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Found 17 results

  1. Douglas Skyraider 20mm Cannon and Pitot Probes 1:32 Master Models The latest batch of items from Master Models included these two sets for 1:32 Skyraiders. As usual, they are beautifully turned and finished and are so much more realistic than the kit parts. Though easy to assemble and fit, one set is a little more fiddly than the other. [AM-32-093] – This set is for any 1:32 Douglas Skyraider. The set includes turned brass barrels without flash hiders and aluminium pitot tube. The set contains two versions of cannon muzzles. [AM-32-094] – Has also been designed for any 1:32 Douglas Skyraider and contains turned brass 20mm gun barrels with flash hiders and a turned aluminium pitot tube. Conclusion Here we have another pair of really useful and well produced items. Both sets are well up to standard we have come to expect from Master Models. All you have to do is a bit of research on what the particular aircraft you are modelling was fitted with and choose the correct set. Review sample courtesy of Piotr at
  2. Miscellaneous Items 1:35 Master The latest releases from Master Models in their series of replacement pitot probes have recently arrived at BMs London offices. They are well up to their usual standard and very sharp, so care should be taken once fitted. They are so much better than the styrene ones found in the kits. I really like the way they protect the resin parts, which have as much detail as the metal items do. [AM-35-003] – Has been designed for the big Trumpeter Mil Mi 24 Hind and contains The set includes turned aluminium boom for DUAS probe, resin DUAS vanes, resin and brass parts for JakB-12.7 machine gun. [GM-35-012] – This set is for the new KTO Rosomak from IBG Models, although can be used on any vehicle kit that uses this gun. The set includes turned brass part and resin muzzle break Conclusion Here we have another pair of really useful and well produced items. The Hind set is really well done with the resin parts so beautifully moulded, as is the Bushmasters muzzle brake. Simple to assemble and use they are an easy way to give your model a lift. Review sample courtesy of Piotr at
  3. Pitot and Refuelling Probes 1:32/1:48/1:72/1:144 Master Having released the Sukhoi collection, Master Models have also recently released several sets for Western aircraft, with particular emphasis on the three V Bombers in both 1:72 and 1:144. [AM-32-090] – This pack contains two parts to build up the pitot probe and fairing for the Italeri 1:32 Mirage II. Rather than brass, the two parts have been turned in alluminium and is a simple direct replacement for the kit part. [AM-48-118] – Another simple replacement pitot probe, this time for the Airfix 1:48 BAC TSR-2, it may have been along time in coming, but it is, nevertheless, a very welcome addition. [AM-72-097/AM-144-009] – These two sets have been designed for the Airfix 1:72 and any of the 1:144 kits from the likes of Micro-Mir, Anigrand or Welsh Models. Each set contains two very fine pitot probes to replace the slightly clunky kit items. [AM-72-098/AM-144-010] – These sets contain only one item, the prominent refuelling probe. The 1:72 for he Airfix kit and the 1:144 for either the Anigrand or Great Wall Hobby kits. Unfortunately even though they are meant to be different scales the review samples re exactly he same size, so do check when you buy your 1:144 as it would be absolutely massive when compared to even the kit part. In each case though, you will need to cut the kit part where it joins the nose fairing, drill out the hole then fit the metal part before adding to the model. [AM-72-099/AM-144-011] – The last of the V bomber sets is naturally for the Victor, either the Matchbox/Revell 1:72 kit or the Anigrand/Welsh Models kits. Whilst he 1:72 set contains the two wing tip mounted pitot probes and the probe end piece for the refuelling probe, the 1:144 set does provide the whole refuelling probe as well as the pitot probes. Conclusion Five more very useful additions to the Master Models range. If you thought the 1:72 scale stuff was small, you really should check out the 1:144 scale parts. I would love to know how they produce such small items, with such finesse of detail. Very highly recommended Review sample courtesy of Piotr at
  4. Masts and 14 Barrels 1:350/700 Master Models Master Models continue to build their range of accessories and barrels in both 1:350 and 1:700. Having released two sets of yardarms in both scales, they have now released two sets of tapered masts to go with them. [sM-350-89] The first of the mast sets is contained in the standard Master packaging, only the internal bag is compartmentalised, allowing each of the four masts to be slid into their own pouch. Each mast is 100mm or 4 inches in old money and are meant to used as the main section on larger ships masts.. [sM-350-90] Set two in 1:350 also contains four mast sections, each 100mm long, but these are more tapered and a meant for use as the top sections on larger masts or the main section for smaller ships masts. The tips of these are quite sharp so be aware when using them and you might want to keep any models with them fitted in a case, as they could easily damage an eye for the unwary. [sM-700-47] For those modellers who like their ships in 1:700 scale, Master Models have masts sets for you too. Set one once again has four mast, as per the 1:350 sets, but each are 60mm long. Whilst they are meant to be used as the main section of larger ships in the smaller scale, they could also be used in :350 ships for the very top of taller masts. [sM-350-48] This second set also has four masts, again each 60mm long and again for use as the top sections of large ships masts, but could also be used on smaller ships. They could also be used as gaffs and other mast parts on larger scale ships. Now these are the sharpest of the four mast parts and boy are they sharp. I actually drew blood trying to get one out of the packaging, so the warning above is even more relevant with these. [sM-700-50] This and the next set return to what Master do best, and that is to make turned metal barrels for model warships. This set contains twelve 14 barrels for use with the Tennessee and New Mexico class battleships. These barrels are for use when there are no blast bags fitted to the model. [sM-700-51] This second set of 14 barrels is as per the set above, only for use when blast bags are fitted to the turrets. Conclusion I just love what Master do. Everything is so precise and realistic looking, which is exactly what we, as modellers, are looking for. The mast sections will be a real boon to those who dislike the slightly bent look that injection moulded masts can get when the rigging is attached, with these sections and the yardarms mentioned earlier, you will have a nice sturdy mast. Just be careful when handling and once built. The barrels are just what we have come to expect from Master Models and make for very convincing replacements to the injection moulded parts, which can look quite clunky in comparison. Very highly recommended Review sample courtesy of Piotr at
  5. Sukhoi Pitot Probes and Gun Barrels 1:48/72 Master With the large number of kits released of Russian aircraft, with some of the more obscure stuff being released lately, it’s good to see Master Models releasing a range of pitot probes in both 1:48 and 1:72 scales. The sets reviewed here have something new though, resin parts that represent the complex array of sensors that these probes have. Each resin part is also carefully protected within a resin square with a stick tape backing. You will need to take care removing these parts, and recommend a fine pair of tweezers, as the fine probes could easily be broken. Due to the nature of the 1:72 scale parts, and my lack of a macro lens I have only photographed the 1:48 sets, but be comforted in the knowledge that even in the smaller scale the details are the same. [AM-48-119/AM-72-103] – This set is for use with the Sukhoi Su-7 Fitter A and includes not only the prominent three piece nose mounted pitot probe, complete with a resin vane section, but also the fin pitot probe and two 30mm cannon barrels. The instructions are very clear and give the modeller the dimensions of the drills required for each part and markings on the parts show how far they are to be recessed into the kit parts. [AM-48-120/AM-72-104] – This set is for the Sukhoi Su-9/Su-11 Fishpot C, as with the Su-7 set, this set includes a three piece nose mounted pitot probe, with resin vane section, the sinpler fin mounted probe, and instead of gun barrels there are four pylon rail heads, for which the moulded kit parts have to be removed first. [AM-48-121/AM-72-105] – Designed for the Sukhoi Su-15 Flagon, this set includes two multi-part pitot probes, one four piece probe for the early Flagon A, with one resin part and a later five piece probe for the Flagon F, with two resin parts. The single piece wing-tip probe is also included. [AM-48-122/AM-72-106] – This set is designed for use with Sukhoi Su-17/20/22 Fitter kits. This has the complex five piece probe fitted to the right hand side of the nosecone, a choice of two styles for the left hand probe, and two 30mm cannon muzzles. Again, the instructions are nice a clear, showing what sized drill is required for which part. [AM-48-123/AM-72-107] – This is on the simplest sets within this cluster, and is designed for the Sukhoi Su-24M. It contains just the pitot probe, which consists of three parts, including the really complex resin section. The instructions do state that you will need to shape the kits nose cone to shape, so that the rear section of the probe fits flush. I’m not sure how this would work with the replacement resin nose cone on the market. [AM-48-124/AM-72-108] – The last set in this batch is for the Sukhoi Su-25 Frogfoot. It contains two pitot probes, the complex three piece for the right hand side of the nose and the simple single piece probe for the left side. Once again the resin section needs to be seen to be believed, as the complexity is amazing. Conclusion Just when you think Master Models have reached the pinnacle of their profession, they bring out something new. The way the resin vane and sensor sections of the probes have been reproduces is quite amazing, added to the clever way to protect them in the packets, makes for a superbly detailed product. Very highly recommended Review sample courtesy of Piotr at
  6. Maritime Accessories 1:350 Master Models Master models continue to build up their range of 1:350 scale armament sets, but they are now increasing the items produced to add other accessories, which now includes two of the three releases reviewed here. As usual they are up to the standard we’ve come to expect from Master Models. [350-086] The first set is for the Trumpeter Tsesarevich 1904 which not only includes both main, (305mm), secondary, (152mm), but also tertiary armament, (75mm, 47mm, 37mm). These are all direct replacements for he kit parts, and will need the removal of the kit barrels before drilling appropriate sized hole into the breech for the tang of the barrel to be glued into. As you can probably imagine the smaller calibre barrels are extremely small and fiddly, but they will certainly add the scale look of the completed model when fitted. [350-087] This set is the first of a new line from Master, and consists of a selection of turned brass yardarms. The contains two of each size which are 10mm, 15mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm, and 35mm. Whilst they are beautifully turned, the smaller yards are very prone to being bent, and due to the packaging they are even more prone to this on removal, (ask me how I know). When straight, they are direct replacements for the kit parts are and, as with the barrels we’re more used to receiving from Master Models are a much better scale thickness than injection moulding can manage. [350-088] This second set of yardarms provides the modeller with another six yards, similar to the above set, but of the larger yards seen on the likes of battleships. There is one yard per size and come in 40mm, 45mm, 50mm, 55mm, and 65mm. Whilst these are less prone to being bent on removal from the packaging, the ends are still very thin and can easily be bent if you’re a little heavy handed. Oh yes! They are blooming sharp too, as I found out when trying to lay them out for the photograph. Conclusion The barrels for the Tsesarevich are well up to the standards we’ve come to expect from Master Models, with the added distinction of being some of the smallest turned parts I’ve seen in 1:350. The new yardarm sets are also a very useful and welcome addition to the product line. Apologies for the fuzziness of the smaller parts, but my camera just couldn't focus on them. Very highly recommended. Review sample courtesy of Piotr at
  7. Russian Machine Gun Barrels 1:35 Master Continuing our journey through the bundle of review items that Master Models very kindly sent us, we have here three sets of Russian 14.5mm heavy machine gun barrels. Each packet holds just one barrel, along with the cooling jacket, etched sights and resin handles. Whilst this is ok for the type used on the BTR-60/70/80s and BRDMs the other two are for use with ZPU 1/2/3/4 systems, for which you will need to buy up to three more barrels to complete the model. [GM-35-009] – This barrel comes with the elongated cooling slots on the jacket and is to be used on the ZPU systems. [GM-35-010] – Also to be used on the ZPU systems is this version of the barrel which has round cooling holes on the external jacket. [GM-35-011] – This barrel can be used on all the vehicles mentioned above, although it was widely used on many other vehicles so you will need to carry out some research before buying. Conclusion There’s not much more I can say about these sets other than be a little wary of the BTR version cooling sleeve with the elongated holes as it has a tendency to bend quite easily. Very highly recommended. Review sample courtesy of Piotr at
  8. Turned Japanese Barrel sets 1:32 Master We’ve recently had quite an influx of new barrel sets from Master Models with several in 1:32 scale. These three sets continue in this vein with replacement barrels for 1:32 Mitsubishi Zero kits. No matter how many sets I get to see, it’s still amazing how Master produce them with such finesse and detail, making them a must have to replace what can be rather clunky styrene parts. Only the first set has been designed for a specific kit, the fabulous Tamiya A6M5 Zero and contains not only the machine gun barrels, with separate cooling sleeves, but also the cannon barrels and pitot probe. The other two sets contain only barrels, one for the two Type 97 7.7mm machine guns with the perforated cooling sleeves, and the other containing four Type 99 20mm cannon. All the parts are just drop in parts or, with a quick cut to remove the styrene parts followed by drilling out an appropriately sized hole for the barrels to be glued into and can be really be used with any 1:32 Zero, making sure you’ve done some research to identify which weapons were used on which mark. [AM-32-006] 1:32 A6M5 Zero for the Tamiya kit [AM-32-007] 1:32 Type 99 20mm cannon [AM-32-008] 1:32 Type 97 7.7mm Machine gun Conclusion As with the other sets recently reviewed these three continue to impress with the way they have been manufactured with so much fine detail. Very highly recommended. Review sample courtesy of Piotr at
  9. Turned Hellcat Machine Gun Barrels 1:48/1:32 Master As if it wasn’t enough producing new sets for barrels in 1:350 and pitot probes in 1:48 Master Models have also released a raft of barrel sets for the Grumman Hellcats in both 1:48 and 1:32 scales. The sets are marked F6F Early, so I presume a -3, F6F Late, presumably a -5 and F6F Night Fighter. It’s quite interesting seeing the different styles of barrels used for each of these marks. As is the norm, the kit barrels will need to be cut off and a small hole drilled into the wing to accept the new brass barrels. All have a drilled out muzzle, which is quite amazing, particularly in the 1:48 sets. [AM-48-107] 1:48 F6F Early [AM-48-108] 1:48 F6F Late [AM-48-109] 1:48 F6F Night Fighter [AM-32-078] 1:32 F6F Early [AM-32-079] 1:32 F6F Late [AM-32-080] 1:32 F6F Night Fighter Conclusion With so many sets being delivered in such a short time it does get rather difficult to say something different for each review. But if you have a Hellcat in either of the scales provided for here then they really are a must have. Very highly recommended. Review sample courtesy of Piotr at
  10. Pitot Probes 1:48 Master The latest releases from Master Models in their series of replacement pitot probes have recently arrived at BMs London offices. They are well up to their usual standard and very sharp, so care should be taken once fitted. They are so much better than the styrene ones found in the kits. [AM-48-104] – Has been designed for the lovely new 1:48 Folland Gnat T-1 from Airfix. [AM-48-105] – This pack has two probes for the L-39 Delfin for the AMK kit. [AM-48-106] – This pack also contains two probes that have been designed for fitting to the MPM kit. Conclusion Master Models must have a tremendous machining set up to be able to produce so many different pitot probes and to produce them with such finesse. The always look great on the finished model. Very highly recommended. Review sample courtesy of Piotr at
  11. British replacement barrels 1:350 Master Master models continue to build up their range of 1:350 scale armament sets which now includes the three latest releases we have here. As usual they are up to the standard weve come to expect from Master Models. [350-079] The first set is for the Trumpeter HMS Belfast which not only includes both main, (6), and secondary, (4), armament, but also comes with resin parts to replace the inaccurate main gun mountings provided in the kit and will give the model the unusual look that the triple turrets had, with the centre gun positioned slightly aft of the two outer guns. The resin is for the main trunnion mountings along with what would be the barrel mounts, and brass pins to act as the trunnions. Clean up of the resin is slight, especially as not a lot of it will be seen when fitted. [350-080] This set is for the Trumpeter HMS Roberts and comprises of the main 15 barrels and the secondary, (4), barrels. The main barrels are in turned aluminium whilst the secondaries are in the more normal brass. [350-081] This set provides the modeller with twenty 40mm Bofors barrels and can be used on any model fitted with such weapons. The finesse of turning on these tiny barrels is something to be seen, although not easy to photograph. Conclusion Well, theres not a lot more to say about these sets, other than you NEED them, a must for all maritime modellers. They are so much better than the injection moulded ones can ever be, and will really enhance the finished models. Very highly recommended. Review sample courtesy of Piotr at
  12. Replacement gun barrels 1:35 Master Since cornering the market in most of the other scales, Master Models have now started to build up their 1:35 range with the three new releases that arrived at BM Towers last week. As we have come to expect the workmanship is superb with some of the finest machining about. [35-0004] The first set is for the Browning 30cal machine gun M1919 as fitted with the early two piece muzzle. The drilled cooling jacket just slides over the barrel then, having removed the styrene barrel and drilled a hole 0.5mm in diameter just glue the new barrel into position. [35-005] As per the set above, this set is also for the 30cal machine gun M1919, but this time fitted with the later single piece muzzle. Assembly is exactly the same, just slip the cooling jacket over the barrel, cut off the styrene barrel, drill out 0.5mm hole and fit the new barrel. [35-006] Now this set is for the 20mm Flakvierling 38 so can be used on both the Trumpeter and Dragon kits. Assembly is simplicity itself, by just removing the styrene barrels, drill out a 1.0mm hole, fit the new barrel, then add the flash suppressor. Repeat three times and the finished model will look much more in scale with its four fine metal barrels. Conclusion Having reviewed a few sets of Master Models turned barrels their work still never ceases to amaze me with the finesse they can turn these parts out. The holes drilled in the 30 cal cooling jackets are sharp and clean as are the tiny holes in the Flak 43 flash suppressors. Amazing stuff, and a must for all AFV modellers. Very highly recommended. Review sample courtesy of Piotr at
  13. Fairey Firefly brass barrels. 1:48 1:48 Master Models Another three sets in the batch of new releases to arrive at BM are all designed for 1:48 Fairey Firefly kits. You’ll need to do your research on which type you need for which variant, but whichever set you choose they will be a vast improvement on the styrene parts. [AM-48-095] – This set contains four 20mm cannon with uncovered barrels and come with the four two part barrels, four of each of the two types of fairings and four springs. You will need to drill out the location holes to 1.5mm before fitting your choice of fairing. The two barrel parts are then joined together with the tiny spring fitted at the join. The barrel assemblies are then glued into the fairings. Be aware, the springs are tiny and could be easily devoured by the carpet monster. [AM-48-096] – The four cannon fairings in this set are simple replacements of the kit parts and depict the long fairings which were predominantly used on the early version. To fit, just open up the location holes to 1.5mm and glue into position. [AM-48-097] – As per the set above these are direct replacements but depict the shorter barrel fairings generally used on later marks. The location holes need to be opened up to 1.5mm before fitting. Conclusion Master Models just seem to be able to churn these sets out, but still keep the quality we have come to expect from them. All you have to do is choose your weapon to match the particular variant of Firefly you’re building Very highly recommended. Review sample courtesy of Piotr at
  14. Pitot Probes and Refuelling Probes 1:48 Master[/size] We've received another batch of these superb items for Master Models. Their reputation continues to grow with some of the best turned components you can buy. They are all packaged in the standard small flat packs with card headers which help protect the components. Inside the parts are all in separate bags with an overturned flap to keep them from falling out, although the probe ends are so fine they could easily have pierced the bags. Once fitted the modeller really needs to be careful when handling as they will take someone’s eye out, and we wouldn’t want that. The quality is well up to their usual standards and I would love to see the lathes they’re turned on. All items are in 1:48 scale. [AM-48-098] - This set contains two pitot probes designed for the Airfix Gloster Javelin as direct replacements, although the modeller will have to drill the holes out to 1.0mm. [AM-48-099] – Similar to the Javelin set, in that it contains two pitot probes, but these are for the Airfix DeHavilland Sea Vixen so are in fact smaller and even finer than the Javelin items. The location holes will need to be drilled out to 0.5mm. [AM-48-100] – This set is slightly different in that it contains not only a pitot probe, but also the refuelling probe tip and is designed for use with the Airfix Hawker Siddeley Buccaneer both of which require having the location holes opened up to 0.5mm. [AM-48-101] Designed for the Heller Dassault Mirage IV, this set is the only one that doesn’t include a pitot probe. Instead it contains a beautifully turned refuelling probe and like the other sets the location hole will need to be opened up, this time to 1.0mm. Conclusion You really can’t fault the way these parts are designed and produced. They make excellent replacement for the styrene kit parts which can rarely match the finesse of these items, to produce a much closer scale look. Very highly recommended. Review sample courtesy of Piotr at
  15. British RP-3 Rockets 1:24 Master Models Just in from Master Models are these three sets of rockets and warheads for use with any British 1:24 scale aircraft, but are mainly designed for the Airfix Mosquito and Typhoon. There are two packs of rockets with hangers for either early Mk1 rails or the later MkIII, and a separate pack of warheads for those who want something a little different. Each pack of rockets contains eight tubular brass bodies, nozzles, 60lb warheads, pig tail wires, sixteen fins and a sheet of decals. When assembled they will be quite weighty affairs, which probably explains the use of the styrene hangers as even the best folded and glued brass would have difficulty staying together, it also makes them a whole lot easier to assemble and use. The heads and nozzles are beautifully turned as we have come to expect from Master Models and the only parts that require any clean up are the etched brass fins once they are cut away from the sheet. These then fit into pre-cut slots at the ends of the brass tubes before fitting the etched fin attachment brackets and nozzle. Before adding the warhead, which also just slots in at the other end, the hangers will need to be slid along the tube into position. The only difference I can see with the hangers is that the Mk1’s use a T shaped piece which slide on the internal guides of the rail whilst the MkIII has a U shaped top to slide on external guides. The separate warhead pack contains three different type of warhead, eight of each. They are:- 60lb Semi Armour Piercing, Fragmentation 25lb Armour Piercing MkIII 25lb Armour Piercing MkI, with alternative decals for the similar looking 25lb Semi Armour Piercing round. The 60lb SAP Frag, is the only warhead that requires additional parts which include the arming vane and nosecone. Other than that each warhead is a simple slide in replacement as for the more commonly seen 60lb warhead contained in the above sets. Conclusion Whilst some modellers will be quite content with the rockets Airfix provided with the Typhoon and mosquito kits the warheads on these new items look much in line with the real things. The rest could be said to be superfluous, but in my view they have a finesse that even in this scale cannot be realised in styrene. The only thing that will be awkward to get right are the pig tails, especially if they are not connected to the aircraft. Getting etch/turned brass to hang naturally isn’t easy, even after tempering them, but since the end pieces are so nice, it will certainly be worth the effort. Very highly recommended. Review sample courtesy of Piotr at
  16. Turned Brass Aircraft Barrels/Probes 1:48 Master Models We've received another batch of these superb items for Mast Models. Their reputation continues to grow with some of the best turned components you can buy. They are all packaged in the standard small flat packs with card headers which help protect the components. Inside the parts are all in separate bags with an overturned flap to keep them from falling out, although the probes are so sharp I'm surprised the hadn't pierced their way through. The Kfir set, designed for the Kinetic kits, has two very finely turned probes included. The pitot probe with its characteristic bulge near the tip is so fine in the waist that it looks like it could snap, and would do if it wasn't made of brass, just drill out a 0.8mm hole to fit. The AoA probe is just an amazing piece of turning, just drill a 0.5mm hole and fit, just be carefully it doesn't ping out of the tweezers as the carpet monster will love this. The Lightning set, designed for the Airfix kit just includes the fabulously turned, and blooming sharp pitot probe. Don't have this at head height as it will have someones eye out. Again drill a 0.8mm hole to fit. Whereas the Lightning probe is long and slender, this item for the Revell Hustler is a bit of a brute in comparison, yet through deft turning it still transitions down to a very fine point. You will need to open the hole up using a 1mm drill bit to fit this baby, and again don't display at head height if not in an enclosed cabinet. Lastly,this set is to replace the cannon barrel covers/barrels on the Eduard Spitfire IXc. Beautifully detailed from tip to base this should fit directly without opening up the attachment hole. Conclusion For a simple and quick way to upgrade the detail on your kits, these really are the only way to go. The finesse on the turning is amazing, I would love to see the machines the use. The probes though are very sharp and I cannot stress enough to be aware of this and take appropriate precautions, particularly if you have children. Very highly recommended. Review sample courtesy of Piotr at
  17. USS Indianapolis replacement barrels 1:350 Master The latest sets received from Master Models provide items for two manufactures interpretations of the USS Indianapolis. Both sets include brass/aluminium barrels for the main and secondary armament, 9 pieces for the 8” guns and 8 pieces for the 5” guns. Whereas the Academy set just has the barrels, the Trumpeter set also comes with three resin trunnions for the main guns. The barrels are superbly done and bring a real scale diameter which injection moulded items can’t seem to match. Academy Trumpeter Conclusion These barrels make for a simple upgrade to either kit that will really enhance the look with that extra finesse they bring to a model. Highly recommended. Review sample courtesy of Piotr at