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  1. Greetings, I'm approaching the end of my Airfix1/24 Hellcat build. My problem is that the canopy doesn't fit! Tried in the open position it slides gracefully down the fuselage. I've checked the instructions many times and I don't seen to have missed any steps. I'd post a photo but I'm not sure how to do this. Any help would be much appreciated. Al
  2. Thanks to everyone who has taken the trouble to help me out. Difficult to put the bulkheads in the wrong place Mike.. Nice deep grooves to locate them. I masked these off before painting the cockpit. I've followed your advice McG, very helpful article. I seem to be getting close. Apologies for my garbled posts. Auto correct is trying to take over the world I think.
  3. Colin, not a clue how to post photos since Photo Bucket. Sorry, I've been away for a while. Al
  4. Seawinder, for some reason the two main fuselage bulkhead seen to be too big. Clearly this can't be the case can it? But reducing these bulkhead by sanding, filing and hacking does seem to easing this problem, I just content to over do it. Thank you Fishplanebeer for your input too. I started modelling with the Airfix Spitfire, 1/- from Woolworths. It's never too late to learn something new.
  5. I'm currently building the Airfix 1:24 f6f-5 Hellcat. Having adhered carefully to the instructions thus far I now find that when I offer the two fuselage halves together there is a yawning chasm between them. Is it me or has anyone else experienced this? I've tried reducing the bulkheads but I'm afraid I'll end up with other parts not fitting later in the build. Any advice gracefully received.
  6. Thanks Killingholme. It's on my wish list. Al
  7. I imagine the Revell 1/96 scale Cutty Sark currently for sale is a reissue of the 1959/1974/1997 kit. Can some knowledgeable person out there confirm or refute this please. With thanks Al
  8. Thanks for the tip for Windsor & Newton Matt varnish Phil. Used on my Airfix swordfish, worked a treat


    1. phildagreek


      Good stuff, glad it helped.

  9. Thank you Tzulscha & Levin. You're quite right of course Levin, I stand corrected.
  10. Thank you all for the helpful advice, I shall certainly take it on board. I've only used Humbrol matt varnish, both from a rattle can and with a brush, mainly because I live 5 minutes away from the Hornby Visitor Centre where I get 20% discount! Last time I used Humbrol Matt Clear with much the same results. It comes in a bottle and appeared to be well mixed. I should obviously widen my horizons, so I shall try the Windsor and Newton product on the Fairey Swordfish I'm presently rigging. Now where did I put that invisible thread.... Al
  11. Thanks for all your kind comments and helpful advice. I have used Microsol/set in the past, Darby, with good results on gloss surfaces. However I feel that glossing a neatly painted matt surface and then matting it again makes the original colours significantly darker and frequently the matt varnish ends up a milky white. I used Decalfix for the first, and so far, only time after watching a short video online, imaginatively titled 'How To Use Decalfix',Which shows the use of this to soak the decal from the backing and applying to the surface which has also had decalfix brushed lightly on. The claim is that this avoids silvering without the need for applying to a gloss surface, and those which I did manage to apply seem to bear this out. I didn't manage to get the lost one in the right place and shifting it about eventually destroyed it, Airfix are unable to replace these unfortunately. I have seen the white outline version Pete610 but unless you know a miniature sign writer it will have to stay missing.
  12. I'm somewhat diffident about putting this photo on here. It's my first attempt at an armoured vehicle and thought I might elicit some helpful criticism, Can only show from this side as I managed to ruin the 'GRIEF' decal for the other side. Has anyone else tried applying decals using only Humbrol Decalfix? I'd be interested to know how they got on.
  13. That's a idea Nick. Thank you. I thought 5 groups of matelots doing the hornpipe maybe.
  14. Thank you all for your help. The holes I referred to are indeed where the positions of the gun tubs for the KGV are marked. I have the POW and the Hunter deck has these five cut-outs marked quite prominently. I'll do my best to disguise them. Al
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