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  1. Once again.....thank you everyone for all your kind words!
  2. Thank you so much everyone for all your nice comments. ...really appreciate it...
  3. Hi everyone A few years ago my brother sadly passed away and whilst clearing out his flat I came across a 1:72 scale Airfix kit of the Spitfire Mk1a that I guess he was going to make. So I thought that I would make it as a tribute to him. I decided to make a special job and to make a cutaway on the port side ,showing all the internal detail and scratch build a Merlin engine and show the fuel cell housing!...I have scratch built many aircraft in my time but haven't scratch built detail at this scale ...so it was rather a challenging project that I thoroughly enjoyed and I only hope that my brother would have liked it! I hope you like the photos..... Thank you very much for taking a look! Cheers Fozzy
  4. Morning all! I have finally made the move to UK and more importantly fixed up a modelling area in my flat!.....more important than getting a bed! It is definitely not as good as my workshop that I had in Bulgaria but it does the trick!......here is now my work table in the corner of the room!..... As you can imagine I have been busy with the move as I haven't lived in UK for the past 15 years so its been a tough transition but modelling has made it easier because as soon as I sorted out my table and modelling gear I was well away! So much so that I have managed to finish this Spitfire project! There was slight damage to the fuselage when I opened the packed box in my suitcase but nothing too drastic! I had to scratch build the sliding part of the canopy as the kit part snapped in two when I tried to cut it away from the front screen!......not quite the bulbous canopy I wanted but 70% happy with the end result! After I placed the under carriage on and stretched the fishing wire for the antenna lines I called it the project finished! Here then is the completed 1:72 scale cutaway model Spitfire Mk1a..... Thanks to all that have followed this little project and I hope that my brother would have liked the end result! I'm not sure what I am going to have a go at building next....but I am limited as I am still waiting for my air compressor and a few more odds and ends to arrive in a van from Bulgaria.....so until then....happy modelling to all! Cheers for looking in! Fozzy
  5. Cheers Bill....and yes really looking to being back home after all these years!...as for the mad dashes in the night!..ha ha!!
  6. Cheers mate!......I'm moving to the sunshine coast!.....Eastbourne, E.Sussex
  7. Good afternoon guys This will be the last post I will do from my workshop here in Bulgaria as I am in the process of moving back to UK...the land of the living and extreme expense!.....I will miss this old office of mine but now all my bits and bobs have been packed up ready for the journey. The continuation and next post on this Spitfire will be done from my little old flat in UK! I have packed most of my stuff up and funnily enough the only checked in baggage for the flight is a suitcase full of modelling equipment!....much more important than clothes and things!....I'm sure you understand!! ....Meanwhile I managed to get this model sprayed before I return as I'm not sure when I'll see my compressor again! So here is the first photo......as you can see I have attached all the necessary bits and bobs before masking and spraying! After masking all the detail the dark green was sprayed on...... .....followed by the dark earth........ I then took the masking off and did a bit of touching up here and there....and on the model! Here is the starboard side that isn't cut away.... Incidentally my compressor just about finished producing the pressure I wanted for the job as the tube running from the compressor to the tank split!.....first problem I have ever had with it after years of running!...that will be one of the first jobs I do when I arrive in blighty......well I suppose I ought to buy a bed and furniture first! Any way....All the best to you all and this project will continue when I am settled in. Cheers for taking a look Fozzy
  8. Hi to everyone! Time for another update on my 1:72 scale Spitfire....... I could have quite easily glued the two fuselage halves together but somehow I knew I couldn't resist having a go at detailing the rear!....I have actually done this before on a 1:24 scale Spit years ago and was very pleased of the out come ,so I just had to see if it was at all possible in such a small scale! If I was to add detail then I had to make it a cutaway model. As I did years ago I cut away some of the port side of the rear of the fuselage leaving the starboard side in tact! Most of the scratch built detail will be on the inside of the starboard fuselage and so it was time to don my big boy strong glasses and get to work...starting with the ribs! With the two halves together...this is what it will look like.... Here is the battery!....... The rest of the detail was then scratch built. All done except for the control cables........ Time to paint the parts. Before painting I added the control cables made from fuse wire.....it was almost a challenge too far!....Aluminum for the interior walls and a few other colours thrown in to bring out the detail! Here's the inside of the port fuselage half showing the oxygen bottles and the teeny TR9D radio....blink and you'll miss it!! Here it all is with the two halves temporarily tacked together....... ......and of course the scale shot! That is as far as I have got so far! I am trying to get it done as far as I can so that I can pack it in a packing case as I am in the process of re locating back to Blighty after years of living in Bulgaria!....I will miss this work shop of mine but as long as I have a work desk plonked somewhere in my flat........model on! Thanks for looking in and see you on the next post! Cheers Fozzy
  9. Hi Troy Thank you for your input. ...the films are very interesting and the photos I have seen before! The crow bar colour is always a bone of contention that is brought up in the model world. I know that the red crow bar is for post war aircraft but I have painted it red because this model is very small at 1:72 and I wanted it to stand out!.....I actually painted it green to start off with ...but it was lost!...so for aesthetic reasons and artistic licence it ended up red! I am intending to make a cutaway of the rear section and rest assured I know that the fuselage rear of the pilot seat is aluminum. Cheers Troy
  10. Hi again every one! Time for another update on the old Spit! It was time to work on the cockpit that I thought would be....and was..... a challenge!...My normal scale I scratch build in is no smaller than 1:48 scale so as I said before this is a real challenge! I used the kits pilots seat and made a harness out of paper and attached the seat to its frame...... I also decided to just use the I.P provided with the kit including a decal for the instruments. It was just too small to scratch build! This next photo shows the scratch built detail on the starboard side wall........ .....and here is the Port side wall. I used tiny pieces of plastic and fuse wire to make all the parts.... Here is a view of the starboard side with the I.P and seat/frame in position.... ....and the port side... These next set of photos were difficult to take due to the size and of course the tightness of the cockpit on a Spitfire..... The cockpit door was built from a small piece of plastic.... .....and in the open position. ....and so far so good! That's it for this post. Now I could just now close it all up and finish it all off...........but I might go crazy and open up the rear of the fuselage as a cutaway and have a go at what I did years ago with a 1:24 scale Spitfire.........don't know yet...I'll sleep on it! Till then guys.....thanks for looking in Fozzy
  11. Thanks guys!. ....it's good to be back at the bench and to be able to post here again!
  12. Hi everyone Finally....finally I am back in my workshop in Bulgaria!.....not for long though, as I am moving back to the UK ...so this means a lot of disruption this end!...especially to modelling! However I have made small progress on this 1:72 scale Mk1a Spitfire.... Moving back from the engine bay and my scratch built Merlin I decided to cut away the fuel cell panel and have a go at scratch building that area. The fuel cell bay hosted an upper and lower fuel tank that I may or may not scratch build. I wanted to leave the tanks out to show the detail of the rear of the IP and the Yaw peddles...sort of foolish of me as its so tiny! Here's the area to be cut out........of course "X" marks the spot! Then I got to work on the various pipes and cables in the fuel tank bay and the rear of the IP. ...as usual I used different sizes of electrical wire and bits of plastic.... xx I then painted the area....... ....and here it is with the two fuselage halves taped together.... and here's the scale shot!....... Well that's as far as I have got so far! Next up I will be tackling the cockpit! Thanks for looking in! Cheers Fozzy
  13. Excellent! ...well done!....she looks the business!
  14. Thank you everyone for your comments! .....I will miss her but looking forward to getting back to my office and new projects!
  15. Good afternoon everyone! I thought I would up date the story of my B17G with photos of the day that I handed it over to The Miniature Engineering Craftsmanship Museum in Carlsbad California. Here are a couple of photos of the Museum....... I was worried that the my model would be damaged on the long flight....considering that I packed it in a suitcase for the hold of the aircraft!....but you know, even though there was a bit of damage to the rear of the first section ( the ball turret hanging mechanism came away from the fuselage ceiling and broke in a few places)....it really wasn't a huge issue!....I spent the day before I went to the Museum repairing the damage in my Wife's Nephew's garage! So I am now confident that if I ever have to ship models abroad again I will pack them the same way! The next day I loaded the boxed B17G into the back of the Cherokee and drove the hour and half from Warner Springs to Carlsbad and to the Museum in California. A little bit of pressure now as I had the Curator and staff watching me as I un screwed the lids off the packing boxes to reveal the model.....phew!....no more damage! I spent the next hour placing all the parts onto the fuselage....tail fin/doors/real wheel/bomb bay doors etc etc....whilst the Curator prepared an area for photographing..... Once I had put it all together, I transferred the Fortress to the table for photographing and discussed how the model was going to be displayed....... The curator had a great idea of tilting the fuselage towards the on looker and also placing the fuselage ends towards the front so that you can see up into the fuselages... .....then a photo of yours truly for the website!!....... and finally, me signing over my model! I was then shown the cabinet where the model would be finally displayed!....I was so pleased as the cabinet was literally at the entrance to the Museum opposite the reception .....couldn't have asked for a better spot!! I then went home to let the Museum set the model in the display case and returned 1 week later to have a look at what they had done. I have to say I was over the moon with the display and I thought my model looked fantastic under the bright lights!...they added small touches like having a few photos of the interior on display and placed the magazine article from Flypast beside it.....I was so chuffed I have to say! Here are a few photos ....... So this finally brings an end to the journey that my Scratch built B17G "Fuddy Duddy" and I have been on!..... Although I felt a pang of loss when I drove away from the Museum I was also very happy that it was in such a marvellous prestige Museum for ever more! Thanks once again for looking in! Fozzy
  16. Thanks guys.....gonna be a bit of a wait for the next post as I'm 1700 miles from my office at the moment!!
  17. Good afternoon everyone! The dust has now truly settled on my Scratch built B17G and its time to start another project!.......( for those of you that followed my B17G build....you might be interested in knowing that the model arrived in UK safely with no breakages thank God.....and its now ready for the next trip to the States for the Museum next month!) I really didn't know what was next for me as I have spent the last 10 years building and fully immersed in the B17 project .....and since it was at 1:20 scale and coming out at 3 feet 8 inches long .....I thought that it would be good to have a go at the other end of the scale spectrum! Last year my brother sadly passed away and whilst clearing out his flat I came across this Airfix 1:72 scale Spitfiremk1a that he must of been thinking to build..... I took the kit home and have been thinking ever since if it would be possible to scratch build the interior of this kit!.....this would mean having a go at building the Merlin engine and cockpit! ....and at such a small scale wondered if it would be worth the effort?....then I thought that I would have a go at it.... as a kind of tribute to my brother David! So I started this project when I was at home in Bulgaria and took some photos of the progress so far and thought I would make the first post here now. ....however ...as I am away from my office at the moment not sure when the next post will be! After opening the kit box I decided to first mark up the area on the front of the fuselage where the merlin will sit. After cutting away the plastic I saw I had to sand down the thickness the plastic....way down!!.....else it will be way out of scale!....then I shaped out of plastic the first bulk head that sits directly behind the power plant. After adding some detail on the bulkhead ....by looking at some reference photos...I took these photos. So to the scratch building of the Merlin! The engine block was first made from scrap plastic and being so small it seemed the my fingers were getting fatter by the minute and making the task even harder and fiddly than ever! I tried to shape it the best that I could and slowly added other parts to the engine to get it looking as near as possible to the real thing! I started to scratch build the exhaust stacks but I wasn't happy with them!....then I realized that I could use the kits exhausts!....silly me! Here is the Merlin before all the piping work ..........after a weeks work.... I then painted the basic colours for the Merlin......and whilst doing that , thought of how I was to make the engine frame and I decided to make the frame out of wire and build the frame around the engine when it was sat in the fuselage....here is the painted Merlin with out the frame work.... I then had a real hard time lining up the engine with the propeller disk plate that I cut out of plastic but after hours of dry fitting of the engine finally got the job done!...I then painted the area before gluing the engine in....... It was now time to fit the engine in place and then add all the other detail...this included the radiator at the front plus the engine frame and all the piping and wiring. I taped the two halves together with masking tape for the purpose of taking the photos and to show the engine in place and placed the prop on for effect!.... You might have noticed that I have scratch built a tiny gun camera on the Port wing root and cut away the panel that housed it! So that is as far as I have got on this project for now. I am planning the next part and that is cutting the top of the fuselage off to either build the fuel tanks or leave it empty so you can see down into the cockpit floor and the rudder pedals....I think it all depends on how it goes when I'm back in the office in a month or so's time! So until then guys.......Happy modelling to you all! Cheers Fozzy
  18. Possible I guess...I have looked for reasons to have the lights retractable but have come up with no info as yet...will let you know if I find anything!
  19. Hi Martin The Sterling had retractable landing lights under the leading edge of the port wing...hope this image helps!
  20. Hi there..... Just when you thought you had seen the last of my B17....another post comes along! Well it's more of an update on the packing method I have done ready for the first leg of getting it to the Museum in California! On Tuesday I am flying back to the UK from where I live in Bulgaria and then in February I will take the B17G on a flight to L.A ......Its all in the lap of the Gods on if it gets there in one piece! I feel pretty certain that it will be OK but not looking forward to opening the box at the other end!......after 10 years of work it needs to get there without any breakages! I have shipped models before using the hold of an aircraft without any problems so far...touch wood! The trick is to suspend the model away from the sides/top/bottom of the box its in. I made the boxes out of MDF and the front and rear sections are held in suspension using polystyrene packing.....if its not suspended then vibrations during transportation can damage the model. When the sides and top of the box is screwed down the polystyrene clamps the model in position.....well that's the plan! Here are a few photos of the boxes to give you an idea and also to show some of you that might want to try it with one of your models one day...if you haven't already........ Here is the front section placed in the box.......... This next photo shows the side screwed on and the polystyrene clamping the model in place........ I placed some bubble wrap over the top of the fuselage and then screwed the lid on...... Here 's the rear section in the second box...packed the same way..... All I had to do then is find a big enough suitcase to place these boxes in........ That's it really!......just got to hope and pray that the baggage handlers don't kick the bag about too much!.....(I do know how they treat baggage as I worked Airside at Gatwick Airport many years ago and I'm guessing they haven't changed!!).....forgot to mention....never put fragile stickers on the case....red flag to a bull! So there you go! I promise this is the last of the B17G "Fuddy Duddy" story here!..........except to say that I am really really pleased that one of the editors of the FLYPAST magazine saw my model on my Scratch built models facebook page .........https://www.facebook.com/martinfostersscratchbuiltmodels..... and asked if they could do a piece on it in their January 2022 issue!...of course I was delighted and said yes......its out in the shops now! Thanks once again for those of you that followed this build ....and I'll see you on here real soon as I have started another project....a whole lot smaller than this one was!! All the best and Happy Xmas and New Year to you all! Fozzy
  21. A BIG BIG thank you to all who have commented....really appreciate it!
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