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  1. I'd earlier posted some in progress photos of my Takom M31. Well finally called it done. Hope to enter it at an IPMS contest this coming weekend. Not a perfect model but I'm reasonably pleased with it.
  2. T2/M31 TRV

    Some additional work to finish out the old year. Hoping 2018 will be a better year on so many different levels. Wishing everyone a very Happy New Year. Much weathering and detail work still to go. So happy with this build so far, I will be replacing the DS tracks with a set of Modelkasten tracks with duckbills. Put the DS tracks on to see how they look.
  3. Gator - Part three of the trilogy

    Nice Tuna Boat!!!
  4. T2/M31 TRV

    Yes they include two clear lenses for the headlights but I replace mine with MV Lenses once I've finished painting and weathering.
  5. T2/M31 TRV

    A more recent project that has made some progress. It's the newly released Takom kit.
  6. Mirror Models Diamond T Wrecker

    Awesome work and you've made it look easy. The additional accessories along with a bit of weathering and you'll have a show winner. Nicely done!!! I have no more excuses for my build.
  7. Mirror Models Diamond T Wrecker

    Really making tremendous progress on your build. Amazed that you've already been able to lay down a coat of paint. In no way trying to hijack your thread; you've managed to force me to pull my dump truck of the shelf of doom and actually start cleaning up some bits and gluing parts on. Can't wait for your next installment.
  8. Mirror Models Diamond T Wrecker

    You've made good progress. Just for inspiration and proof these things can be built..... Took these pics at the 2016 IPMS Nationals.
  9. Mirror Models Diamond T Wrecker

    Exactly that which you outlined plus I couldn't seem to get Tamiya Extra Thin to bond certain parts. Finally I asked around and found that for those parts I needed to use Humbrol poly (not the easiest to get here) and that did the trick. It was only parts from certain sprues that were a different shade of grey. Clean up of the parts was tedious. I still have not given up on it and will return to it someday (I will beat it into submission)
  10. Mirror Models Diamond T Wrecker

    I hope you have better luck than I did trying to build their dump truck. I also happen to have this kit in the stash. Will follow this closely for tips and inspiration.
  11. M109A3/M185A3 Shop Truck

    Including this pic because once inside the enclosed cab it will be very hard to see. Two additional cabs awaiting their turn.
  12. M109A3/M185A3 Shop Truck

    Overall base color of US Forest Green. Vehicle will be in Winter Verdant MERDC. Using AK Interactive paints. Will be using dash instruments and placards from Archer transfers.
  13. M109A3/M185A3 Shop Truck

    Not having enough partial builds underway I decided to start another kit. Very nice kit and it's always nice to do a build when you have a personal connection to the subject. I jumped ahead in the assembly and started with the shelter box. Very nicely molded with tons of detail. The interior color is sort of Duck Egg Green. and on to the lower chassis. These are the older AVF Club M35 truck molds which are still very good. The cab assembly has lots of knockout pin marks requiring a bit of attention.
  14. M667/752 Lance Missile SPL

    Posted: Tuesday, November 14, 2017 - 08:37 AM GMT+7 I just found out the reason you don’t see those bench seats in any operational pictures is they were removed. Crews didn’t like them and they interfered with the control surface containers. They were light weight metal not wood. I think that solves my dilemma, leaving the things but will add the metal tabs the seats were mounted to.
  15. M667/752 Lance Missile SPL

    Test fit on one of the crew bench seats. The brackets will be cut to size so the edge of the seat rests back from the edge. Still not real sure of the seats period as I can't find any pictures of them installed and I don't have any relevant TM' that might show this stuff.