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  1. With the help from Stuart at Pocher I have managed to solve the mystery of where Tu1 at the front of N1-4 (P16) connects to: Hope this helps 😀
  2. I can help you with the King lead question. The manual does actually show it connecting to the distributor on page 16 section 1 and then the end of the coil (M20) in section 2 on the same page. On the real car at rear of the electronic box it is actually a fairly standard coil. I hate to tell you guys this as I know many of you are way past this section: However as Pocher show the fuel injection lines and ignition leads the engine would never run! A Cosworth DFV has a 1 8 3 6 4 5 2 7 firing sequence and the distributor and injection pump rotate anti clockwise looking forward. The cylinders are looking forward again: 5 1 6 2 7 3 8 4 The exhaust pipes are actually em bossed correctly with the cylinder numbers close to were they fix to the head. All this means that the numbering for the fuel lines and ignition leads is totally wrong! I have assumed that Pocher have got Number 1 position correct and worked from there. I can post a scan of the correct number sequences if anybody would like it. A big thank you for all the information on this forum. I am a lapsed modeller, now 66 and not done any serious modelling since my late teens. I do have a big interest in motor sport and classic cars and was at Brands Hatch with ny Dad in 1972, Paddock Hill grandstand to see Emmo win. That is the background of why I am building the model, which is great fun and quite an engineering challange at times! Oh and I am stil working on where the lead off the front of the electronics box goes!!
  3. Hi, I have been reading this thread for some weeks now as I commence the build. I have just turned 66 and this is the first modelling (appart from some basic Airfix kits with my daughter when she was younger) I have done for about 45 years! Thank you to everbody for all the useful tips, especially the OP, M. I have a question regarding the brake line at the rear. To get the nice shape have people been using fuse wire or similar to give the floppy tubing some rigidity? Also what glue are people using for it please?
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