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Das Abteilung

First AFV Build For A While

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Some observations on my attempts at making pin washes.  I first tried the Wilder matt oil with the Abteilung matt thinner.  I think the paint had separated in the (unopened) tube, which is a problem as you can't stir oils.  All I got at first was mostly black thin liquid, but there is solid matter in the tube so I gave it a good massage - plastic tube so less danger of splitting.  I might go back and squeeze off the thinner/solvent/medium: if it's separated in the tube it's no use to the pigment anyway.  It didn't mix easily with the Abteilung thinner, but once mixed stayed in suspension - hold that thought. But it was pretty much black, not brown-black as the tube said.  That may be a function of being mostly thinner rather than pigment.  I used it in a few places as variation to an Abteilung mix. Reading the label, I noted that the Wilder oils are made under licence in Russia by someone else.  May be a candidate for Trump's on-shoring initiative, or at least the odd QA inspection .......


I was less than overwhelmed with the Abteilung Shadow Brown too.  Nice and thick, yes: no stray solvent.  Mixed relatively easily.  But settled like hell.  It's obviously made from brown and black pigments of different densities.  The brown stayed in thin suspension but the black settled out in seconds into sludge in the bottom of the palette well, making each brush dip a shade lottery.  Maybe I over-thinned, but it's quite a dark colour.  Maybe should have chosen a lighter shade with a denser mix.


The Abteilung thinner evaporates quickly.  I had to break off to walk the dogs and came home to a power cut, and didn't fancy pin washing by torchlight.  After a couple of hours 2 of the palette wells had almost completely dried out and the other was much reduced.


I experimented with the Humbrol and MiG on the undersides.  Humbrol is far too densely pigmented to use as a wash without more thinning, which seems self-defeating, and doesn't flow well. The MiG doesn't flow well enough as a pin wash either.


Palette. The well on the left is the Wilder, almost black.  The one on the right is the Abteilung after I'd transferred some over from the middle one with a pipette, mostly the brown top layer. The middle well is what was left after some evaporation: note the brown/black separation.  The large well is some spillage after evaporation - I dropped the E-25 on the palette, thankfully without getting it all over the model.




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So here's what they look like after my attempts at pin washes with some of the excess removed.  The wash spread more than I wanted it to, which was both useful and unwanted in different places.  MiG Oil and Grease wash on the tools and tow ropes, hinges and a couple of other places.  Graphite on the MG and cannon barrels.


After the AK texture on the exhausts I tried the Vallejo Environment Rust Effect.  Much more successful.  A nice dark brown colour and finer texture, applies and covers like a proper paint. Over this went 2 shades of MiG rust wash and some washed-out dots of Oilbrusher Rust.  The end result is still over-textured from the AK product.  Won't be using that again.


Just need to metallise the wheel rubbing surfaces, fit the tracks and add some dust.  I'm thinking summer dust rather than winter mud.  Can't try too many new techniques at once, and mud is hard to get right.  I've got some LifeColor liquid pigments which I've used on some Warhammer models and they seem to work quite well.  But I also have a bunch of dry dust pigments.


The Schurzen are stuck to masking tape after painting the backs to make them easier to handle and finish.  They need to go on too.  The mesh ones will be messed up a bit first: bent and torn. I have a couple of RB 2m antennas to finish it off.















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I had a blitz on the E-25 tonight and I'm calling it done.  Moved it over to the Ready For Inspection forum.  Found some Vallejo Environment pre-mixed "Mud and Grass" so decided to try some mudding after all, aided and abetted by judicious pigments.

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I'm calling the E-10 finished now too after another late evening blitz with pigments for an urban look and putting all the bits together.  So I've moved that over to Ready For Inspection now too.


Just one final point.  In Hobbycraft I found a small spray bottle - about the size of a fat marker pen - called a Spritzer by Derwent the pencil people.  It was with the paintbrushes.  I bought one for spraying water for washable and chippable effects.  But I tried it with MiG's pigment fixer and it seemed to work well with that.  You can do pretty much the whole of the side of a vehicle in a couple of squirts, just don't spray too close.  Practice.  Better than trying to apply fixer by capillary from a brush or from a dropper.


So I think that's the end of this blog.  Thanks for watching and thanks for the comments.

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