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  1. Built out of the box. Paint with Sparmax MAX-3 airbrush and K4 and AMMO acrylics...
  2. Hello my friends, This is my Tamiya P-51D Mustang, 1/48th Scale. Paint with AMMO ALCLAD Weathering with AMMO by Mig Jimenez Decals from Lifelike Decals Full article on the forthcoming issue Hobbyworld Magazine. The P-51D Mustang, S/N 415459, nicknamed "American Beauty" has the aircraft of the 21 kills ace, Capt John Voll during the WWII on the MTO, Homebased on Italy.
  3. Thanks my friends... full article will be on the forthcoming issue of the Model Aircraft Magazine...
  4. Yes Simon, will be featured in a fortcoming issue of the Model Aircraft Magazine..
  5. Thanks mates, Tony... About the Canopy.... I not cement it and he is just fited there without glue, maybe its the reason... I prefer that way to an easy cleaning and transportation... but you right on your tips...
  6. Hello My friends, Here is my Hasegawa's F-14D Tomcat with markings for VF-2. Its for an article about weathering on the Naval Jets. Hope you enjoy.
  7. Thanks for your Kind words my friends... Cheers
  8. Thanks guys, I did use the AMMO Acrylics... and Alclad for Metallic shades...
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