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  1. Thanks for your advice!...I will definitely look into the QR code idea!....I will also be building a frame that the ball will sit on but I'm still thinking of displaying it between the two halves rather than underneath as you will see more of the turret that way!....cheers!
  2. Cheers Richie!.....I had a lot of fun scratch building that!...seems such a long time ago now!
  3. Hi Guys! Sorry for the delay in replying especially after you all have given me your thoughts on the display...but life got in the way! I really appreciate all your input and have taken it all on board! Thanks for the input!.....I have decided not to "tear out" the ball hanging structure from the fuselage as you suggested....you are right it would take away the busyness of that area!...as you say I think the ball will be displayed separately below the aperture where it lives. It will however force me to stabilize the stands I have made (or figure out a new way for the stands) if I make the fuselage sit higher off the deck to accommodate the ball turret. The major point being that I want the public to see the ball clearly! Just to let you know that I am going to be there at the museum to do the final assembly as I have family who live 40 minutes away in Warner Springs who I visit almost every year and of course I will also be visiting the Lyons Air Museum on my next trip! Cheers Ian.....I will definitely place one of the bomb doors in the open position and maybe close the other...thanks for your input! Thanks a lot Clive! Thanks Pete....the mirror idea I will have to run past the Museum....but defo food for thought! Cheers mate!....appreciate it! Thanks Adrian...will talk about the mirrors with the Museum at some point! I think you know what my response will be about the wings Simon!?!! Thanks Brian for all your input!...I will definitely talk to the museum ref the photos....I have thousands of them of the entire build that I have obviously collected over the years! So it seems that most of you agree with each other about the display ideas and again...I want to thank you all for your input! Lots to think about ....lots to do....but I will be back with an update post of whats what! ......but first I have to do some packing as I have sold some of my models!..... Lets hope it survives the trip back to UK !!! See you on the next post! Cheers Fozzy
  4. Great progress Richie!...I.P looks brilliant!
  5. Hi there guys I need some input if that is at all possible! I have now finished this project and all I have to do is prepare it for display. Not as easy as it seems as there are many things I have to think about when displaying this project.....I will run them by you.... 1. This B17 will be going into a museum and the Museum is in USA. So I have the logistical nightmare of shipping it there to start with....I am in Bulgaria and I will first ship it to UK and then on to the States. 2. As it has to be shipped I won't be able to fix some of the parts together until its actually in the States ,,,where I will then put it all together.....Tail fin/guns/doors/ tail wheel/ball turret/bomb doors! 3. But first I need to give the display a trial run before packing it ready for shipping. So this is where I run my idea for display past you guys. A. First and foremost it is important for me to show as much as the interior as possible as this was main reason I built this B17 in the first place! As you are probably aware most of the top of the entire fuselage is open so that you can see down into the cockpit/bomb bay/radio room tail section etc etc. B. I have definitely decided to display it all in two sections....first section being from the plexiglass nose to the ball turret position.....and of course the rear section from there to the Cheyenne turret at the rear. C. By displaying it in two sections approx 6 inches or so apart.... you will be able to look down the fuselage open ends at more of the detail. D. I was thinking of placing the fuselage on a frame ....kind of similar to this blue frame on this B17.... E.This would mean that I would either leave off the bomb doors and display them separately or fix them closed! F. Because I have done so much detail with the Sperry ball turret I was also thinking of displaying it separately so that you can actually see into the turret rather than it being hung underneath the fuselage where all the detail will be lost.....here is a photo of what the display could look like..... G. If I did this ball turret display ..which I think I would like to do... it would mean that I would have to take out the hanging frame/ammo chutes/oxygen bottle from the fuselage ... leaving it empty all bar the walk platform around where the turret would be......I have crudely marked in red the part on my model that would be taken out on this next photo...... So OK......that is the way I think I would like to go but I would really like your opinion as what you think!....(What you think about the ball turret idea and the bomb doors!) At the end of the day of course it will be my decision but would love to hear your views! Here are quite a few photos of the finished fuselage!.....obviously before the proper display...... OK guys.....Thanks again and looking forward to your input! Cheers Fozzy
  6. Cheers mate!....I guess I have had enough and I enjoyed your heckling over the years!
  7. Thank you Richie...and what a lovely story about your Father!
  8. Hi guys Just a quick post showing the very last detail that I shall be doing on this B17. Of course they is still a lot more thought and scratch building to be done to finally display the model but I am going to take a bit of time out whilst I think about it! I have made a decision about the two halves of the fuselage (front section and rear section). Right from the start of this project it was important for me to show all the interior detail and the actual outer fuselage came second in the importance of this project and so to that end the two sections will be apart. I am thinking of a gap about 8 inches between the front and the rear.This will allow you peer down into the fuselage as well as seeing the detail from the missing panels in the top. I am also steering towards actually keeping the ball turret displayed on a little stand in the 8 inch gap between the two halves......I know it sounds crazy but I am also thinking of taking out the ball turret hanging frame which holds the ammo chutes from the fuselage and attaching it to the top of the turret as a complete unit. I have seen a photo of this of a turret from a B24 and I think it might work for my display but as I said I am going to take time out and think about it! In the mean time here is the last of the detail which I will do on the actual fuselage.... and that is the rear crew door. Made in the same way I built the tail turret door....here it is before painting... ...and here it is painted.... ....here's a couple of photos of the door attached to the fuselage... So that's all the internal and external scratch building done for this B17G. Of course you won't get rid of me that easy after these past 10 years!......I am going to try to photo the 2 fuselage sections before starting on the display work ,so I will be back soon! Cheers as always for looking in and see you on the next post! Fozzy
  9. Hi Richie...cheers...but I personally thought you were going great guns with your engine!....keep at it mate! Thanks Brian...I would like to display it in UK but traveling with it is a logistical nightmare!...timing as well!...me being here in Bulgaria...shame as I am close to Telford as my Mum lives in Stafford!
  10. Richie.....great start with this BE2c!....it's good that you have manufactured parts for the engine....but my advice (for what its worth) is to scratch build the engine along side the kit parts and copy what you see....you'll be surprised what you can achieve with a little practice!...I mean ...you started out brilliantly!...I will enjoy watching what ever you do in any case so keep up the great work!
  11. Thanks Richie!....yes its off to California to go into this museum....... http://www.craftsmanshipmuseum.com Cheers!
  12. Hi there This post will be all about painting and adding the markings to the rear of this fuselage. I thought that this would be the last post before i actually finish all the work on the fuselage but then I remembered that I had to make the rear crew door! I have made the rear gunners door that I will show you now. Because the door is the shape of the fuselage I had to use the bulk head formers as a template to get the shape right. I made it from plastic card and here is the inside of the door... The out side was then covered in a sheet of aluminum and a handle was made from a piece of sanded plastic sprue... Then I painted the inside of the door with interior green.... I made a couple of hinges from plastic, (covered in pieces of aluminum from a Coca Cola can to strengthen them)... and then dry fitted the completed door to the fuselage. Its now time to paint the markings on the fuselage but first I had to mask up the areas I didn't want the airbrush to cover....for some reason I hate this job of masking ....you miss a bit and the blasted spray gets it!! Before I fired up my Paasche....I spent a LOT of time marking out the USAF Insignia I needed for both sides of the fuselage. This wasn't as easy as I thought as not only did I have to get the scale correct but actually drawing out the insignia meant I had to dabble into geometry....which I totally ignored in my schooling years!....72 degrees spacing for each star point ...the bars are the radius x a half.... etc etc...luckily I found a great little page on the internet explaining how to actually draw the Insignia! I drew the insignia onto some sticky back silver paper I have...which if all goes well I can literally just place them on the fuselage! After drawing another extra insignia , I cut out the star and the bars.....sprayed the original white and then replaced the star and bars over the white as a mask for the dark blue paint!.....did you get all that??? !!! So first off....here are the green bands I sprayed that are on "Fuddy Duddy"... ....and here is the USAF insignia on the starboard side....I have to say I am pleased in how they have turned out!.... The next 6 photos show the overall completed paint scheme for the rear of this B17... It seems such a long time ago that I had the tail wheel in place!... The reason it isn't fixed at the moment is the fact that this whole model has to be transported to USA at some point and the less sticky out bits for packing the better!!...but as a reminder for myself and you guys...here it is.... Well that's it for this week! Next week some time will be the final post of this rear section showing the rear crew door that I have yet to build and a good few photos of the rear section completed! Until then ....take care and thanks for looking in! Cheers Fozzy
  13. I do hope you weren't drinking and driving Pete! Thanks Brian ...and thanks for all the encouragement you gave me to make the wings etc! Cheers mate! Thanks Bill....you know that you haven't got rid of me yet?....there's the doors to make!...not to mention the display set!
  14. Hi there to all! OMG! I really can see the finishing post now!...In this last week I have been at this B17 every day trying to move it along! Of course here in Bulgaria we are experiencing dangerous weather warnings of extreme high temperatures....like most of Europe I guess...most days 42C plus /107F...and so I had to vacate my workshop as it was far too hot in there and move into the bedroom as I have aircon there!...So I had to find an old table and take some tools from my workshop to the house (workshop is in another building from the house) and get on with the job at hand! The end result being that I have completely finished all the internal detail , joined the top and bottom halves together and managed to skin the entire rear section!....so all in all I am really pleased! Last post had me fitting the waist guns into the perspex windows but the very last detail after 10 years is to make the ammunition belts that feed the guns....so here are a few photos... The ammo belts have to be able to twist and turn from the ammo boxes to the guns so I had to scrap the belt I had previously made as they wouldn't bend without snapping in half!.....so I decided to use slivers of aluminum from a Coca Cola can to make up the shape I needed to go from the ammo boxes to the guns!....you follow me?...probably not!....so here is a photo!...... In this way I have it bent to shape before I super glue all the hundreds of rounds...(cut pieces of wire...took all afternoon!!) This next photo shows some of the rounds on the belt. All I had to do then was enclose the rounds in the belts using strips of paper which when painted will hopefully look the part! Here you see I have attached the belts to the ammo boxes and to the guns.....starting with the starboard MG Here is the port MG ....and a couple of shots looking at both Waist guns from the rear.... Now came the part that I had been dreading for months and months and that was gluing the top and bottom halves together! It had to be a strong setting glue that would be permanent and since the fuselage is constructed out of balsa wood I thought wood glue was the way to go....nope!...it's no good.....it will have to be super glue!....but I had to work fast and be accurate as if it didn't line up it would be impossible to take it apart without destroying the fuselage!.....so working from the rear to the front I super glued a few inches at a time....remembering to make sure all the internal detail was in line from the top to the bottom! Finally after a few nerve racking minutes it was complete!....all lined up and secure!... That for me was a huge worrying part of this build.....it was as well for the front section ,Bomb bay ,radio room!...still all done now! Skinning!.......I kind of enjoy it!....very slow process but if I can get it right then worth the effort! First of all I had to mark the entire fuselage with a marker of where all the rivet lines go....that took a day!....and then all the separate panels had to be cut out of a sticky back aluminum sheet used on real aircraft kindly donated by my good modelling friend Finn and marked up for rivets and then placed onto the fuselage.....here are a couple of photos I took during the process... So here we have in the next batch of photos the fuselage all skinned. To finish off the rear section , all I have to do now is spray some markings including the USAF insignias.....and that will be that! Of course I say that will be that but then its buckle down to the display ideas I'm thinking of...which will involve more scratch building! So until then....I will see you all on the next post when she's all marked up and sprayed! Cheers for looking in Fozzy
  15. Thanks for the idea!....lots of things are running round in my mind at the moment ...so I will have to see!
  16. Very impressive! ....I wouldn't have enough room to build one for my B17 !...let alone display it!
  17. Hi all! Another few weeks have passed and time for another post!....done quite a bit so it will be a big post! I have finished both waist guns except for the ammunition belt which I will have to think about as it won't be easy! First off I had to make the swivel mechanism that holds the gun in the perspex....so this first photo shows the wooden stick I will use!....just thought you might like to see the stick!!!! After sawing a piece off and drilling a hole and sanding....this is how it looked.... Next photo shows the 2 plates that the swivel mechanisms are bolted to... here we have if glued to one of the window frames.... The next photo shows a dry run of the fitting of the MG....and looking at it I must remember to take the sight post off the end of the barrel as that's for the MGs without the compensating sights on! I rummaged through my collection of clear plastic packaging and found a suitable piece to make the perspex for both windows apertures. I already half built the guns a few weeks back and now it was time to finish them off.... ....and here they are completed .... I had to do a little research on the K-13 Sperry Compensating sights that I wanted to add to these guns....so after searching the internet and gathering the photos together I started out on the sights... The sights took me a week to make as they are tiny and quite complicated but got there in the end....here are both the guns with the sights attached and all painted and ready to fit into the fuselage...... I glued both guns onto their mounts through the perspex and added a little more detail ..like the control cables (that I haven't a clue what they actually operate.....something to do with.... adjusting ...something!!) .... Any how here they are in the fuselage...... Going to have to rack my brains now for a solution on how to make the ammunition belts bend and twist from the ammo boxes to the guns.....so see you next year! All the best and thanks for looking in! Fozzy
  18. Hi to all! I have been busy in the last week or so trying to get this project moving on to completion...even though I have had a few distractions like mowing oceans of grass in my garden and keeping the Tax man off me! However I did manage to start on what will be the very last of the interior detail of this fuselage.....and that is the waist gunners positions. I haven't done a lot but every little helps to get me closer to the end!...as I believe Mr Tesco's would say!...although it has got absolutely nothing to do with him! I started by cutting all the pieces of wire to represent the rounds that will go into the ammunition boxes (you can see the top layer in the box if you're wondering why I would do that!) The boxes were made out of plastic card and the rounds were placed in the top..... After painting them this is what they look like.... After looking at a few hundred photos I checked to see what equipment was needed for both gunners . ...oxygen bottles....oxygen regulators and their indicators...flying suit heater units ...intercom boxes...bail out alarm bell and a matchstick!!! The bottles were made from Milliput...which I always find difficult to use for some reason!...the rest was made from plastic and wire.....just to let you know I didn't scratch build the matchstick! The last 4 photos show the equipment in place.... That's all folks! Next up will be plexiglass and guns! Thanks for taking a peek Cheers Fozzy
  19. Cheers!....and what a great idea!...I love the Hawker Hart!....would look great in a larger scale....looking forward to seeing it!
  20. Oh dear!....I must be tired!....I am tired!...TAIL PLANES....HORIZONTAL STABILIZERS.......School boy error!.....will edit it right away Pete!....how embarrassing! All corrected Pete!
  21. .........And another bit done! I have to say I am flagging a bit!...finding it difficult to continue with this project. I guess I have been slogging at it for years now and really can't wait until it's all done! I am trying to get it complete before October comes as I am off to the UK and would like to try and take it with me on that trip....I don't know...we shall see!.....talking to myself here! OK ...so I managed to get the Tail plane connection area complete...difficult shapes as the fuselage is round of course!....but I also added a bit of detailing as you can see in this first photo...... So I made the simple cartridge shoot for the Cheyenne turret and cut a slice of Coca Cola can for where the barrels go into the turret. Now onto the Tail plane connection. This was all scratch built with plastic card. If the tail plane was off the fuselage this is what it would look like. The protruding sort of 4 bars you see would be connected to the horizontal stabilizer and in the D shape there was a cog that operated the elevators........... After it all was painted and weathered a tad this is the end result!....I made little canvas bags out of tissue paper to go over the D shape....this was to protect dust and dirt from entering the fuselage ...and saved me making connection cogs! ....and here is the tail section so far!....... Right then.......the next part is actually the last internal detail that I will ever have to do on this project!....HOORAY!!! But that's the next post... Thanks for taking a look Cheers Fozzy
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