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  1. and 5 lb porcelain hammers
  2. I'll keep an eye out for one even though I'm not much of a pickup truck collector, but if one comes around I'll grab it.
  3. I see, so there's more of them after the F-350? I haven't been following much since I don't make many 1/35 models. I saw the 1/24 version on evilbay but it's extremely expensive, guess it's limited production.
  4. ok, since I'm not going replicate the one in the video entirely. Problem is I can't get a Scania paint unless I have a code for Color n things website. I saw a picture of the Golden Griffen and it looks yellower.
  5. I got ahold of an autobody supply near me and they said the VW gold is no problem but they don't have anything for Scania. So I'll likely go with that Vdub gold since it's a nice colour.
  6. Barbie shoes don't fit
  7. One Meng question, why was the F350 made in 1/35? instead of 1/25? Just seems to be a model all by itself for a civil subject.
  8. when I enter church (I can still read paper transit schedules)
  9. Betas are much better (let's have a 1982 debate)
  10. Thanks for taking a look. I want something similar to the one in the video but my own name and maybe an updated canvas side trailer or seacan since I have those already. I just like the gold idea and a golden anniversary theme.
  11. the farebox, no cavalcade
  12. Thanks, I just remember seeing a patch for sale that had the same red bird.
  13. I was confused by it to, that's why I put the post up. I just looked at the golden griffen and it's like you said, pale. The Italian video is much nicer. Maybe when I asked the dealership, they didn't know of the newer on.
  14. Good note about Vdub owning them. I can get vw car paint easily unless the truck line is different. I was thinking of looking at a custom colour range of samples at one of he autobody supply stores and just picking something that way. I'd have to see these two colours. I just looked at some pictures of the two and the VW looks pretty good, well according to my monitor, thanks.
  15. Was that marking on the tail an actual squadron marking of some kind?
  16. with the smelly fingers
  17. they smell like strawberries
  18. only if speaking German
  19. and the chicken dance ( a once popular dance at a Manitoba social, not everyone just sits and drinks)
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