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  1. like Dolly Parton's Jolene (great version of that song when played slow, it's called usually Slowlene)
  2. I have that one but it's not built. Looks like it makes a good desktop model.
  3. I remember when these came out, thought the future was here. Actually a very good looking plane. To bad they didn't catch on more. None ever got registered in Canada I guess? Have a kit but don't want to do it with kit decals.
  4. I had that problem with Humbrol. Hopefully someone can answer this.
  5. Now if I can make the 1/72 version look this good.
  6. Looks like a tram crying out to either get scrapped or restore me.
  7. floors in old Chevys (most ordered option in some old chevys in rust belt areas)
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