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  1. Hello Dears, I did get in Florennes AB, there is a little museum, at first it was only for the Spitfire Mk XIV restored on the spot. Now there is another hall for more modern Aircraft, F-84E, F-84F, Mirage V, F-16A, Fouga Magister, Tiger moth, UAV, and a Lance missile launcher. But I did get up there for taking some measurements to improve the Hobbycraft Mk XIV. Here are some photos from my 11 yars old son and me, hope that you will enjoy. All the photos are from cell phone, so do not be too severe please.
  2. Hello Herbert Very nice Mustang, pretty well done ! And thanks for the first pic, seeing Ray Hannah wavin' good bye just remember me some magnificent moments in airshow. Both Ray and Mark are missing . You know what a natural metal is; congratulations. Corsaircorp
  3. Hi Christer, It's about 50/50 in between Spit/Seafire and Corsair... Unbelievable for me ! Thank for the kind words. Corsaircorp
  4. Hello Dears, Before anything said, I wish you and your family a happy and wealthy new year , may 2017 bring you the actual realisation of your Dreams I must confess that I'm a serial starter, I can stay month and even years in some case without finishing a model, and then in a given time, I will have 3, 4 or 5 kits out in a few weeks. Sometimes I speak with a friend about an Aircraft, or see her on the web, and I go to my attic (my own private shop) pick up a box or two and have a go. I've started the Airfix PR XIX weeks ago, trying to duplicate the cameras, As I bought the ICM Spitfire HF VII in a bashed box containing the HF VII, a XVI and parts from a IX, I also casually start the Mk XVI. The HF VII is finished, opening the way for the XVI, See, The Eduard Mk IX will be finished in a few weeks, tool late for a WIP on the right, the wings of the Mk XVI and her interior. On the left lie the PR XIX, I use the Airfix parts to make parts for my PR XI and PR I conversions. Still the rocker cover are a little bit undersized, but the exhaust rack seem to be at the right place. Here's a comparison between the Spinners from Quickboost, Airfix and Barracudacast The Quickboost one is made to compensate the too large spinner plate from the Academy XIV, I will check it and cross check with the Seafire .17 Another side and long term project, turning a Monogram A-1H into a AD-4NA from korean war. That mean erasing all the armour plates and engrave it according to the plans and photos, there is a Tamiya A-1H started aside but not many modifications Almost from the box No, never believe me when I tell such a thing The Meteor transkit is made for the Tamiya, and did'nt correspond to the Monogram, so I did it old school modelling, after all, I'm not a rabbit of the year Ok, more in the future... There still is the Mk IX, the Eduard Mk VIII, an Hasegawa Typhoon and a F-94C that are at the painting room... Have a nice evening, quiet after yesterday excesses.... Sincerely. Corsaircorp
  5. Hello Dears, Aï Caramba, you gave me the thought "What about my own Mach 2 B-45 I can't resist starting a kit when I see your very good job. Congratulations. Corsaircorp
  6. Hello Dears, One evening off from the job and then 4 evening working on the highway.. I've worked on my PR XIX, Fw-190F-8 and my Corsairs Here are some pics PR XIX fuselage fit right to the plan, that's good. I've turned a little bit of a paranoïd about Spitfire dimensions Better, look, The exhaust line is also right at his place, see the arrow In the fifties, the lower part of the cockpit was still interior green and up higher seem to be black. But the notice say all the cockpit interior green Any advice ??? Here we go with the camera's compartment for the PR XI, the PR I and the Seafire 17. It is finally usefull to have some projects running side by side. See yoo later, at the week end I think. Sincerely. Corsaircorp
  7. Hello Dears, Years ago, I have gathered lot of info about the Belgian Spitfires, I've got the idea to write a book about the use of the machine in post war Belgian Air Force. As usual in this country, there was highly passionated debate about the use of the Spitfire, instead of jet engined aircrafts. Rumours of sabotages and so on... The fact is that there has been lot of accidents, but as far as I can document the whole of it. The Spitfire is not the main accused, but again as usual, there's a shroud over the whole story. Not so easy to find out what has actually happened. The way things are going in this thread spark my interest once again Have a very nice day, I'm glad that all this can help someone. Sincerely.
  8. Hello Steve, You're welcome, Let me know (by private message) the things you know about the crash, and I will search for it. I know lots of peoples in this tiny circle. I mean the guys who do such a research properly. I participate to the digging of 2 Lancs and a Morane 406. Still very moving experience. did you know this website ? I have been in touch with them years ago, very nice guys indeed. Sincerely. Corsaircorp
  9. Hello Steve, Thank for the kind words. About Belgian aviation, I really liked the one who were in british squadron... and remained in british Sqdn even after the creation of 349 an 350. If I can help you, do not hesitate, but I've more docs about FAA and USN than Belgian Air Force. If you plan to come back in Belgium, call on me, I can show you a lot of very moving place in this country. In the place I live now, between '40 and '45, there is 47 crash sites. I'm fascinated by recent history. Have a nice day. Corsaircorp
  10. Hello, As it has been told, I started my next Seafire. I will thank Miggers for the infos about Seafire wings. That will make a more accurate Seafire. Here's the first modification I did cut the bulged overwing from the folded wing from the Airfix Seafire 47 following structures lines. Then I adjust it to the Mk 17's wing in order to follow the folding line. Some of the add's on, the Quickboost exhaust stacks an Eduard Dashboard and a resin made seat. Since SX 370 is a Seafire FR 17, I will bore the camera port holes, but no camera has been installed, so I will add the empty racks. Thank for watching. Next WIP saturday or Sunday, a little bit more... Let's say crazy. Sincerely. Corsaircorp
  11. Hello Col, Don't you worry, I keep carryin' on at a slower pace. Here's the nose section compared to the PR XIX nose. The measures on the Florennes Mk XIV will help to understand what is wrong and where ?? I know Mk XII, Seafire XV and 17 are different breed in lenght. Whatever, they represent a cowling that is like a Merlin engined Spitfire on the Seafire 17. What is worrying me is that my seafire 17 will be metallised, all these cuts and putty and sanding must disappear completely, metal finish has no forgiveness Sincerely Corsaircorp
  12. Hello Dears, Poor week for my models, hard on the job, bad weather and overtired. I spent one evening in resin job. 2X P-2800 Early and one late for the Academy -4, interior parts for another Corsair project, some Mosquito and Typhoon parts. See you later... aligator Corsaircorp
  13. Hello dears, Here we go to justify my alias. I'm found of bent wings birds and there is some of her on my shelves. I was very glad about the arrival of the trumpeter's Corsair serie, so I started one of it as soon as I've bought it. And picked up one of my Academy for a joint project. The Trumpeter interior is quite fine, the Academy is well... forget it I added the fabric seatbelts on the Trumpeter, the one and only fabric seatbelts I've used. It is wonderfull but nerve raking, this thing has also his own life The Academy interior is replaced by an Aires one. As one can see, Trumpeter is also a putty addict, as it is very oftenly the case, if you shut down all that has been designed to be opened, get some putty... The trumpeter engine is pretty good, but the exhaust stacks are coming from a Ford Anglia, such a thin pipe will be a welding torch at best when a PW 2800 is blowing in.. The Academy will receive an Aires P-2800 One of the biggest flaw of the trumpeter Corsair is her smile, I've tried putty and plasicard but did'nt like the result, So the kitchen table surgeon is back at the Helm. I picked up my Hasegawa F4U-4, take a mould of the cowl and duplicated it and Taatzaaaam ! The propeller is also to be rectified but still easy. Here's a view of the complete mess. And To be continued... Thank for watching. Corsaircorp
  14. Hello dears, The lady is known as RM921 (not very poetic at all) she has been built as a FR XIV between April '44 and February '45, from an order of the 23rd of October 1943. She is powered by a Griffon 65. I know that she has suffered an accident and the airframe is slightly torn, beyond repair for airworthy certificate. (for a reasonable price of course) At the time she became a gate guardian in florennes. She look far better today, didn't she ?? I will thank the Florennes air base staff for the access, and particularly Mr Gérald Schepers. I must pay a tribute to "pépé Delmotte" a mechanic who has spent his retirement life to restore the Lady and to "pépé wattiez" for the same reasons, may these 2 brave guys rest in peace. What is a very understanding spouse ??? Mrs Delmotte was, thank to her too. For not becoming crazy in finding a whole Spitfire Dashboard, with all the kind of dirt one can imagine, cleaned with Hardrox on the kitchen table. Respect !! Ok Gents, I will now write the measure on a plan and see if it can be helpfull for me and anyone of you. Thank for watching, thank for your support, and do not hesitate to ask. Corsaircorp
  15. Hello Julien Feel free to do so, I've tried to open a topic in the walkaround section, before to open this thread, but to no avail. I clicked on the walkaround but still stay grey, and Nothing happened. Hope that I did'nt cause any inconvenience. sincerely. Corsaircorp
  16. Thank you Bob
  17. Hello Jun. I have to look in my old slide for such a view. But can't promise it since the shape of the building plus the overview bridge make the right hand side very difficult to take in a picture. Have a look at their website, but I keep you in touch. Thank you. Corsaircorp.
  18. Hello Bob, I've tried to open a topic in the walkaround section, but it did'nt work out. If some of the administrator can make the topic sliding in the walkaround section.... Thank for the kind words. Corsaircorp
  19. Hello Dears, Thank Giorgio, Thank Mike, I'm glad if these photos are helpfull. Let's see a tail story ? A close up shot of the fabric appearance Ok Gents and Ladies, I think that the walkaround is complete now, still I will add a little history of the lady. I've to get in my attic, looking in my thousands of notes and so. Thank for watching, once again, feel free to save or use it for the benefits of our beloved bits of plastic. Sincerely. Corsaircorp
  20. Erratum, On the above post I mean Griffon engined. On the opening post, this is not a F-84E but a F-84G, sorry about that, My mistake. Sincerely. Corsaircorp
  21. Hello Dears, Since the spinner and engine cowling is a problem with lots of Griffom engined Spitfire. Have a look and the rest is up to you. The spinner is not easy to measure but I took 80cm in lenght or about 16mm in 1/48 Prop blade is 1,25m from the base to the tip 0,27m at the broadest part following the curve of the blade and 0,26 in elevation. There is 0,40m in between the spinner back plate and the cutting fpr the exhaust stacks, following the seem between the panels. Not the easiest pic to take After that, my friend did really consider me as completely crazy Still will post the tail story. Have a nice night. Corsaircorp
  22. Sure, call on me and let's meet. There is just a problem in this museum, too much aircrafts in a "tiny" place. The ceiling is made of greenhouse, taking good photos for the magazine was pretty difficult. But I really like the place and spent so much time up there. Thank you again. Corsaircorp
  23. Hello Tony, Very nice and inspiring kit. Whatever cold war was not so cold after all, did'nt hear about this story before. thank for sharing. Corsaircorp
  24. Hello Col, Nice Seafire, really like it. Really like FAA birds. Congratulations. Corsaircorp
  25. Thank you Tony, I really like your alias, remember me of the Benouville bridge. Thank for the kind words? I'll look in the TO about the camera fairings. There is a low back Mk XiV in Brussels, and a Mk IX too, they are next to the Hurricane and the Battle. Sincerely. Corsaircorp