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  1. Actually, it's a little more complicated than that as I was considering it. But the front sliding part of the canopy is overlaping the mid section and the way, canopy is made, even by cutting (sawing?) it away, I still couldn't slide it back, but would either have to thin both clear parts paper thin and somehow recreate the framing on the mid portion or, what would be the easiest choice, find somewhere vac replacement... though I wasn't prepared to go that way, at least not this time.
  2. Thanks to everyone! There was some fiddling with the wing to fuselage join, but what troubled me the most was short shot plastic sprue - worst being back gunners bulkhead and fuel tank.
  3. Excellent Tamiya model, which made me a few problems at the start of the build, but luckily, I could remedy the problem. First time using Quinta 3D cockpit decals only to realize, that there is no option of open cockpit. Oh well, at least the canopy has the clearest clear plastic I have ever seen in a model.
  4. A good start would be here - the Order of battle - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Midway_order_of_battle#Carrier_Strike_Force Then it's easy - just image search for specific squadrons and you should get plenty of results. If you check my page, you'll find a complete VB-6 list in the SBD article. Hope this helps. yeah, the holes are a bit too small, but I'd say that's the major downfall of the kit. Don't know what the inbox reviews said, but this is one of the best WW2 kits I have built so far.
  5. Flyhawk's decal sheet includes numbers and letters giving you an option to build almost any SBD that flew during the Battle of Midway.
  6. I first attached the upper wire between the mast and the tail. Then I superglued the vertical line to the fuselage and when it dried, I (with the help of a 3rd hand tool) guided the wire over the top one with the self closing tweezers and started to "lower" it on the other side of the fuselage, thus creating sag on the main line. When I was satisfied with the result, I superglued it and removed the remainder of the wire.
  7. Thanks to everyone! Markus, they are indeed a kit feature. I was a bit worried at the start of the build, as I still had vivid recollections of disappearing raised rivets on the kits from the '80s, but Flyhawk's engineering of the kit is such, that the fit is great and the danger of eliminating those due seams clean up is minimal.
  8. Second addition to my Battle of Midway 80th anniversary build. After some excellent 1:700 ships (and supposedly 1:72 armor), Flyhawk released their first 1:72 aircraft and they nailed it the first time. There are a few minor things like open dive flaps (upper part should be closed), wrong stencils font and supposedly slightly wrong shape of the upper cowling transition towards the windshield, this is still an excellent first effort and just yesterday SBD-2 was announced. The model represents Richard Best's aircraft just before flying to his first mission of the day, when his bomb doomed the Akagi carrier. Mostly out of the box model, with just PE seatbelts added from a generic set.
  9. Thank you very much, everyone! The pilot is a part of a CMK resin USN crew set.
  10. Excellent Arma Hobby model. John S. Thatch's aircraft after the first action of Battle of Midway where he shot down three Japanese aircraft. Mostly out of the box model, with just a few scratch items and a riveting job.
  11. Today marks 40th anniversary since the Exocet hit HMS Sheffield at Falklands, with damage severe enough that lead to eventual sinking of the ship. This is my little tribute to those tragic events and the lost sailors, drama I was following as kid on evening TV news.
  12. Hi everyone! As 40th anniversary of Falklands war is just over the horizon, I've decided to build HMS Sheffield to commemorate all the victims of the conflict. In 1982, when the war was going on, I was just shy of 5 years old, yet I remember constant news reports in the evenings and images of burning Sheffield etched into my memories. Cyberhobby's (Dragon, Pit-road) 1:700 kit is quite old by now, released sometime in the mid 1990s, though some details are really good, while others, not so much. I am building a 30th anniversary boxed kit, which also includes a set of photo-etched details, but more on those a bit later. A word of caution - if you plan on building Dragon/Cyberhobby Type 42 Destroyer, be aware that there are lots of inaccuracies in the kit - from mast details to superstructure shape etc. I was thus forced into making some compromises to enhance some parts and get to live with others, that would be too hard to correct. Adding the helicopter deck to the stern created steps which aren't there on real ships. Thin plasticard was used to blend it in. The included PE parts are extremely thin and soft and replacing the mast details with PE parts would have been impossible. Even more so, as rigging goes through them and they would bend immediately. So I've decided to replace them with Albion Alloys Precision Metals brass tubes cut and sanded to shape. And how she looks with dry fitted superstructures and on the base.
  13. Thank you, again! It's pretty straightforward kit to build. A little bit of putty was needed on the inside of the intakes, but as they are so narrow, you'll have a hard time seeing that seam anyway. And the fit of the nose wasn't best, but a tiny bit of putty solved that as well...
  14. A quick little OOB build to regain modelling mojo.
  15. Real life is interfering with my modelling so I am not progressing as fast as I would like to. Luckily, the kit is not fighting me back and here she is - for the first time the plastic pieces joined into a beautiful Flanker shape.
  16. Anyway, finished with exams and I managed to more or less finish the cockpits,
  17. During studying for the exams, (this old head of mine doesn't suck knowledge in as it used to and has to be constantly beat into submission :D) I managed to do a few relaxation modelling sessions and here's the result so far. Aft cockpit mostly painted up. Front cockpit painted and washed. And side by side comparison.
  18. Thank you! You will definitely enjoy it! I've got a bunch of learning to do for my upcoming ATC exams so not much time for modelling, unfortunately. I managed to finish the main wheel wells though.
  19. I haven't posted anything in this section for a while but I've decided that this is about to change. Brand new GWH kit of the Su-27UB in 1:48 and from my initial inspection, I am quite certain you can make it into outstanding looking model without use of any aftermarket products. Progress is slow as I have a bunch of exams at work in the near future and parenting and other hobbies take a toll, but still, I am gaining momentum with this build nevertheless. First completed piece is front gear well - I am doing an early version of the UB so I've chosen the open bay with all the piping and structure visible but GWH provides a closed well for later versions as well.
  20. Thank you very much, guys! I've used Tempmodels Khibyini-M pods and they include the covers. Adds a little bit of contrast to the blue-grey colours.
  21. The aircraft I had a pleasure of photographing at MAKS 2019.
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