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  1. I found it! This would be a fun way to display it. Thank you for sharing the other images. I love the weathering.
  2. Howdy, I'm trying to locate a photo. It is lost to the internet now... I'm looking for images of the Vulcan nose cone being trailered to its current display location. The goal is to have images of the nose cone on the trailer. Any help? Thank you, Brent
  3. Brent

    Martin MB-2 Refs?

    Great link! I love the oil canning effect. :-)
  4. Brent

    Martin MB-2 Refs?

    Thanks for the help. Those drawings are better than what I'm currently using. Brent
  5. Brent

    Martin MB-2 Refs?

    Howdy John, Can you do me a favor and send a link? The search did not turn up anything useful. Thanks! Brent
  6. Howdy, I am trying to cobble together references for the Martin Baker MB-2. So far all I have is info found on the web. Can you suggest any publications that follow the design and building for this aircraft? I'm interested in plans for the Napier Dagger too. I am curious where the engine cooling air exhausted to. There are big inlets in the front. Where do they go? Any help is appreciated. Brent
  7. If I run across a good deal on the NeoMega kit I will snap it up. I've been very happy with their products in the past. The Bilek kit will wind up in the stash at some point too. I need to do a bit more research. The Poles flew these in green, right? The bare metal finish on this kit is KILLING me. :-) Happy modeling! Brent
  8. Howdy Gang, I am working on a Yak-23 from Ardpol. This was an expensive kit. So, I'm piqued about the number of pinholes I'm having to fill on this. I'm very disappointed. Resin kits have gotten very good in the last few years. Ardpol and Karaya are among the best. It is extra-special annoying since this is a bare metal finish. Boo! At least all the holes are on the bottom. The kit was beautiful in the box. Very nice panel lines and delicate rivets (which I usually hate). I bet other copies are just great. This is a rare event. I felt the odds of getting replacement fuse halves shipped all the way to the US was slim. Anyhow, I'm almost done polishing. Did find two more holes... Grrr! Brent
  9. Howdy Gang! We have a question about Rudy Stark's D.VII. What decal to use on the front cylinder? 73 or 74? We are also interested in knowing if Rudy's engine had the generator. Follow the group build on the Face Book. Search for Fokker Village. That's us!
  10. Howdy! My Supermarine 300 from Heritage Aviation showed up last week. I'm not ready to begin it yet. However, I wanted to share my excitement for my Spitfire Progression Project. It looks to be a very nice, if simple, kit. It dry fits together pretty well as far as I can tell. The wingspan is a bit longer than I expected. If that is the only surprise I get then life is good! Once I get a few more items off my workbench I will start on this model Brent
  11. I understand how annoying a resurrected thread can be. Please accept my apologies. It happens in other forums where a modeler just heard about Future and wants help learning how to use it. Maybe K5054 can be pinned as an archive? I admit to using the search site function and was underwhelmed with the results. Anyhow, thank you for the pointers. Brent
  12. Yep, Heritage Aviation. I just ordered their Supermarine 224. They mentioned that the 1/24 Lanc might be released in the near future. I dunno if I'll plonk down the cash for one of these are just get a laser cut R/C model to hang from the office ceiling. I have been spreading a rumor that Peter Jackson's Wingnut Wings company is releasing the 1/32 Lanc in conjunction with his Dambusters movie. Hopefully truth will come from fiction. If PJ did a Lanc that is as nice as the other WNW kits it would be totally beautiful. I don't have an issue with the price. Is it more than four times the model than other 1/32 planes? I see $75 - $100 price tags on single engine models all the time. How much is a 1/32 F-105 or A-10? The Lanc is a lot larger. Therefore more hours of modeling pleasure. So, the cost equals out. Also, I bet modelers thought the 1/24 Stuka was crazy when it came out (back in the day). I notice it is still for sale. People still buy 'em. I see them built up at shows too. To each their own. Good discussion. ß!
  13. Howdy, I'm gathering info on the Supermarine 300 or Spitfire 5054. The Paragon and Aeroclub conversions are scarce. So, I figure I'll just carve up a Tamiya kit and make it myself. Is there an approved set of plans that I can use? What is the consensus? This will be in 1/48. Thanks! Brent
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