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  1. Sorry to hear about your kid but if your Lifeboat brought him/her some pleasure then maybe it was worth the sacrifice? The only problems I had when I was a kid was that my mother thought that she could use the duster on all my builds............Several mysteriously 'went missing'.........
  2. Thanks, Major E. I'm sure that your build is just as good but I think it is more about the enjoyment you get out of the build rather than the quality. As long as you are proud of your build, that is the main thing.
  3. Hi Dave No problem. The information that you posted is very useful and has decided once and for all the many queries about whether it was a new kit or just the old one re-boxed. Like you I didn't quite follow the sequence in the plan and used previous experience to foresee any problems, which helped a lot. I really love the plastic that Airfix uses as it has flexibility whereas with other makers you only have to bend a thin part slightly and it snaps. Thank for your comments and I'm glad to have your input and good luck with the hands and eyes (I know the feeling well).
  4. Thanks, Pat. I've seen some amazing scenario's that people have created with this kit, such as docks, helicopter rescue, etc.
  5. Hi Paul. It really is a nice kit to do but be sure to get the one where the Lifeboat is facing to the right on the box art. Thanks, Murdo. Appreciate it.
  6. Thanks, Beefy. I always appreciate people taking the time to post comments. I'm glad that you said about the problems that you had with your build. I've been having a discussion with Chewbacca above about whether this kit with the new box art was an improved version or not. There seems to be very little written on it other than the problems people had with the old one. I found that the cabin was easy to remove to view the internal parts and put back on again, with a perfect fit and others had said that it was not possible without modifying the frame. I seem to remember that most of their production was done in China but they decided to bring it back to the UK. When they received the moulds a lot of them were so badly worn that they scrapped them and are currently building new ones. That's good news to hear that they are seriously taking on the other big manufacturers.
  7. You're welcome. I did have to do a lot of searching I must admit. The main complaints I saw were that the cabin and other sections didn't line up and a lot of filler had to be used to bridge the gaps but I had no problems with everything fitting. Thanks again for your kind comments.
  8. Thanks, Steve. I really appreciate your kind comments, especially as an ex fire fighter. I really wish these kit makers would bring out some of the British fire trucks from the past and present. This build is among the first that I added lighting to and also the first where I attempted to create my own decals. Basically I used an inkjet printer to print out the decals on decal paper, sprayed it and hey presto I had decals. The door badges were a little awkward to cut around but I made sure to print plenty of spares. I had a problem with the squares along the side as the yellow came our transparent as I had used transparent decal paper instead of white backed decal paper. So those squares are actually just printed out on normal paper (fine) and stuck on. I looked at that light genie and it is just amazing. I could have done with that on my builds of vehicles and trucks. No messy wires all over the place. I will keep an eye on that for future builds so thanks for sharing.
  9. Thanks Chewy. I'm happy that you liked it. While hunting for Christmas presents last year I saw the kit and, like all my kits, I used the Internet to get reviews regarding the quality of the components, etc. All of them seemed to be negative and I was just about to scratch it from my list when I found something on the Airfix forum that mentioned that Airfix had re-modelled the original kit and improved it (maybe a new mould?) but there was no release date. So I waited and waited until I spotted it in an online store and noticed that with the old kit the lifeboat was facing the opposite way on the box. Thinking they may have only changed the box art I did some more searching and came across the news that it was the only way to tell the difference between the old and the new build. Not having done the old version I cannot tell for sure if this is true but I didn't have any of the problems that others seemed to have with the old kit.
  10. Thanks Ray. Appreciate what you said very much. I would recommend the kit as there is some nice details on it. I really like the way the paint scheme is so contrasting and each colour enhances the others. Whoever came up with the idea was a genius in my book.
  11. Another thing I noticed while looking at real life pictures of the Severn fleet, no two ships seemed to have the same colour interiors, decks or guard rails. So really there is a lot of flexibility when it comes to colour schemes.
  12. When I was gathering info before starting this build I saw that everyone seemed to use different shades of blue and orange so I think it is down to choosing colours that you feel is right. I've used Halfords colours before and you get some amazing results with them and there are so many shades to choose from.
  13. Thanks Rob, appreciate your comments. The colour that I used for the cabin was Revell Aqua 36130. I must admit that I did not use undercoat, so it was sprayed straight onto the grey plastic and went on really well. I hope this helps.
  14. Hi everyone. These are the build pictures I took as I built this kit. It is the new version of the Airfix kit as I heard that so many people had problems with the old kit. Overall I had no major problems though the hull was a little tricky but I glued it in stages. I have made the cabin section removable to show the interior and this was not too hard to do but forward planning is essential before going too far. I love the plastic that Airfix uses as is has a lot of flexibility and a softness that allows you to cut the thin rails without hearing that brittle sound as the part snaps.The decals were brilliant to work with as they were strong enough for plenty of sliding back and forth to get the correct position sorted. The one thing that would make this kit outstanding would be if Airfix had included a few crew members and I think that for a few pence extra they should think about this when they produce other kits of this scale. Thanks for viewing these pictures and I hope they help others as much as the many pictures I found on the Internet that helped me to see what I was getting into before starting this build. The finished pictures and a video can be found in the RFI section.
  15. This is one of those builds that I really wanted to do as it brought back many memories of my time as a young kid rushing down to my local lifeboat station to watch them launch the boat down a steep ramp. The sight of the bow hitting the water and the large spray of water being thrown up was something else to a young lad. My local station was at Newhaven (Sussex) and that is why I used this name. Alas, the one I used to watch was not the robust Severn Class but I just wanted to have something to display. This kit is the new model as I read so much negative stuff about the old Airfix kit and so I decided to be patient and wait for it to come out. I had no major problems overall but the hull was a bit tricky to do. In the end I chose to glue the hull parts in stages and this seemed to work for me. I hope you enjoy viewing the pictures and thanks for taking an interest. A video can be found HERE and I will post some WIP pictures that show the internal work.
  16. It is surprising the amount of detail you can remember from growing up around this stuff. My best build is my London Routemaster Bus that I added lighting to. I was able to draw on the memories of my travelling in them daily to school each day and this helped to create the ideal atmosphere of the 1960's and was able to add so much more than you could find in pictures on the Internet. Some kits only provide the basics but I find half of the fun is adding the parts that they don't include to create a more realistic kit. That is one good thing about growing up..........experience. I really enjoy building the 18 wheeler's but lack the knowledge of detail and so have to rely on the Internet or other peoples builds. I sure learned a lot from your build and appreciate it when people post pictures of their WIP.
  17. Thanks. Appreciate your comment very much as I've seen your work. I really enjoy adding lights to my builds to create atmosphere but the electrics are kept very simple.
  18. Thanks Beefy. For some sad reason I find the rigging the most enjoyable part. I really enjoy the galleon builds as it has a whole mess of rigging to get tangled up in.
  19. Truly amazing workmanship with this build. The level of detail is incredible (especially the trailer) and has provided so many ideas to use on my projects. You can feel the passion from someone who seems to love these rigs.
  20. G'day there Arnold. Thanks for you kind comment. When I made the boiler unit it just seemed a pity not to do something different otherwise it would have looked boring. I saw that no-one else had created this effect on their builds of this ship and it seemed a simple thing to do so I just went for it. Glad I made the video before I fixed it to the boat though.
  21. Thank you. Appreciate your comment about the smoke. Funny you should say that, I have never done smoke before and after searching the Internet for inspiration I found that most people warned against add smoke effects as they were so hard to do. Despite this I decided to have a go anyway and ended up with the effect shown in the pictures. So far, it has had a fairly positive feedback.
  22. Thanks. Even without the electrics it is still a good kit to build. There were so many variations of paint schemes to use from what I saw on the Internet so you cannot really go wrong with any paint scheme.
  23. Hi Everyone I was given this kit by a very good friend in the US. I have not made a Lindberg model before but I had no major problems with it. The plastic was of fair quality and flashing was very minimal and the instructions were quite easy to follow. With some searching on the Internet you can find a few idea's to add more realism (ie: Add the overhanging deck supports that were not in the kit, adding railings to the steps and boarding walkway, as well as extra rigging). I have always admired these boats from an early age and so I decided to add lighting to this build (like most of my builds) and after some thought and planning it seemed to be possible. There is a large space between the centre and aft to accumulate all of the wiring which allowed for only a couple of wires coming out of the hull. The model has a nice boiler unit that just seemed a little boring so I opened up a couple of the doors on the boiler and added a flickering orange LED to create the effect of a roaring fire. I have posed a video showing this in action before adding it to the actual model. I used warm white LED's to create an oldie type of lighting effect to the whole ship with not too much bright lighting. I hope that you enjoy the pictures as much as I enjoyed the build and if you want to see the pictures of the build itself then you will find them in the WIP section. The raging fire of the boiler
  24. Welcome back everyone. I am now getting near to the end with this build and I'd like to say that I quite enjoyed this build. With a lot of thought and planning I feel I have achieved what I set out to do. The flags are now in place. I have lot of problems as the decal flags just fell apart so I had to create some from scraps. The finished item. I have added some smoke and steam effects to the stacks. Thank you all for following this build and I hope that you enjoyed it. I also hope that it has given others the inspiration to get this kit and create an unusual and stunning model to display. I will be posting more finished pictures in the RFI section.
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