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  1. Revell 1 72 Fairey Gannet

    Sure, and fixing the arrestor hook so early in the build isn't the best.
  2. Revell 1 72 Fairey Gannet

    This one is turning into a bit of an ordeal. I picked up a Fairey Gannet on eBay for about £8 a few months ago. Not a bad price I thought. However, on unboxing I found that two of the canopy sections were broken so I ordered a set of vac forms and the cost of the kit went up by £13. Hmmm... I initially contacted Revell customer services regarding a spare, but they didn't get back to me other than to say it will be about 12 years before they will even look at my request. They should take a leaf out of Airfix's book as I've always found them to be excellent. I'm doing it OOTB, apart from the canopy. The fit of the internals into the externals wasn't great, but a metric butt-load of filler should sort it. I've got the first load on and will fill in the gaps on a second pass. The biggest fit problem was with the new canopy. I'll have to do a hybrid of new and old, and have the canopies slid back. Hopefully I'll get away with that. I put a load of ballast under the cockpit floor to keep the nose down using Liquid Gravity and Rocket Hot. However, the glue ran right through the aircraft and I ended up bonded to it! 1 to 5 second eh? No kidding. To be continued...
  3. AMT XB70 Valkyrie 1/72

    Doing an accurate representation of it after the paint fell off could be tricky.
  4. I like that a lot, and I wish I had a display cabinet like yours too.
  5. Broken undercarriage.Revell MK22/24 1/32 help required to fix

    Don't rely on Revell's customer service to help you out in a hurry.
  6. Repairing a broken canopy

    Hmmm... the fit is a bit of a shocker. I'll have to cobble something together with the fixed sections from the original kit and the sliding section from the vac form.
  7. Repairing a broken canopy

    Wow! Cutting vac formed canopy is a whole new level of anxiety!
  8. Douglas Boston III

    Damn. I'm going to have to buy a Boston now.
  9. I like that a lot. I'm a big fan of the "beaten up" look. These things were designed to fight, not to be buffed and sat in showrooms.
  10. Repairing a broken canopy

    Urgh. What a pain. I'll get the Falcon ones and see how they go. If I do it with an open cockpit I can mix and match as it is the two sliding section of the front cockpit that are broken.
  11. Repairing a broken canopy

    Glued it. Looks obvious. Hannants here I come. The £8 bargain kit is now looking like a £23 expensive kit.
  12. Repairing a broken canopy

    Thanks. If you are confident that it will fit then I may consider it. I'll see how bad the repair looks. I was going to do it with the canopies slid back anyway, so that would go some way towards making them less obvious. I've got a Dragon Sea Vixen FAW2 in the stash, so that would give me a spare canopy for that too.
  13. Repairing a broken canopy

    Don't know. It is Revell No. 04397. Can't say that i'm too thrilled about having to drop £12 +p&p for a set of parts for the Frog kit that may not even fit.
  14. Repairing a broken canopy

    I've just unboxed a Revell Fairy Gannet and two of the canopy sections are broken in half. The breaks are clean. Will I be get away with a PVA repair, or should I try something else? I've put a spares request in to Revell, but it is an old kit. If new parts do turn up I'll replace them.
  15. The Hurricane, The Dambuster and The Experiment

    Hmmm... not too happy with the Hurricane*. Think I'll wait for the airbrush before tackling the Lancaster. *Massively factually inaccurate before anyone says anything. The twin blade prop doesn't look as good as the three blade one IMHO and the colour scheme was a bit dull, so the red livens it up. Also, this aircraft is from 1938, so it probably wouldn't look so dirty and chipped. Whatever.