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  1. I've only got one of these left now. Airfix must be doing something right at last ! https://testvalleymodels.com/collections/aircraft-1-48/products/canadair-sabre-f4-1-48-airfix
  2. I've just taken delivery of some of these, RRP is £119.99 Shop Price is £102.00 Free Shipping https://testvalleymodels.com/collections/aircraft-1-48/products/avro-lancaster-b-mk-i
  3. The shop has now added AmmoMIG acrylics to its range. There are 180 colours in the range with a large number of RAL and RLM colours included. AmmoMIG acrylics are great for hairy sticks or airbrushes, (you may need to thin them a bit), each dropper bottle contains 17ml of paint, which seems to be an industry standard, each bottle has its own mixing ball, which means better agitation of the contents when shaking. Price is £2.49 per bottle https://testvalleymodels.com/collections/ammo-acrylics
  4. I haven't checked on the retail price, when I placed my order with The Hobby Co some time ago the best guess then was around £120
  5. Tamiya are releasing an F-4B Phantom II around the same time* *Subject to container availability and ships navigating the Suez canal without mishap
  6. The worst kept secret is out, pre-orders are available for this model from 1st May. RRP is being touted as arounf £30 cheaper than the Tamiya version due to land around the same time.
  7. Cheryl had the thighs but Jay got the sighs !
  8. There's no accounting for the EBKAC error that all forums suffer from
  9. I mentioned this tool a few weeks back in the AFV section. It's handy for cutting out circular masks, and can also be used for cutting curves and circles in thin styrene when scratch building. https://testvalleymodels.com/products/compass-cutter?_pos=1&_sid=28b92a23a&_ss=r
  10. I have bought them in when a relative is clearing out a persons' estate. I have a couple of customers who love them, I also have an outlet in the trade I can flip them to if my customer doesn't want them, and the trader always, welcomes them, so there must be a decent market as he's always asking me if I have more.
  11. Basically ............................... Why ? I try to avoid it like the plague. I started on what I thought would be a great build, not too complicated, and a decent looking model, the Hobbyboss Merkava. I open the box to be confronted with 3 sheets of photoetch, some of which is barely 3mm long, and has to be bent into a 'U' shape sorry, but I have better things to do ! Even worse, when the side skirts are put on, you can't even see it ! Is it me, or do other people out there find it pointless and a waste of time?
  12. Looks good to me. I'd have tried to make the tracks look a bit rusty on the wheel side, and a bit more "sandy" overall. I had the same problem with my Chally 2 Desertised, but went completely the other way and applied far too much weathering ! Good luck with the Blenheim, I suspect filler and sanding sticks will be required
  13. I had the same message. Shrugged my shoulders, changed it, no drama's I've been a MOD on a forum and the last thing you need to be doing is sending PM's about signatures when you are deleting spam like there is no tomorrow
  14. I only did one side party painting the hull, the paint ( 25litre drum) got a quick stir with a stick, I'm sure the paint got darker as we worked our way down the contents !
  15. I will give you the same advice I give to all the people who come into my shop and want to start modelling. I tell them all to follow these basic steps to getting a model to look the way THEY want it to look. First concentrate on getting used to the instructions, it pays to stick to one manufacturer for a while, you will get used to how they mark things and set them out. Do what it says, read and study the instructions, and understand them before opening the glue pot. Once you are happy doing that, then you can move on to painting. For good weathering it's impor
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