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  1. Tis the season for last year’s preorders to arrive. This time in the form of a rather mucky looking Mercedes with some pretty knackered tyres. Sean
  2. Rarely seen together in captivity, two Pink Panthers… The Sakhir GP winner edition is the latest acquisition and it’s interesting to see what a seasons worth of development looks like. Sean
  3. A year after preordering, this beast finally arrived. Sean
  4. This nice little addition to the case.
  5. Look who arrived today. Happy days! Sean
  6. Base: check. Firefly: check. Now I just need the figures to show up and and then I’ll be able to call this little scene complete until Airfix release their Cromwell. I also need to reunite the fella there with his Churchill, he’s not too sure about using a 17pdr... Sean
  7. Thanks Darryl much appreciated. So with a week off work and an unpleasant day of weather here in the wilds of Cumbria I’ve cracked on with this. The barn/outbuilding is finished and I’ve added some tufts of grass and a few spots of burnt green flocking to represent moss and other general vegetation that can appear on these sorts of buildings. The road also got some attention with various shades of grey paint before I applied a dark wash to blend it all in. I still need to add some muddy tracks onto the road and generally work on the muddy slop surrounding the road. But with another crap day of weather in prospect for tomorrow I’ll have plenty of time to sort that out. Sean
  8. As if by magic, I now have a finished section of cobbled street which is ready for paint and I also have a painted building. I took it upon myself to order a set of Gecko Models marching machine gunners to add to the scene. Sean
  9. So I’ve finished the construction of the barn/farm shed. I’ve also cut up some of the foam and glued it to the base which will hopefully provide a decent start for some cobbles. Sean
  10. So I’m calling the Firefly done and now I’ve started on the base. I’ve started off with a larger base than I normally would as I have a cunning plan to add a Cromwell to the scene when Airfix release their new one. The plan at the moment is to create a generic farm outbuilding on the outskirts of a village with a bit of mud and maybe some cobblestones. Sean
  11. So some AK Interactive Faded Green pigments arrived today (among other things...), I’m still waiting for the Mig Productions pigments to show up. So without having any prior experience with pigments I set to work having a bash with them this evening and I’m quite pleased so far if I do say so myself. And a final one with my other Sherman. The picture doesn’t show many differences between the two in their colours, but the Firefly is much more refined. Sean
  12. I ordered some AK pigments for my Sherman build and somehow this ended up in the same package Sean
  13. Thanks John, I was wondering where else I could turn the pencil to next. Sean
  14. So both track runs have been built, painted and fitted. My plan for this is to have it in a little village street diorama so I’ve weathered the track pads to represent the cobble stones wearing the chevrons back to fresh steel. I’m not entirely sure I’ve got the look just right yet so any advice would be appreciated. The pictures have shown me I still have some work to do on that folded camo net Sean
  15. Not for this one. I am aware that this tank did have them fitted but my sanity couldn’t take adding that number of tiny pieces unfortunately. Sean
  16. RFM tracks arrived yesterday, started last night and one run completed this morning. So much more user friendly than the Bronco ones even if the detail is a little softer around the track pins. But that doesn’t matter to me too much, they’re just gonna get muddy anyway Now for the other side... Sean
  17. Thanks MD. The initial paint job did have a satin finish to it, but as John said wet transfer decals need a glossy surface to avoid silvering. So the whole thing was given a coat of gloss and left to dry for a day before decals were applied. I also brushed some gloss over each decal as the Star decals carrier film have a very flat finish to them. I used a bit of Mr Mark Softener Neo to persuade some of the decals around some of the curves. Sean
  18. Well I suppose he has to get the money for Sherman kits from somewhere... Sean
  19. Don’t give him any encouragement! He’s already persuaded me to get some Mig pigments with his personal recommendations Sean
  20. The RFM ones look to be a lot more user friendly than the Bronco ones with jigs supplied and just by the way the guide horns are attached. But if they’re crap then it’s gonna be rubber band tracks for it Here are the blocks I’ve got: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00W9WVBUK/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Sean
  21. Thanks Darryl. I had seen those AFV tracks but I just fancied giving the indi links a second chance but those AFV tracks are there as plan C. The block of foam is actually going to be used to create the front wall of a house with the rest based on balsa wood. I have another 5 blocks which will be used as bases in the future as they’re almost the perfect size for a small vignette. Sean
  22. I fine tuned the weathering on the hull today and then I added the suspension bogies and idler wheels. The drive sprockets and idler wheels are still loose to aid with fitting the tracks. Speaking of which, I was really not impressed by the way Bronco have the sprue attachments to the track guide teeth. The clean up required to get them to fit the tracks nicely is simply not worth it in my opinion, especially as there are 166 to do per side So after an afternoon of browsing I’ve ordered some Rye Field Models tracks which look to be a bit more user friendly after finding the instructions online. On a positive note I also got a flat coat on tonight and to say I’m pleased with the way it looks is an understatement, this is turning out to be one of my best models to date I’ll sort out the stowage and .50 cal while I’m waiting for the tracks. I’ll also use the time to start work on a base which wasn’t part of the original plan but I think it deserves one Sean
  23. Brilliant. I’ll have a look to see if I can find some elsewhere, I’m not sure about that website I initially found it on. Sean
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