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  1. Airbrush paint and brush paint

    Just an update on how I got on: I bought some Vallejo Model air paints, thinners and flow improver, I had a good play around and ended up using one drop of flow improver to 5 - 10 drops of paint at about 20psi. It worked beautifully, a good fine even spray pattern and no build up on the tip at all. The actual spraying turned out pretty good, the weathering affect I tried somewhat less so but that's just down to practice. Thanks for all your help guys
  2. Saturn V LUT and MLP Photographs

    I've bought the Educraft paper models to use as a template and reference. Hopefully these along with the pictures and the drawings I have will be enough to help me proceed with the styrene model. Will probably build the paper version concurrently with the styrene just to get my moneys worth out of it
  3. Hi guys, a bit previous but I have been researching stage 2 of my first project in my retirement which is to build a Saturn V and launch platform. I have found quite a few general pictures of the LUT and MLP but only general ones. I have also about every diagram I could find. Been to sites like Save the LUT and searched google the best I can but I'm struggling to find decent pictures especially of the MLP. I'm wondering if perhaps you good folk may know of some good ones? There seem to be limitless photos of the shuttle MLP but surprisingly few for the Saturn incarnation I've read @roma847 threads of his superb Shuttle pad build several times but it's not a massive amount of use as a reference for the Saturn but photos of that quality would be fantastic as a visual reference for as much accuracy as I'm able to. Anyway, fingers crossed you may be able to help me on what may well prove to be fa project far too ambitious for my skills
  4. Lego Saturn V

    The Lego kit looks the part with lots of internal parts that can be revealed or explained to a youngster during assembly. I'd love one if I could afford it but for now I'll have to be content with the Airfix version I got for Christmas. I bet that LUT will cost a chunk too but can you really have a Saturn V without one? It's like having a model railway without track to me
  5. Airbrush paint and brush paint

    Thank you both, helpful stuff, I had planned to use Halford's white for the bulk white of the Saturn, The airbrush will be used on things like engine bells and tops of fuel tanks. I think for now I will play safe and stick to a paint that is water based, I've been using water based finished exclusively for my furniture for the last 27 years now and my chest has thanked me for it; I do use cellulose occasionally for guitars but the fumes from the gassing off after drying crucify me for days. I take it that one make of water based acrylic thinner will be compatible for all makes of water based acrylic?
  6. Airbrush paint and brush paint

    I think about as far as I've learned here is that Vallejo paints don't react well to thinners with IPA in them. I'm guessing then that some acrylics use some sort of mineral/organic thinner such as acetone or white sprit? If that's right, are there any compatibility issues with over coating one with another?
  7. Airbrush paint and brush paint

    Thanks, I've been looking at youtube at Vallejo flow improver and that has uncovered all sorts of useful videos
  8. Airbrush paint and brush paint

    Thanks, most of that makes sense, so by playing around with the variable it sounds like you can get any paint to work well from the airbrush given enough testing. Also it would seem that for brushing thicker paint would be better. One thing there that I'm not sure about is the retarder, I'm used to mixing and spraying anything from 10L to 100ml of lacquer so the process of adding a retarder to a couple of mls of paint is a mystery, it seems that maybe it would be easier to add a retarder to the thinners and use thicker paint that needs thinning? Is there a way of dealing with paint drying on the needle tip other than striping and cleaning?
  9. Airbrush paint and brush paint

    Hi I am new to airbrushing and therefore have absolutely no experience at all with either equipment, technique or materials. I am reasonably proficient as a varnish sprayer of furniture but I appreciate airbrushing is probably very different and will practice until I feel comfortable enough to spray in anger. I have also bought a H&S Ultra airbrush as a starter based on reading the forum. So I'm guessing I won't be a million miles from the mark with that but paint I am 100% in the dark with: I was thinking along the lines of something like Vallejo modelair as a starting point, I think I'm right in that it is ready for airbrushing straight out of the pot? Would that be a suitable paint for me or would I be better with paint that I need to thin myself? I will need to paint some part with a brush, would ready thinned paint be OK there or does it need to be thicker? Well that's probably point proved as to how clueless I am, I would appreciate any help with regards makes and paint types just as a starting point. Just in case it's important, my first model is the Airfix Saturn V kit, so mostly black and white with some internal and external details, I will want to overspray the finished article with a matt varnish. On that subject, I have gallons of acrylic matt varnish that I use for spraying, would that be suitable? Many thanks
  10. Slow response times

    Mine was also very slow either taking a few minutes to load or not at all but started speeding up last night and seems normal this morning
  11. EE Thunderbird

    Sorry for the delay, what a find, that's awesome thanks, a bit expensive but it's my birthday in February so I can get it then. To me they qualify as the ultimate looking missile, they had one on display as you entered the camp years ago it always gave me a bit of a thrill as we drove past
  12. Types of filler

    Right, I'm thinking it will be mostly just the seams/joins that will be filled for now but who knows once I progress
  13. Types of filler

    Thanks guys, what sort of practical drying time would you allow to show maximum shrinkage?
  14. Paint finish for decals

    I would try a couple of test pieces first anyway, perhaps a good idea to add a little gloss to reduce the amount of solids in the matt, definitely worth an experiment thanks
  15. Paint finish for decals

    Thanks for that, much appreciated . The Saturns were painted gloss but I think from a distance that replicates the 1:144 scale they appear more matt to me, I was planning on minor polishing of the matt surface to give the slight impression of a shine which photographs seem to show