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  1. M109A3/M185A3 Shop Truck

    Not having enough partial builds underway I decided to start another kit. Very nice kit and it's always nice to do a build when you have a personal connection to the subject. I jumped ahead in the assembly and started with the shelter box. Very nicely molded with tons of detail. The interior color is sort of Duck Egg Green. and on to the lower chassis. These are the older AVF Club M35 truck molds which are still very good. The cab assembly has lots of knockout pin marks requiring a bit of attention.
  2. M667/752 Lance Missile SPL

    Posted: Tuesday, November 14, 2017 - 08:37 AM GMT+7 I just found out the reason you don’t see those bench seats in any operational pictures is they were removed. Crews didn’t like them and they interfered with the control surface containers. They were light weight metal not wood. I think that solves my dilemma, leaving the things but will add the metal tabs the seats were mounted to.
  3. M667/752 Lance Missile SPL

    Test fit on one of the crew bench seats. The brackets will be cut to size so the edge of the seat rests back from the edge. Still not real sure of the seats period as I can't find any pictures of them installed and I don't have any relevant TM' that might show this stuff.
  4. M667/752 Lance Missile SPL

    It's some of the small things that are bogging me down. In this case it's the bench type seats in the 'fighting compartment'. During my limited exposure to the M752/667 I don't recall any of those details and as best I can see from the pictures is that they were hinged and folded up. What I don't know is if the hinge was a single long steel rod attached to metal tabs welded to the side walls or small individual metal pins. The kit items modified by shortening their overall length to fit the kit interior, and adding small extensions for the hinge sections. The hinge sections added and each has been drilled out.
  5. M12 GMC (Academy 1/35)

    Noticed in the very first picture where I left off the grab handle above the drivers side door That hopefully will be the last thing needed.
  6. M12 GMC (Academy 1/35)

    Completed this over the past few weeks. Well aware of the errors made in this build but regardless I'm pretty happy with how it came out. A bit more dirt and weathering than I usually do but I learned some new techniques that I will use in future builds. I liked the Academy kit enough to maybe doing another this time correcting my errors and also correcting the vehicle width. The T49 tracks are from Panda.
  7. Takom M3 Lee (early)

    Thanks. The PE grill comes with the kit. Also very much looking forward to the M31 release.
  8. Takom M3 Lee (early)

    Model with a coat of primer and multiple thinned coats of the base color "US Army OD" FS319 from Mission Models. First time using their paints. Not sure of the color but think it will darken up with a coat of Future and some filters and washes. The paint lays down nicely and provides a very smooth surface. I thinned the paint a bit more than the manufacturer recommends and sprayed it at 20psi. For those that asked I will try to post my in-progress pics of this build.
  9. Takom M3 Lee (early)

    BTW for those interested, there is a dedicated FACEBOOK page for the Takom M3 Lee & Grant tanks. Over 500 members so far.
  10. Takom M3 Lee (early)

    Don't know if this will work, not that tech savvy. This are all of my in progress images. Let me know if you can view them. Also not sure of how useful these will be. https://imgur.com/x4MCRcX https://imgur.com/IfiSa9h https://imgur.com/MwiMCUE https://imgur.com/332S0H5 https://imgur.com/7jqbXxz https://imgur.com/UHFBybv https://imgur.com/Lug7iGb https://imgur.com/HzMoL3D https://imgur.com/u9uEswn https://imgur.com/jCZPb3x https://imgur.com/NwPC5gX https://imgur.com/99DwzxJ https://imgur.com/nqo6DeG https://imgur.com/52nvVHq https://imgur.com/hpu1Kpo https://imgur.com/4kHQpUJ https://imgur.com/6AyPYSU https://imgur.com/wY57fyV https://imgur.com/WuNU2cA https://imgur.com/n1QHN00 https://imgur.com/n5QZvhG https://imgur.com/wMe9Yp6 https://imgur.com/f72HdHz https://imgur.com/P7YUlAl https://imgur.com/gSpRJxZ https://imgur.com/OAXS1ZP https://imgur.com/sJ8nfxh https://imgur.com/Oy6UYNx https://imgur.com/Y0TV8oW https://imgur.com/9oPvGhk https://imgur.com/ntDl0oc https://imgur.com/ctTmWOs https://imgur.com/b1iUIpY https://imgur.com/Ww3M9Cv https://imgur.com/6cgdTCd https://imgur.com/WpRPDiD https://imgur.com/mJQc68l https://imgur.com/M5TKrVG https://imgur.com/C6zYdqT https://imgur.com/C8Wg9Hi https://imgur.com/FhRQvFl https://imgur.com/oxj0ZV5 https://imgur.com/wzDhdaj https://imgur.com/Y9N6mrp https://imgur.com/at155It https://imgur.com/SeMS7fO https://imgur.com/wBwK6Pd https://imgur.com/dW1ciCu https://imgur.com/arF2IxE https://imgur.com/Zu1KwCq https://imgur.com/TetFFbB https://imgur.com/NJTA2fK https://imgur.com/h2XH1Lt https://imgur.com/j1KHOYT https://imgur.com/9wyDYGw https://imgur.com/EDpjFCh https://imgur.com/LJISK2p https://imgur.com/W2bGJj5 https://imgur.com/37eSXBe https://imgur.com/5x9Fm3f
  11. Takom M3 Lee (early)

    This is the new Takom kit. Very nice. The fit for the most part is excellent. I had some gap issues with some of the upper plates but that may be due to my not prepping the mating surfaces adequately. Even though it does not have an interior I think its a much better kit than the Academy offering. My only complaint is the link and length tracks. I don't like those in any kit so I'm replacing them with individual link tracks from Bronco. Will be doing their Grant tank and will be doing numerous M31' when they are released.
  12. M667/752 Lance Missile SPL

    Been quite remiss with updates on this thing so here goes. A number of finished parts still need a coat of flat. The color variations will show up better once given a coat of flat lacquer.
  13. Awesome job on the MERDC. Great looking M60.
  14. M667/752 Lance Missile SPL

    Just need to add the large equipment box on the launch truss frame. Finally have the forward cradle and frame finished and attached. Added some wire screens to the engine deck. The drivers compartment is not glued down yet, still need to added the instruments and a bunch of data placards. Seat cushions also need painting.
  15. M667/752 Lance Missile SPL

    Laying down some base colors for the interior portions and the primary exterior color for the MERDC scheme.