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  1. Can anyone give me any advice on decanting and using paints from aerosol rattlecans.I like to use primer and have found Tamiya fine spray primer and Halfords plastic primer to give a good finish.However i do not have spraybooth or shed i can use and i dont like the vapours given off by the propellent.How do you decant it and use it through an airbrush.Thanks,Dave.
  2. Unless the enamel is totally dry and cured using acrylic over enamel can result in the finish looking like crazy paving.This seems especially so with Xtracrylix.Paint small detail may be ok but using it over a large area may be a bit dodgy without a coat of klear or something similar to seperate them.I have used enamels over Xtracrylix with a coat of klear and this was fine.
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    I used xtracrylix on my first attempt at airbrushing and found it a struggle.These tips will help me next time.The range of colours and the colourmatch is excellent.One thing i did find out using this paint is that it needs a primer coat or else the paint can be pulled off by masking tape.I found this happened even after letting the paint dry in a warm place.Once i used a primer coat the paint adhesion was fine. Cheers,Dave
  4. Very nice.I made a model of this very plane back in the summer.Mine is mounted on a post as a gate guardian because i found the pix of the real one looking a bit sorry for itself laid on its belly in a field.I decided to make a what if. A what if i won the lottery that is.I can just picture it in my garden. I love the way you have made the panel lines stand out.I didn't do any wash on mine and looking at yours i wish i had. Dave.
  5. Very nice.I love the weathering.I am currently building a Corsair that will be in a similar hi-viz scheme.I hope i can get it that good , although i doubt i can.
  6. I wil have a crack at this one.I will be attempting my first attempt at a limited run model with an MPM Spitfire PRX1 based in India in 1944/45.It could well end in disaster but who dares wins and all that.Cheers,Dave.
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