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  1. arkbuilder2012

    4th Armored Brigade Shermans

    All the while I've been doing another build concurrently. Just got around to putting on the base colors and a coat of gloss. Not sure of how I'm going to mark it yet. This is the Tamiya (Asuka) offering from a few years back. These both are my first UK/Commonwealth builds, though I've got numerous kits in the stash waiting.
  2. arkbuilder2012

    4th Armored Brigade Shermans

    Thank you.
  3. arkbuilder2012

    4th Armored Brigade Shermans

    A bit more work done. Still much detail painting, weathering and the like to be done. Some tools still need to be attached. A little disappointed with the tracks but I can live with it; some dirt and grime may make it less obvious untrained eye.
  4. arkbuilder2012

    4th Armored Brigade Shermans

    Thank you for the constructive comments. The sand shields are based on a picture of a Firefly and appear to be the front shields being used with cutouts. Having built the Dragon M4 Composite, you are correct it does include the lower casting lug (well done Dragon). The starter crank and sledge hammer still need to be added - not sure why I left them off.
  5. arkbuilder2012

    4th Armored Brigade Shermans

    It's the Asuka M4 Composite Sherman. The repurposed sand shields and stowage box came from the spares stash.
  6. A carry over from a topic I started a couple of months ago. Have taken a bit of artistic license but here is my in-progress Sherman Mk1 Hybrid. Still waiting delivery of my T62 tracks and a set of decals. I primed the build and put down a base coat of S.C.C 15 Olive Drab. Using AK Real Color.
  7. arkbuilder2012

    AFV Club 1/35 M113A1

    Really turning out to be a superb piece. A small observation though, if this vehicle is Vietnam era then you might remove the MRE box. They were still eating rations out of cans MCI or C-rations. They came issued in similar boxes, just flip it over so the stencil is not visible.
  8. arkbuilder2012

    4th Armored Brigade Shermans

    Certainly does appear to be a Firefly, with the rectangular loader hatch, pistol port, etc. I love this picture with such a mixed bag of vehicles. Lots of inspiration for us modelers. The vehicle I am wanting to do is a Mk1 Hybrid
  9. arkbuilder2012

    4th Armored Brigade Shermans

    The tank in question would be #4 in the lineup. On closer inspection it looks like the brush guards are intact and the cutouts are larger to accommodate those. As you can see the sand shields are located much further back than the tank you've shown - same picture BTW.
  10. arkbuilder2012

    4th Armored Brigade Shermans

    Thanks. Agree with your assessment. I will see if I can locate the specific picture on line and see if I can post it. The M4A1 would also make for a nice build.
  11. arkbuilder2012

    4th Armored Brigade Shermans

    I’ve hit a roadblock on a current build and was hoping someone here might have the answer. The British 4th Armor Brigade was noted for using the sand shields on the rear engine deck to keep stowage secure. I saw a 1/72 build along with a reference picture of a tank which used the front sand shields and had cut outs for the rear marker lights, and the lights slightly protrude from the sand shields. I really want to do this in 1/35. My question because it is difficult to tell from the picture, were the brush guards for the marker light removed? I know the sand shields were tack welded to the deck but it seems a lot of effort to cut away the brush guards. Any insights are much appreciated.
  12. arkbuilder2012

    AFV Club 1/35 M113A1

    The interior weathering is superb. Really looks the part. Following this one.
  13. arkbuilder2012

    M31/T2 Recovery Vehicle

    Thank you all for the kind comments. Derive much inspiration from the site and the work of others here.
  14. I'd earlier posted some in progress photos of my Takom M31. Well finally called it done. Hope to enter it at an IPMS contest this coming weekend. Not a perfect model but I'm reasonably pleased with it.
  15. arkbuilder2012

    T2/M31 TRV

    Some additional work to finish out the old year. Hoping 2018 will be a better year on so many different levels. Wishing everyone a very Happy New Year. Much weathering and detail work still to go. So happy with this build so far, I will be replacing the DS tracks with a set of Modelkasten tracks with duckbills. Put the DS tracks on to see how they look.