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  1. Cheer, I might do that with the next one. It would have actually been easier to do them all one colour too. Definitely will be getting a table and chair to work at next time on the 1/32 scale. Looking forward to getting stuck into another one. Quite fancy doing a Sherman Firefly tank now too, oh dear it begins....
  2. A few people have mentioned some Tamiya decals are quite thick. Maybe that was the cause.
  3. If your a spitfire enthusiast you will notice this model is missing a rear view mirror. The ants have it now
  4. Hi all this is my Tamiya 1/48 Spitfire, the first model I have done in roughly 20 years, since I was about 12 years old and my first try at airbrushing. I bought this kit as a practice kit before I start on a couple of 1/32 Spitfires I didn't want to mess up. I learned quite a lot whilst doing this one. The historical accuracy might not be 100% as I mainly wanted to practice how to put a model together, how to paint and weathering techniques. Lessons learned: -Do not paint small green items in the garden. Once you drop it on the grass its gone forever. Crawling around like Honey I shrunk the kids. -Microsol and Set didnt soften the decals very well and created a tent effect. Ended up tearing a couple. Bought Mr Mark Softer and found it much better. Will be stenciling some on the next model. -I need to buy a work desk to build on, stooping over a worktop with no seat made this quite difficult, standing up throughout. Any future tips welcomed.
  5. Will these work on lacquer based paints such as Mr Paint or Mr Color? If not whats the best way to achieve chipping with those?
  6. I have also recently moved to Australia from the UK. It will probably benefit more from the fan
  7. Thanks, i have no idea which one to buy of the two or if it even matters both maybe equally as good
  8. Im confused which one is the old vs the new? Is the old one the one with pressure relief valve in red built in direct with the silver strait bar on the rear and plates either side. Or the old on the one with the bent silver bar and vents on the top black end sections?
  9. The only difference i can see is the design of the connector between the top and bottom. I have no doubt they are all probably mass produced in China somewhere.
  10. Hi All, I am looking to buy a new compressor for my harder & steenbeck ultra 2 in 1 airbrush. I have been told the AS186 is a good buget compressor to suit my needs. I can get one for around 100 Australian dollars. However when I have searched for the AS 186 two designs keep coming up. Is there a major difference between the two, older or newer model? I am struggling to find any information compairing them.
  11. Since this thread was posted some time ago, have any other products came onto the market to give canopies a high shine? I recently moved to Australia and pledge/future/klear is none existant here. The only floor pledge they have is bright yellow. Was going to give gauzy glass coat a try but have read any masks put on will pull the gauzy glass coat off. So I'm looking for an alternative or experience using gauzy glass coat pulling off with masks
  12. I have one of these to build too. Picked one up from ebay with a motor for the prop. Not sure if I will use the motor. I haven't two 1/32 scale spits to build too. Iv heard this is a nightmare to build with its fit so il likely leave it until last
  13. I actually managed to get in touch with the guy that built a competition winning model that i was trying to replicate the finish of. If anyone is looking for othet options they used Dullcote Lacquer in a bottle mixed 50/50 with a lacquer thinner
  14. Thanks everyone for you input and experience. I couldn't initially find an MRP satin or semi matt but will take another look. Alot of people have suggested W&N Galeria matt in other topics i searched however i found the example completed models using it looked incredibly flat
  15. An eggshell finish would be fine. I just want to avoid a very flatt matt or a shiny gloss like a glass coat. Would hate to ruin a model through trial and error of various brands
  16. Hi All, I am getting together the items i need before I start building a couple of Spitfires. Could anyone advise what finishing coats they have used to give the model a slight shine. I don't like the glossy look or the very flat matt. I want the model to have a little shine so that it doesn't look dull or be too glossy that it doesn't look realistic. Can anyone share any varnishes, satins or semi gloss brands they have used in an airbrush to get this finish? I have Mr color paints and MRP Mr paints i will be doing the main painting in camo, fuselage etc. Lets also try not to open up a debate over which way is the correct finish used during ww2 . This is purely personal preference.
  17. Thanks. Fortunately I wont he using the aqueous
  18. Cheers guys, il test a patch on a spare sprue or something before putting it on a model
  19. Superb thanks. Saves me buying multiple of the same/similar colour
  20. Hi all, I am a little confused with paints. I have the following paints: Mr hobby Mr color paints which are described as a solvent based acrylic. Mr paint pre mixed airbrush paints described as a lacquer based acrylic. Would I be able to spray one of these over the other without any issues? Does anyone have any experience using these? Note i will be using Mr Hobby Levelling Thinner with the Mr Color paint.
  21. Cheers il look that up. I am indeed a geordie boy. I wasnt aware of that group thanks
  22. I picked up a couple of Montex masks for the canopy and roundings. So i have the option to try decals on one of the models and stencil another. Does anyone have any experience using the montex masks, any tips would be much appreciated and accurate paint colour numbers. Thanks
  23. Thanks guys, i have a harder and steenbeck ultra 2 that I will be practicing on paper etc befor setting myself loose on the models. Glad to hear those paints are highly recommended. Thanks for the hot water tip on the tamiya decals. I hope the newer decals and new microset or microsol will give a much more realistic finish.
  24. Thanks for the above links for both your own build and the other. I now have about 10 tabs open and feel like im dissappearing down a wormhole. Tonnes of info in these
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