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  1. They were purchased from the late great Ron Sands in America.
  2. Rib out of the jig. It is then fixed to a template and the front profile is routed. Finally vertical stiffeners are added.
  3. Poland sending aircraft to Ukraine is fake news.
  4. At least some of this was filmed at Staplehurst.
  5. Not sure exactly, but it's measured in years rather than hours or days.
  6. That's the plan Bertie.
  7. Wing rib being glued. There are 16 separate parts to each completed rib.
  8. Scale is full size. Yes, it needed several jigs to make them accurately.
  9. Making 3/16 ply wing rib nose reinforcement pieces....116 of them
  10. Glueing jigs for wing ribs and undercarriage wing ribs.
  11. Thanks Duncan, I may well do that when there is a bit more to show. In the meantime here's my rib capstrip slotting set up using a router.
  12. Bought this kit a couple of days ago. Yours look great.
  13. Knee deep in sawdust. Making the wing rib parts. 1/16" Birch plywood. Truncated webs are for ribs at the ailerons.
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