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  1. 1/48 Airfix Sea Vixen FAW.2

    I couldn't give a rat's bottom what colour the bands are on the missiles. Very nice job. I hope when I get to do my Dragon one I get it looking half as good as that.
  2. Got an airbrush for Christmas. Did this to see how it worked. Did this to see if I could pre-shade. Going to do this to see if I can do filth, grime and paint chips. Millennium Falcon filthy, not agricultural vehicle filthy.
  3. Special Hobby Saab Viggen AJ-37

    Just bought the Heller one as a result of this thread. £12.99 Inc delivery. 1. I hope that I can do the splinter cammo. 2. So much for me not buying anymore kits .
  4. Special Hobby Saab Viggen AJ-37

    Very, very nice.
  5. Italeri F4S Phantom II - Second go with an airbrush

    Just have a look at the references on here. There was a recent thread about a Sea Vixen that was very informative for me. I also turned the pressure down to 10psi on my second attempt and got a better result than the 20psi on my first one.
  6. Italeri F4S Phantom II - Second go with an airbrush

    I used thinned Tamiya Semi Gloss on it.
  7. Italeri F4-S Phantom

    My second attempt with an airbrush. The kit was a bit basic but went together reasonably well, with a bit of filling required around the nose and where the intake covers join the fuselage. It could have done with a few more decals too. Fire Away!
  8. Italeri F4S Phantom II - Second go with an airbrush

    Second attempt with an airbrush. Fin. The aim was to do one with pre-shading and not cover it with weathering. I'm really pleased with the outcome. Next up will be the Italeri B25 Mitchell Gunship with pre-shade, weathering and paint chips. Will take better photos when the light improves. Probably in May.
  9. Italeri Tornado F.3's AWC and 111 Jets

    Thanks. I remember making the Airfix one 35+ years ago when after a bit of "playing" the pylons just fell off.
  10. Italeri Tornado F.3's AWC and 111 Jets

    How to the weapons pylons move with the wings, can you turn them or are they fixed?
  11. Italeri F4S Phantom II - Second go with an airbrush

    Decals and clear coat on. Just wheels and weapons left to do.
  12. Show us your stash!?

    Dirt cheap. About £7 IIRC. Christmas pressies. As far as a mid-life crisis goes it is a lot less dangerous than coke and hookers ;-)
  13. Show us your stash!?

    Stash It looks there is a Lightning in there too. and a Fouga Magister.
  14. Show us your stash!?

    I've got 2 mountain bikes, a road bike, a cyclo-cross bike and a BMX that all require maintenance. Little plastic aeroplanes are virtually free by comparison. My entire stash costs less than a set of replacement bearings... Which is why I've spent the entire winter building kits instead of riding bikes in the mud and filth.
  15. Show us your stash!?

    …and a Mig 29. In the stash for my kids:- Red Arrows Hawk and a Zero and Warhawk that are both WIP.