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  1. Canberra TT18 question

    Hello James and John, I'm currently making the bulges of the spotlight by using an artificial wood. I have another question about the spotlight. How should I make/paint the surface of the spotlight lens? Does it look like a clear lens with a silver reflector just like a landing light or a taxi light?? Or, does it have a black lens cover in front of the spotlight lens?? Thank you again in advance. Akira
  2. Canberra TT18 question

    Thank you very much for your quick answer. Akira
  3. Canberra TT18 question

    I have additional two questions below, and could you help me on these questions?? (1), Number of backseat on the TT.18, only one? or two?? According to the instruction sheet of the Classic Airframes' TT.18 kit, they instruct to place only one ejection seat in the back side. However, according to the TT.18 cockpit photos of the Canberra SIG, it clearly shows that there are two ejection seats in the back side. (2), According to the paint instruction sheet of the Classic Airframes' TT.18 kit, there is "NO" national roundels on under surface(outboard side) of the wing of WJ639. I wonder if the grey WJ639 did surely not have the roundel on the underside of the wing???
  4. Canberra TT18 question

    James and John, Thank you so much for your prompt feedback. I fully understand the shape of the rear view mirrors and the spotlights. I surely will add them on my TT.18 model. Thank you again. Akira
  5. Canberra TT18 question

    Hello James, I did not know the uniqueness of the WJ639 you mentioned. Do you have some close-up photos of the spotlight and the external rear view mirrors of the WJ639?? Thank you in advance. Akira
  6. Canberra TT18 question

    Hello everyone, thank you very much for your discussion on the question I asked to you yesterday. I understand that the colours of the questioned areas are not specified in one designated colour but the colours vary in a few different ways. In other words, I can paint them in any colors(Ha-Ha!). At the beginning, I plan to finish my TT.18 as a grey "WH856" which I pictured at St.Mawgan in 1974. However, I realized that the WH856 did not carry my favourite tail marking of the No.7 Sqdn at the time of my photography. So, my current plan is to build it as a grey "WJ693", mainly because the Classic Airframes' TT.18 kit has this WJ639 decals within the kit I have. Also, you provided me with a few photos of the WJ639 on this forum. Judging from my 1974 photo of the grey WH856, the nose wheel hub is clearly "aluminum" and the nose wheel leg(strut) is clearly light grey(NOT white). Inner surface of the nose gear door looks very dark (could be black??) due to extreme under exposure. Anyway, thank you again for your great support. I plan to finish my TT.18 sometime in May, and I will upload some photos of my TT.18 on my website as soon as it is completed. Akira
  7. Canberra TT18 question

    I started building the Airfix Canberra(1/48) at the beginning of 2018. I have a question, and could you help me with the following questions? What is the color of (1) interior surface of the landing gear wells, (2) landing gear struts and (3) inner surface of the flaps??? According to the Airfix kit instruction, they all are "Aluminum", however, judging from the walkaround photos you provided, the landing gear struts look light grey (almost white??) and the inside surface of the flaps look light grey too. I'm quite confused, and I'd appreciate it greatly if someone could kindly help me in this matter. I plan to finish my Canberra as TT.18 with grey upper surface operated by No.7 Sqdn in the mid-1970s.
  8. Canberra TT18 question

    Thank you James for your helpful advice. I surely will keep it in mind. Akira
  9. Canberra TT18 question

    As always, thank you very much for your continual suppot. I'm so glad to know that an Airfix's Canberra "B(i).6" kit can be used as a base kit for my TT.18 project. I do have a Classic Airframes' Canberra TT.18 kit(1/48), so I plan to use some Classic Airframes parts as well, including the Rushton target system, the engine compressor fan and the B.2 wheel, etc.. So, I don't plan to buy an Alleycat parts(set). In any case, thank you James for your Alleycat information and thank you Andy for your kind consideration. I've never visited St.Mawgan again after 1974, James. I plan to start building my TT.18 sometime in September. I'm pretty sure that I'll have some additional questions during the process of my TT.18 building, so please let me ask you further questions on this Britmodeller.com. Naturally, I will upload some photos of my TT.18 on my website as soon as it is completed (hopefully by the end of this year), and I will post the notice on this Britmodeller page. Will do my best efforts on the TT.18 project in order not to disappoint you all. I do hope I can meet you all at the Telford show in 2018, as I'm seriously considering my first visit to the Telford show next year. Thank you again.
  10. I took walkaround photos of a CH-53D(USMC) and a couple of MH-53Ms(USAF) several years ago, and I uploaded the photos on my website. If you are interested in these walkaround photos, please click on the following URL. I hope this will help you some. 1, CH-53D; http://nabe3saviation.web.fc2.com/waCH53.html 2, MH-53M; http://nabe3saviation.web.fc2.com/waMH53.html Akira
  11. Canberra TT18 question

    Thank you very much James and John for your great support on walkaround photos and informative advices on modeling. I thinK I already have enough walkaround pictures for my Canberra project. When I visited RAF St.Mawgan in August 1974, it was an airshow day at St.Mawgan. A British friend of mine obtained a photo permission for me to take pictures of Canberras of No.7 Sqdn on the flight line, and I was able to take pictures of two Canberra TT.18s in Grey scheme and two other TT.18s in Green/Grey camouflage. Two of them(WH856/Grey & WJ629/Camo) did not carry their sqdn marking on the fin unfortunately. I was able to photograph several Canberra T.4s as well at the same time. Yesterday, a friend of mine gave me an Airfix kit for my project. Unfortunately, it was not a "B.2" kit but a "B(i).6/B.20" kit. Please forgive me to ask you another question again this time. Can I use this "B(i).6" kit as a BASE kit for the TT.18??? I have poor knowledge about Canberra's variants, and so, I do not know exactly what are differences "in appearance" between Canberra B.2 and B(i).6. I simply want to know if fuselage/wing parts of the B(i).6 kit are the same as the ones of the B.2 kit. I don't care about the parts for the gun pack and under-wing rocket pods of the "B(i).6" kit. Frankly speaking, I prefer Airfix kit as a base kit for my TT.18 project. I'm currently working on time/labor consuming Hasegawa's old F-104G kit in 1/32 scale and I'm fairly tired of model building now(honestly!), so I want to spend a little easier, smoother and stress-free life during my Canberra project(Ha-Ha!!). Surface molding (panel lines, etc.) of the Airfix kit is NOT so bad as I was anticipated, fortunately, and I can live with it with some extra work. I'm so glad to know that James liked my website, and I hope some of my walkaround photos on the website will help British modelers as well to some extent. Looking forward to recieving your informative advices regarding the above-mentioned Airfix kits. Thanks in advance. Akira
  12. Canberra TT18 question

    I have another favour to ask of you. Could anyone provide me with good walkaround website which shows me sharp & clear pictures of wing (both upper and under surfaces) details of the Canberra B.2 or any other variants derived from the B.2 model. I took walkaround photos of EB-57 Canberra in the US (refer to my website, http://nabe3saviation.web.fc2.com/waEB57.html) and I want to study "what are differences" between the British and the US Canberras in appearance especially its panel lines and rivet/screw layout on the surfaces. Thank you James for your helpful information about the "tailplane/fuselage junction". I noticed that the EB-57 mentioned above had the same style junction, and I'll put this junction style to some extent on my forthcoming Canberra model. Akira
  13. Canberra TT18 question

    Thank you John and James for your prompt replies regarding the differences between the two Canberra kits, Classic Airframes/CA and Airfix. I bought a CA kit (TT.18) lately in Tokyo, and a friend of mine will give me his Airfix kit within a week. I plan to compare these two kits at first and I'll pick up one of them as a base kit for my Canberra project. According to the comments provided from James and John, the CA kit seems to be better for my project, and most likely I will pick up the CA one. I'm a member of a local aircraft modeling club named "Hora-Buro" and we have an annual model show in Tokyo every October. Each year we have an assigned subject for the show, and this year's subject is "NATO v.s. Warsaw Pact (Cold War)", and so I'm currently working on a Hasegawa's F-104G in 1/32 scale with Belgium markings. 2018 will be the 100th anniversary of the RAF, and so our 2018's assigned subject will be the RAF aircraft. That is the reason why my next project will be the Canberra TT.18 of No.7 Sqdn., which is VERY memorable a/c for me since I was able to photograph several TT.18s at St.Mawgan in 1974 and the yellow/black diagonal stripes were so impressive in my mind. Please let me ask you additional questions in future when I have any further questions about the TT.18. Thank you again. Akira
  14. Canberra TT18 question

    My name's Akira(first name) Watanabe(last) and my registration to the Britmodeller.com is complete only today. First of all, thank you so much for all the British modellers who supported me on the TT.18's red(orange?) wing stripe question. The topside photo of the grey TT.18 which was posted by "Canberra kid" on 14AUG17 shows exactly what was asked for, and I now have a very clean picture of the TT.18's wing stripe. Frankly speaking, I did not know that the TT.18 had a towel rail aerial on the port inboard wing. Also, all the walkaround photos of the TT.18 provided on this site will surely help me a lot during my next project of the TT.18 in 1/48 scale. Could anyone kindly advice me which model kit is more recommended, either a Classic Airframe kit or an Airfix kit??? What are good/weak points of them?