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  1. Haha I agree.. I'll just assume that he knows what he's doing.
  2. Dryfitting of the fuselage halves showed a glaring problem I should have anticipated. But it's easily fixed with some cardboard, it aint pretty but it will do the job. Thank god for paternity leave letting me work at a fast pace.
  3. And there we go! Much better, now time for primer and hopefully I can start painting him tomorrow. Hopefully I will not forget to fill those ejector pin holes before I do the painting. Im starting to feel confident about this old bird. / Jesse
  4. Yeah I can see that being a problem.. Are you brushpainting?
  5. Wow that looks great! What is the colour scheme that's on the side of the box? The black and white one. Keep it up. / Jesse
  6. Thanks guys for all your responses! I'm in between coats of primer on the inside of the fuselage, basic assembly of all the four parts needing it is done. In the meanwhile I'm cleaning up the separate pilot figure which I will use to build a simple diorama. His face reminds me of Boris Karloff which is a good thing. Maybe I'll paint him like Karloff in The mummy. The other figures were too busted to be usable. I'll use this mans hand as an example. I think that he's crying for help since an xenomorph from Alien has burst out of his back. See you in a bit when the fuselage has been glued together! / Jesse
  7. Made In U.S.A? Hmm I wonder. The instructions is one frame on one page. The opposite side has the painting and decals instructions. The decals look pretty ok to me. Time to start the assembly process. / Jesse
  8. Yes I think so, looks pretty decent and should be a fun build! By the way, does anyone know how to enlargen pictures? I noticed now that my pictures are a bit small. I use Google blog for uploading.
  9. Hello! I have a nostalgic affinity for old and outdated kits from the land before I was young. ( I am born in the early 90s. ) I do not know why but they speak more to me than the newer kits with their fancy details and lack of raised panel lines. And that's why I bought this kit from Gomix/Chematic. Here's the unboxing shot, the moulding itself looks okay for the most part and those raised panel lines are extra crispy. This kit is not tooled in the 70s, 80s or 60s. It is tooled in 1949 (!) by Hawk according to Scalemates. It seems likely judging by the look of these figures, poor guy has a hole in his pants. The pilot is stuck in there forever. I thought about liberating him and scratchbuilding a cockpit but no. I will build it the way it was intended back in the day with very minor modifications if at all necessary. Also, hello again! I am new to the forums, I have been lurking a while looking at you guys excellent work. This will be my second aircraft ever since i was a young lad. And back then i mostly sniffed the glue instead of doing any glueing. I hope that you will join me in this epic quest of self discovery and help me along the way with tricks, tips and valid criticism in an effort to get the best result possible. Thanks again and take care. / Jesse
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