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  1. We have a massive sale on ! Prices on some kits have been reduced by 25% from RRP. Lots of bargains to be had. Check out the website. https://testvalleymodels.com/pages/plastic-kits Plus, we are still offering FREE POSTAGE on all orders over £25
  2. Not personally, NO, I have only been trading since 2016. The legislation against MEKO only came into force on 1st March 2022, however these decisions are not made overnight, and manufacturers are given time to alter their formulas, and remove offending chemicals from their products, the cynics amongst are thinking that Hornby, delayed informing wholesale and retail of this in order to clear as much as possible from their stock. Added to this is the fact that Humbrol didn't inform their wholesale or retail customers of the issue until 17 days after the deadline, and the information to remove from sale wasn't issued until the 30th March, a full month after the ban date, that shows a lack of duty of care to their wholesale, retail and end users.
  3. MEKO has various names in the industry. The email I have had says there will be no general product recall, but traders are to remove it from shelves and not sell it as of March 1st 2022. The issues with this are; Meko is an anti skinning agent, it works by stopping the drying process in spirit based paint The issues with MEKO have been known since 2013 It has been banned for hobbyist use, but not professional use. Humbrol only issued an availability warning to wholesalers two weeks ago, a further email was sent to wholesalers yesterday (30th March) saying that the paint had to be withdrawn from sale from 1st March 2022, a whole month. Humbrol have offered a credit on all paint purchased from 1st January 2022. That suggests they knew about this then, and didn't inform the trade, again using the delay to clear stocks and shift as much as they could to the end user, before the cut of date. No-one really knows hwo much time Humbrol were given notice of the ban, some are suggesting that it could be up to two years, and as a trader certain Humbrol paints have been hard to get for some time, the cynical amongst are thinking Humbrol used that time to clear their shelves of a toxic but then legal product, that is not the action of a morally correct manufacturer. Unlike Humbrol, I have morals, and I hate to be mislead, personally I feel I have been mislead by Humbrol and Hornby, I will not stock any HUMBROL products again, and I am seriously considering removing Airfix from my shelves as well.
  4. Thats up to you. However I would suggest you read this. https://www.hsa.ie/eng/your_industry/chemicals/most_read/paint_containing_meko/
  5. Digging around on the internet, a trader has discovered that the issue with the chemical MEKO has been known since 2013. When a deadline for sales is given, there is normally a notice period of years not three months, the cynics amongst are thinking that Humbrol (Hornby), delayed the announcement to clear as much stock off their shelves as possible, Humbrol also sent out the first email 2 weeks after the deadline, and the second email telling us the date to stop selling was 30days earlier. Not exactly the actions of a responsible manufacturer.
  6. Following a release to the trade today (1400 GMT 30th March 2022), and after taking legal advice. I have decided to issue a statement on the shop website. https://testvalleymodels.com/blogs/the-sprue-cutter/humbrol-enamel-paints-and-test-valley-models
  7. This also applies to online sales, just register and enter your email to be entered
  8. This week sees some posh paraffin pigeons added to the stock list, along with some 1:48 kits from AMK. https://testvalleymodels.com/products/a380-rev04218 https://testvalleymodels.com/products/a380-800-rev03922 https://testvalleymodels.com/products/boeing747-rev03836 https://testvalleymodels.com/products/concorde-a50189 https://testvalleymodels.com/products/mig31-88003 https://testvalleymodels.com/products/mig-31-8808 https://testvalleymodels.com/products/f14d-super-tomcat-88009 This kit has a slide moulded front fuselage, as well as slide moulded armament, so goodbye to seam sanding !
  9. I've taken a small delivery of Star Wars Bandai,/Revell Kits to test the water as I don't normally do Film, TV and SciFi. Feedback appreciated https://testvalleymodels.com/products/slave-1-gift-set-05678 https://testvalleymodels.com/products/boba-fetts-starship-06785 https://testvalleymodels.com/products/outland-tie-fighter-06782 https://testvalleymodels.com/products/death-star-star-desdtroyer https://testvalleymodels.com/products/razor-crest-06781
  10. Due to a glitch in the Matrix, the shop website has been down for a few weeks, and will be for a while longer. I'm using this glitch as an opportunity to update the product descriptions, and would like idea's on what information you the customers want to see in the descriptions. All those replying (with sensible suggestions) will be given a 5% discount code to use when the site is relaunched
  11. Yet another 5* review on Google for the shop, which makes it all worthwhile, knowing that for some you are doing something right ! So if you are passing by drop in for a chat, or try out the website, we are bound to have something you want !
  12. There has never been a better time for modellers, the advances in paint technology and the application of them along with the variety of washes, filters and pigments means you can now bring even more reality to diorama's and figures. With this is mind, Test Valley Models has over its time increased its range of paints and other accessories to assist you the modeller, as the shop strives to be the go-to model shop in Hampshire, both through the door and online. So it's great to announce that we will shortly be adding the FULL AmmoMIG range of Acrylic Filters and washes to our stock. This range complements the AmmoMIG paint range and accessories that we already stock. Naturally this range will be made available through our online store @ https://testvalleymodels.com
  13. Thanks for popping in to see us, so glad you enjoyed your visit. Don't forget you can take advantage of our great prices online, and postage is free on orders over £25 !
  14. I've just done a blog post for my online store, with advice on how to make things easier to see, it's aimed at figure and miniature painters, but may be of use to all modellers. I've copied it here, some may find it useful.
  15. Following kits have landed, due to restrictions at the wholesaler I only have one of each, not sure if I can get more. As you probably know these are all Bandai kits, marketed by Revell X Wing Starfighter 1:72 AT-ST A wing Fighter 1:72 Y Wing Starfighter AT AT 1:144
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