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  1. If you told me that was pictures of your Sunday ride, I would have believed you.....
  2. Very nice job....It could only be improved by making it from 3F Sqn.........But I am biased, two tours on 3's, 5's and 7's
  3. Thank you for the positive feedback I have been mulling over a part roof, mainly as the styrene sheet I used does not have the strength to support itself. Clutter, you are right, there is a fine line between to much and not enough. Luckily, I am a licenced aircraft engineer and have worked in hangars where you cannot move for crap to hangars you can eat your dinner off the floor, so I have an idea. There will be an air line, extension cable and a few other bits, but on a whole, not much more. As for the ladies on the walls, I just Googled girls and planes, saw a fe
  4. Hello everyone, this is my first post here at Britmodeller......on a whole to get a friend of mine (Alex ,AKA here as Coneheadff) off my back and telling me to post some pictures, here are a some work in progress shots. The Typhoon is not an easy subject as there is not that much technical information available. I have used some poetic licence but as it is only going on my sideboard and not in Hendon, I am pleased so far. The last shot, that is a standard coffee mug to give some scale (also my MGB is one of my other passions). The final layout here has not yet been decided, I am still bui
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