresh head tomorrow I'll probably get something worked out. Yes using Doped Tissue on a Scratch Build works great.I used Doped Tissue on this Scratch Built Sopwith F1 Camel I built last year,and was very pleased with the results........ Cheers Foz
  2. You don't know how much I am looking forward to painting her as well!!Still the light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter,this afternoon I tackled the Wing Struts......Oh my god this is going to take some doing.Sometimes I get to a point in Scratch Building when I think..............actually I can't do this part,I hope the time hasn't come now on these blasted Struts
  3. 4. Glue the fabricated bulb you have just made onto the chrome paper in the wing tip 5. Paint it the appropiate colour......... 6. Finally cut a piece of clear packaging plastic into the shape of the glass lense,easier said than done!,and glue into place .............and there you have it folks!! So now at last I can continue with the constructing of this project.In a couple of days or so I will post what I have done,which I think will be a dry run of Wing attatchments with the wing Braces in place................so untill then Thanks to all you guys who are watching this thread and giving me the confidence to try to finish this Scratch Build Cheers Fozzy
  4. Last stage of the catch up now! The Navigation lights had to be replicated.This is how I did it...........(Christ its like being back in school! ) 1. Cut a section out at the tip of the Wing..... 2. Cover the cut area with sticky back chrome paper,or paint it chrome silver if you havn't got any!! 3. Fire up your trusty Candle and start melting Clear sprue (because you know you like doing it! ) in the shape of a light bulb.Takes a few attemps but you'll get it in the end
  5. The surface detail was done by the same method as the Fuselage,with paper.Heres a couple of shots
  6. .....Heres the crinkly part because of the water .........and heres the finished article
  7. ....I don't think i mentioned it whilst covering the Fuselage so I say it now!When applying the tissue apply it shinny side up! Here I am cutting the excess tissue off around the Leading and Trailing edges...........
  8. Hi Nick Welcome to the Forum.Thanks for your comments,in answer to your question about the rivets it was answered by Crooked mouth earlier but if you missed it ..........Use a pin on the reverse side of the plastic,dont press too hard and it will pop the plastic just like a rivet,give it a go! So now we get to the last of the catch up on this thread....attention to the wings!! I covered the wings in the exact way as the fuselage. Note the size of the tissue I used on each part of the wing..........
  9. So now that it is skinned I had to think of a way how I could put the surface detail on.Obviously I could't scribe it!! We are not talking Panel lines here as the real aircraft was doped linen at the bottom end where I have covered it in tissue, no its just removeable panels built on the fuselage frame. Well after some thought I came up with the idea of using.......................paper!!I thought if I cut up small strips of paper and then just glued them into position it might look alright! heres some pics,................I think I can get away with it ,what do you think? Next time I post I'll show you how I covered the wings...............Cheers..Fozzy
  10. 8. The dope has to be applied now but before you start there is a precaution you must take...........wear a mask as the fumes are powerfull and you can get as high as a Coot!!..........needless to say I don't wear a mask Brush it on straight from the can with a paint brush as quickly as possible as it dries really quickly.and imediatly dry it with a hair dryer.You will find that it dries very hard and taught.If you find any blemishes when you have finished then you can gently rub down with fine emery cloth. Thats it job done,here is the Lysanders Fuselage done..............
  11. 7. Proceed to put the next strip on in the same method cutting off the excess tissue on the ends as you go,untill you have covered all of the Fuselage..
  12. 5. With a clean brush,gently brush some clean water over the tissue you have just applied.This is the part that you think ..exactly!!! The tissue looks all wrinkled but it won't be for long!! 6. Grab the Hairdryer and blow the hot air over the crinkled mess and it will make it go taught!
  13. 3. Paste the diluted PVA glue onto the Stringers where the strip of Tissue will be going........ 4. Carefully place the tissue strip onto the glued Stringers smoothing out as you go and trying to pull as taught as possible without ripping the tissue..
  14. ...You'll also need your wifes Hairdryer...unless you own one ,and some water. 1. First mix up a little PVA glue with water so that it is the same consistancy as milk. 2. Cut strips of tissue with your scissors no wider than the distance between each Stringer on the Fuselage!mmm difficult to explain but there will be photos you can see!!
  15. Thanks a lot Deon So maybe today I can get this thread up to date so that I can start working on the Lysander again. I covered the Fuselage with tissue first and then went onto the wings. This next section is for those of you who never have tissued and doped a model before,for those of you who have then skip all this These are the materials you need Some Clear Shrinking Dope and some PVA glue.... ..........and some Tissue(not the tissue you blow your nose on! )This you get from any craft shop.......
  16. Simple as me old son Congratulations .....go to the top of the class
  17. Well thats it for today.Tomorrow I will post how I covered the fuselage and wings with tissue and dope.When that is done I will be up to date and things will slow down a bit as I havnt consructed anything else Chau for now Fozzy
  18. Here they are ,in place unpainted. I made a couple of cockpit lights out of plastic and wired them up to make it look more realistic....... ...and here is the whole frame work painted..............
  19. The next photo shows you how I made the actual wing attachment bars.They were made out of plastic sprue with small holes drilled into the ends and then pieces of cut metal garden twine super glued into the holes.The idea is when it comes to the dreaded fixing of the wings,the metal prongs will bury themselfs into the Balsa wing roots....................well thats the plan and I'm sticking to it
  20. All the rest of the constructed framework then was fixed into place,making sure everything was level!
  21. ....have you guessed yet? dead simple isn't it. The next photo shows you the front part of the frame work already installed and painted.This is because I had to wrap the Pilots seat belts around the frame.You can also see in this photo some more small detail added to the (Plywood..... Campbell ) Map Table.Sad isnt it ....I glued some pretend pencils in a container and pretend elastic to hold the maps in place!....
  22. Once they set I took them off the template card.Now I am not trying to teach grandma how to suck eggs but for those of you who don't know this simple trick...listen in!!...note the rivets on the frame work?...how did I do that?.....not telling you.
  23. Hi again all The next part of this build is a bit tricky (allthough it dosn't look it)because I have to scratch build the frame work that will hold the wings in place.So the frame work as on the real aircraft has to be placed exactly right and must be tough enough to take the wieght of the wings,so does this model!.I made a quick template for the frame work on a piece of card and then pinned and glued the structure together using cut plastic.
  24. Thanks for your input Jake but I must put you right on one thing!!As I said at the beginning of this build I started building this Lysander about last June I think and just kept a record of the build as I went along,as it happens I am nearly up to date and then the post will slow down a bit!!Christ I wish I was that fast then maybe I could finish this bloody thing! Cheers Foz
  25. Cheers Campbell.I have always had patience when its something I really want to do,but ask me to mow the lawn then Ive had it straight away!!as for skill ....we all got it mate,I have plenty of time on my hands to nurture those skills because I took early retirement.,you see I'm a boring fart because all I do all day is make models! I'm also a lucky b###### because it dosn't bother Mrs Fozzy!!!
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