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  1. Good evening everyone I have an update it took a bit longer than anticipated, but im happy with it so far we left her in a bit of a sad state last weekend, when I realised that i had not read the plans properly, and as a result never took the superstructure in at the right place new infills panels and new templates for the platforms made the hanger roof is still removeable another primer coat to find bits thet require more work, LOL (lots of that)
  2. how you doing with the conversion Mike, LOL have you finished it yet
  3. Good evening everyone, are you sitting comfortably? i want to tell you a story...... once upon a time, well the last couple of days made a full top for the after smoke stack been sanding and cleaning joints for quite a while now and decided to give the superstructure a base coat, to see what needs to have more attention paid to it the other reason for this is that there are now bits that need to be added, like platforms etc and so i knew everywhere pior to that point will have had a least one coat of primer the hanger roof needed to have to extension added, simple enough but they never reached the sides as if they were to small, infact what this did was bring to light a mistake of my making when I made the superstructure out of MDF this is when I should have spotted the error this what i ended up with, although i never took a photo at the time i have cut a section out to the correct size this is where the error occured, this plaform is in the correct position, but i had to cut some of it off to sit flush and the correct width from the superstructure where the arrows are is where the mistake was made, the dotted lines are below the platform (and not ignored by me), this is the amount of hull i had to cut out and the amount off platform that had to be removed this is the only photo i can find to show you what i mean (just above the red vent) it is flush with the hanger roof extention this is the state of play until this friday
  4. Nice to have you following, i was a Jacky Dusty on there, progress has gone backwards this weekend, i have spent hours cleaning down the after superstructure, ready for a primer coat, which went on very well, BUT highlighted the fact that i have misread the plans and need to do some remedial work, will post pictures later
  5. will be following with interest Mike, but wont everything else be out, like hatches and openings, unless you intend to fill them in and resize everything,
  6. sorry i could not realy answer your question earlier as I was at work yes the fleetscale hood in 1/128 would have given you about 6.75 feet of bath tub to play with, i went with them just because of the things i wanted to do, without the wanting to put her on water, hence, i have not looked at the running gear yet, another company I looked at at Sirmarfittings http://www.sirmarfittings.com/index.html , but they only did 1/96, and i could not find a HAS3 Wessex to go with that scale the 3d printed stuff is not cheap, and some of the 1/72 fittings i have purchased are cheap but not made very well, and lol as i am a virgin to working on the dark side i have already made a lot of mistakes, i dont want a 3d printer, the upper deck stanchions have arrived i did order 250 and still not sure if there is enough, but yesterday realised they are not the type that fit around the flight deck, plans are from Jecobin, and to be perfectly honest, they could be better, in most cases phots from the CCD site make them redunant http://countyclassdestroyers.co.uk/Fife.htm a vehicle from my working career, would have to be a submarine, but after 26 years in them, i cannot think of anything i would sooner not build lol all the best Kevin
  7. Love the hacking and cutting away of plastic,it gives the sense of asking why they made it so bad in the first place
  8. Lol, i am not being dragged into that conversation, and I was a Jack Dusty
  9. Roger in post 91 it shows the 4.5 but was just put there for me to see the full built in perspective lol i dont want to keep jumping from one end to the other, im old and get confused as to where i am
  10. good evening everyone nice three day weekend so time spent in the mancave Quaterdeck previously i had cocered the deck with pasticard, so i had to finish the bulkhead first of all a lot of sanding and filling, it is starting to get there launcher made up, it does not have a lot of parts,but the scope to detail is there and a primer coat in place, but still needs a famework behind it the the framework needs to be bigger than my first attempt
  11. Good evening everyone the build continues, at a very slow pace, normally I only get the weekends to do anything, but thats my problem my last post was the vent, which in all honesty could be a lot better, so it has be filed in the bin yesterday i covered the MDF Decking Forward and aft in Plasticard, this will now allow me to get a nice finish where it attaches to the hull, in hindsight perhaps I should not have gone all the way back on the forward section as this will have a wood decking laid on it more work done on the forward superstructure, in finishing the portholes W/T doors and drilled hols for the handrail supports, also the top deck extensions have bee fitted, these are for the Corvus launcher https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Corvus_chaff_launchers even a few ladders are going in place, the double doors, are access to a workshop, maybe these are the wrong type of doors to use
  12. We live and learn Mike, i either never knew that fact or forgotten it a long time ago have seen a hull for the Town class but in 1/96
  13. Plans are to do the shiny chef (type 42) in 1/72 after the Fife
  14. LOL Thats me all over, but, i only did them for 26 years and skimmers for 6
  15. I was based HMS Vernon 1975 and loved watching the Ton classes in and out of there, but across the water is where i saw what i wanted to do in the RN at HMS Dolphin,
  16. Lovely work, i have enjoyed watching your build so far, hoping to get a few hours in on mine today and tomorrow, the wood fot the decks has arrived, and managed to find someone who produces the rn style sanctions, lol i only ordered 250 of them though
  17. today, i spent a while sorting some electrics out for the internals, but not ready to show the progress yet. (far to messy) tonight, got my scratch building head on again and tried to make a vent /exhaust, hopefully i wont get slated to much for it, next one i will try a thinner material
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