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  1. Hi guys evert singke time i use this pait i have a nightmare with it, mixed it in various strengths the more thinners the more crap it gets, i ended up airbrushing it neat at times and ends up running if im not careful, i hate it, it is a brilliant white in colour that tge only reason i do use it,, now ive just had my fill today ,,, its like the thinest paint ever,, if i build it up layer after layer it takes a week to cure,, this is the only tamiya paint i have trouble with,, has anyone got a better paint thats as white to replace it with, another brand i mean thanks
  2. Hi guys again thanks for the input. I think im going with the tamiya 6114 kit as i need it to be inflight depiction, on its side as in passing the fe5 tiger i have , kind of like the famous inverted move in the movie wich i wont mention except on its side slightly as if passing by, if i wanted to do a static it would be the late launch kit no doubt but as the wings a fixed for take of thats a no go. I was toying with the idea of mounting it behind the tiger with a sidewinder between then in a piece of realy thin wire or fibre optic but havent grasoed the trail from the missile as yet tried cotton wool strands ect but nothing looks cool as yet so a flyby will do for now mounted on clear styrene rods up the pipe so to speak.but as said the base f14 was the issue but as seawinder sugested a good am kit for cockpit ect and sorted ,,
  3. I stand corrxted just read that wth wings are fixed in take of position and cant be swept to neutral position so rhis scraps this kit as need it in dlight with wings swept back so option a the 6114 that answers the question cheers guys
  4. So from wot i gather the late lunch kit is the best one in the tamiya line, ile have to read up on them
  5. Cheers guys so the tamiya 61114 yeah. Is this a new tooling as in updated version do you know???
  6. Hi gents and ladies if any. Ok so if this is in the wro g section please can admin place it correctly apologise if it is, So my question and my puzzle is wich kit would the wise recomend im doing a f14a and a fe5 and hopeing to mount together,, But hinestly cant decide wich tomcat kit to choose from , i have a fe5 already so thats ok but the f14a?????. So hasagawa trumpeter or tamiya,, or hobby boss,,, i will stay away from revell personal choice there,, bad experiances with all revell kits,,, no price restrictions just want a good nice fitting kit... Wot would you recomend guys cheers, oh and 1/48 as my fe5 is 1/48,,
  7. Anth

    Tamiya A10 leds

    Thanks for the input guys, its sll cool tho sorted Barside thanks mate i did think about pico leds but could not find any at the time so just went with wot i had, and had akready drilled a 1 mm hole in the wing tips for the fibre optic , in the end i buikt a small light box with a 3 mm flat white led drilled a few 1mm holes in opposite end and fed the fibre optic to the tail both sides, the nose and behind cockpit the wing tips are fed via seperate leds green and red and fibre optic to the wing tips all of this neatly mounted inside the fusalage with a 9v battery via a jack plug connection with battery hidden inside a a fuel truck the hose used has the power lead inside, so in the end 9v power via an 68oahm 1 watt resistor to the leds linked in parallel circuit looks realy nice just a few little bits to complete and shes done, but again thanks for those that took an interest in wotever shape or form.... And maybe i could of worded the heading a bit better but again In my deffence an a 10 thunderbolt is fairly modern aircraft id say, and once read, even i kinda got the jist,,,,???? Again im fairly new here so i may obvoiusly be in error,, Does anyone know if there is a rubber tyre upgrade with wheels or not, for this tamiya a 10 kit,, not impressed with plastic tyres tho . Again appologies if i rufgled feathers so to speak and enjoy
  8. Anth

    Tamiya A10 leds

    It did scotthldr yes, so i worked it out myself in the end but mistakenly i just presumed one person has put an led into a model be it a car train or the millenium falcon lol so apologise for presumeing , i would of settled for sorry pal cant help but wish you luck lol,,,
  9. Anth

    Tamiya A10 leds

    ???? 75 views and not one response so am i in the wrong place, well i worked it out myself thanks, but does not bode well for this comunity closed shop eh,,,
  10. Anth

    Tamiya A10 leds

    Hi guys well building a thunderbolt a10 from balkans war, i saw them when i served and always wanted to do one so got myself a 1/48 scale and half way through and decided to put some leds in with fibre optic lines to the tail and wing tips, i looked aroud the web and see this has been done before to great effect by some better builders than i, but hey ho, so my issue is ive a few 3volt leds various colours green red white blue you get the picture and loads of 1 mm and 0.5 mm fibre optic,. Now i wanted to run 9 volt power in parralel or series , but 9 volt series wont run 4 leds and in parallel id need a resistor, i get that much but every time i do a callculation for the resistors i get a different size??? Am i loseing it,? So 4 0r 5 3 volt leds all at 20 mha rateing run on a 9 volt power source needs wot size resistor??? Any help or ideas would be a big help cheers
  11. Deleted - 100 post rule and not the wanted area.
  12. Hi gary, no the ac delco red, started with a silver 1/24 whitebox silver manta 400 have the decals just primed it other day, once i figure out how to post images here i shall upload some
  13. Hi nice read this with interest as im currently doing her sister a jimmy mcrea manta 400 in 1/24 diecast,,, will have to do a thread
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