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  1. Tom, With the PE sheet that's included with the kit, I can't find in the instructions sheets where PE items 10 and 24 are shown. Can you advise please?
  2. Pity the equipment bays on either side of the forward fuselage aren't open and visible as on option (like HobbyBoss). Does Eduard do PE options (seatbelts/cockpits) for increased details?
  3. G'day, A nice build... I'm assuming 1/32 scale? What colour did you use for the central band over the canopy? The overall paint work is nice. I'm about to start the Kinetic 1/32 version but will use the RAAF darker grey scheme over the aircraft. I've got a few 3rd party add-ons to use such as metal pitot tube, twin wing fuel tanks, updated resin cockpit, ejection seats, AIM-9's. Hopefully I'll around to putting up WIP pics of the build.
  4. Hi, I've looked a number of photos of the RAAF Hawk 127 and I'm still unsure as to what the colour is on the landing gear. In some photos, they look as if they have a tinge of blue in the colour, but others look white - all generally covered in dirt and grime which hides the true colour. Any help please? Thanks...
  5. Hi Woo, Many thanks for your reply, most appreciated. I have already found those websites you mention and there's some great stuff in them. I have also seen your post and photos of LANCASTER. A great looking model... I must admit that I'm not sure which Mk Lynx MONMOUTH had embarked when I was onboard, but I know it had the FLIR(?) and radome at the front. I am certainly interested in the Infini upgrade kit... it has quite a lot in it. I have found somewhere where I can get hold of a 1/350 Lynx so I may go for one of these: https://www.wonderlandmodels.com/products/trumpeter-1350-westland-lynx-has3/ . I do like what's available at Atlantic Models. Thanks again for your advice. Cheers.....
  6. Apologies if this should be in a different section... I'm ex RAN warfare officer (submarines) and had the privilege of spending three weeks onboard MONMOUTH in the Middle East in early 2010 during her anti-smuggling/anti-narcotics support in CTF150. The helicopter that was embarked at that time was a Westland Lynx HAS3. As a reminder of my time onboard, I'm looking at getting the Trumpeter 1/350 HMS MONMOUTH Type 23 kit, however, it appears to show the RN Merlin Mk2 utility helicopter is included in the kit. Is someone able to advise which the correct helicopter should be? Was the Lynx embarked as being better suited for the operational role the ship was undertaking? I've tracked down a 1/350 scale Lynx at Wonderland models (https://www.wonderlandmodels.com/products/trumpeter-1350-westland-lynx-has3/) so may go for one of those as that was what was onboard at the time. Cheers, Guy
  7. Hi, I'm doing some forward planning for when I start a Trumpeter 1/350 Type 23 RN frigate later in the year and have a question about 1/350 scale anchor chain that has the middle stud piece in the link. I've found a site in the UK that does various sized brass chain, ie, varying numbers of links per inch, but doesn't appear to have the centre stud. Is chain at 18 links per inch the closest to 1/350 scale? Thanks for any advice. Cheers...
  8. SubOne

    From Perth

    Haha... to be honest, I'm actually in Brisbane at the moment. Watching the heat from afar. Been stuck here for 7 weeks due to the <beep> hard WA border. With nothing to do, decided to join Britmodeller and order some kits to start while in isolation back home from next week.
  9. SubOne

    From Perth

    Hi Mick, yet to settle on one. Any suggestions? Looking at a HS-AS186 with 3L tank style. Don't want to spend too much on airbrushes...
  10. SubOne

    From Perth

    Back into model building after a number of years away from it. Have a few aircraft in various stages of build from years gone by sitting in a cupboard - mainly interested in modern era RAAF and RAN aircraft but would also like to give ships a go. Have a 1/32 Kinetic BAe Hawk 100/127/128 series on order with the aim to finish as a RAAF 79Sqn version. On the wish list are: 3D Blitz 1/72 PC-21, Trumpeter 1/350 Type 23 Frigate (HMS MONMOUTH) and Academy 1/350 FFG-7 + Pontos upgrade kit to do as a RAN version. I'll be starting my venture into airbrushing now as well so will be on the look for various tips and tricks on how to tackle this. Cheers....
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