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  1. The fit of the nose panels looks ok doesn’t it? Oh wait, maybe not... Still, at least they’re relatively straightforward to sort out. Sean
  2. Tamiya, this ain’t... Clamps are an absolute necessity for this kit. Sean
  3. Cockpit complete. I’ve had to add some missing details to the seat in the form of guide rails. I’ll add the two small pieces to the headrest towards the end of the build. Sean
  4. That’s really looking rather good Jason. I shall attempt to incorporate some of those weathering techniques on my next Mosquito. Sean
  5. Thanks Jason much appreciated. I have another B.IV in the stash and I haven’t ruled out using another set of nacelles to convert that into something interesting. Sean
  6. Now that the Mosquito is finished; I suppose I better crack on with this now... I made a quick start on the cockpit tonight, I’ll get some shades of grey in there tomorrow. Sean
  7. Thanks Pete, it is a bit of a squeeze for it in the photo booth. It has plenty of room on the shelf where it lives with its siblings. Sean
  8. Here’s my second build of 2020. This time it’s Tamiya’s Mosquito B.IV converted into a PR.IX with the help of the very nice Pangolin 2 stage Merlin nacelles. It was brush painted using Humbrol and Colourcoats enamels along with Revell acrylics. The decals were from DK decals for the main markings and Baracudacals for the maintenance markings. Here’s the work in progress: Comments and criticism welcome. Sean
  9. Finished. Proper photo’s shall appear tomorrow Sean
  10. On the final stretch now. Just the landing gear to assemble. Some of the decals have silvered slightly in places but I can live with that. One thing that I’m really pleased with is the exhausts and the exhaust staining, definitely one of my better efforts. Sean
  11. Thanks. I thought the cutting the flaps would be relatively easy, until I cut the first one out... But they look ok from about 3 feet away. Sean
  12. Main decals on. The rest of the maintenance markings should go on tomorrow. I’m using Barracudacals for the maintenance markings. Sean
  13. Thanks guys, I hope I’ll be able to do it justice with all this interest Although this needs finished first: So patience will be required... Sean
  14. I have now that I'm on my laptop. It sounds like an eventful trip indeed. Sean
  15. The first coat of PRU blue was applied today. I’ll let that dry properly and give it a quick run over with some micro mesh before the second coat. While browsing this afternoon I found a couple of interesting things on the interweb. This site (in Czech) has a few photo’s of LR 422: http://molet.blog.cz/1310/70-let-od-prvniho-denniho-bojoveho-letu-nad-protektoratem And then this photo, which was taken from LR 422: https://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/205211443 Sean
  16. Thanks for the encouragement guys. I always find snippets like yours there interesting because it adds a human side to the machines that are being represented. I’ve got a bit further along with the Mosquito over the last few days. The extra camera windows have been added, then the fuselage was closed up and then wings and horizontal stabilisers were glued on. Sean
  17. @exdraken is correct. The early style tail planes are peaking out from behind the decals. Sean
  18. The Scandinavians can definitely pull off a classy special scheme. The Norwegian Airforce did a rather nice one as well in 2012 I think it was. Sean
  19. I have previous with this kit. That was my second attempt after the first one just didn’t end well. Sean
  20. Here’s my contribution to this Group Build. Hopefully I’ll make a start on this in the next couple of weeks once I finish the Mosquito. I also have an Aires exhaust on the way because the kit one isn’t great plus I’ll probably add a Quickboost seat as well. Sean
  21. Oh it’s gonna get built I’m not sure about the Kinetic kit being a fine choice, but it’s definitely a simpler way of getting an MLU airframe Sean
  22. The cockpit painting has been completed and the whole lot dirtied up using a dark dirt wash. The flaps were also tidied up and glued to the wings. Sean
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