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  1. Today I received my email saying issues 16-19 have been despatched with a 'mega' poster
  2. Good idea with the Vaseline. I'll remember that for when the next bundle of issues turn up.
  3. Which screws is this?
  4. That's the trouble with direct debits. They can take money when ever. They will give a free post address to return it to.
  5. I'm at the same stage as you. I would check your bank though as I was charged for that book. I've sent it back as is 8.99 an issue
  6. My friend was sent parts 7-11 with out the number plate though I've found they take 3-4 days to reply to emails which is a bit slow
  7. Haven't had any problems myself. The payment for parts 12-15 was taken today.
  8. No problem. I've been emailing them at this address build-the-delorean@eaglemoss-service.com
  9. They may send a replacement, I trashed my screwdriver on one screw. I emailed them and they sending a replacement for free.
  10. That's cool! Not seen one of these yet on the shelves or eBay
  11. Got my issues 4-7 yesterday. One thing I'd say is don't try to tighten the screws on the suspension so the parts pull up tight. May snap a screw and/or have no suspension travel. Re the mr fusion I think I may glue the clear parts or they may end up falling off as they're really quite a loose fit. Think of using some Krystal klear?
  12. I've bought some 1/24 tamiya's to do whilst waiting for the parts to turn up ! I did a few as a teenager, so will be good to pick up again. Hopefully the other half won't mind as she's always telling me a get a hobby!
  13. Also got my first few parts last week. Very impressed so far. I use to build 1/24 scale tamiya cars in my teens and it's inspired time to do a few again along side the Delorean. Hopefully I've still got the patience !
  14. Hello everyone. I'm Justin (incase it's not obvious haha) I'm 31, live in the south of England and have signed up because I've subscribed to the eaglemoss BTTF Delorean. It's my first part collection (if that's what they're called?) and I am glad to finally be able to be able to do one, because as a young lad seeing trains etc on the tv, you don't realise the cost when the parent say no! Hah!