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  1. Hi, I'm looking to scratch build a roll cage for my model car but I'm not sure how to go about it as I've never done any scratch building before. What materials am I best using ? Are there any good tutorials that could help ? Any advise would be much appreciated Cheers, Simon
  2. Hi, Apologies in advance for the newbie questions I'm about to spray my first car model (shiny black or red) but I'm not sure which paints I should use in my airbrush. Would Vallejo Model Air be a wise choice ? Should I be using a primer first and if so what colour should I use ? Any advice would be greatly appreciated Thanks, Simon
  3. I spotted a modern Ford Mustang nr Chesterfield a couple of days ago. Black with red stripes down the center
  4. I agree but when I'm not at my work bench, watching videos is the next best thing
  5. Hi I'm starting to build my first car model and was wondering if anybody could recommend any good step-by-step builds on youtube. Thanks, Simon
  6. I'm currently brush painting a model with Humbrol enamels and need a matt varnish as my final coat. Would Tamiya XF-86 do the job or do I need an enamel matt varnish (if there is one) ? Cheers, Simon
  7. Thanks for all your responses guys. Especially Giorgio I really appreciate the time and effort you've put in. It's made it a bit clearer for me now. Is it common practice to add weathering after your final coat ? I thought it'd be the other way around Cheers, Simon
  8. Thanks for responding RODH2 I've done this in the past but I'd like to try some weathering Simon
  9. Anybody ? Any info would be much appreciated Thanks, Simon
  10. Hi, What is your typical workflow/process when it comes to building and weathering your models ? I've recently returned to the hobby and am a bit confused as to what order I should be doing things, such as applying washes, decals, coats of Klear, varnishes etc When I was a lot younger (back in the 80's) I would just snip the parts off the sprues, glue them together and slap on some Humbrol enamels and decals whilst trying not to get anything on the cockpit These days there's a lot more information/techniques out there but I'm struggling to get my head around what to do when. I know it's a bit of a big ask but I was wondering if anybody could supply a list of the process they would usually follow when building and weathering a typical model, for example a Tornado If you could also specify what products you would usually use and how much drying time the require etc that would be even better Many thanks Simon
  11. Hi, I have a few questions regarding Klear I was hoping somebody could help me with. I have always brush painted my models with Humbrol enamals and have never used Klear before to protect my models. Is it ok to use brush Klear on to my models or do I need an airbrush ? How many coats of Klear is usually required ? If I apply Klear to matt paint does it leave a gloss finish when dry ? Is there an alternative which would give me a matt finish ? Any other advice would be much appreciated Thanks
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