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  1. Very nice Flanker ! Must try one of these big beast ... one day ! You did great, Congratulations ! Sincerely. Corsaircorp
  2. Really good job on the pony ! Really appreciate the NMF ! Congratulations ! Sincerely. CC
  3. This one for Lemmy, Focke Wulf 190F-8

    Here it is ! https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=Motorhead+Overkill&&view=detail&mid=7CAE5657E379F6D3C9927CAE5657E379F6D3C992&FORM=VRDGAR
  4. Hello Dears, I know, I should have waited tomorrow for having a good daylight pic ! But can't wait to share her with you !! I started her and decide, in the making, to dedicate her to a great militaria collector And an avid modeller, I mean the late Lemmy Kilmister ! As a great fan of the gentle peoples from Motorhead.... The kit is the Tamiya Focke Wulf 190F-8 with Eagle cals decals EC#10 Let's have a look at this unusual paint scheme for a german Aircraft ! Yes, she is left almost unpainted, the painting on the wing has been crudely applied with brush and whatever was at hand in April May 1945 I tried to depict this fact with a not airbrushed paint job purpotedly barely finished ! Not really easy to have a good effect but I'm glad about this one The plane was flown by Fw Eugen Lörcher at the 5/ SG 2 He did a belly landing in Aufhausen to escape the russians with his fiancee riding in the rear fuselage. Seemingly, they came back every year at the same spot to celebrate their escape to liberty with a bottle of Champagne !! More to come soon.
  5. This one for Lemmy, Focke Wulf 190F-8

    Thanks F4U, seemingly we are cousins ! Thank you simon, and they both passed away in a mere 2 months if I remember well. Listening to Overkill, Raaaah that's lovely, (No knive, no shower tub indeed ! ) Holly Molly Phil was RUNNING on his drum's pedals ! Thank Ian, really appreciate, I Wonder about the future of his HUGE collection ! Don't know if he has childrens, Affairs yes I know... Thank you Meatbox, David leave also a bottomless gap in the rock world ! Thanks Steve, Did'nt resist to show again my first BM'ed kit. What a change in 5 years of war ! Thank again Thank Russ, That's my game, havin' some unusual paint scheme, wait I have a lot more of such an idea ! Thank Vince Hope that they appreciate ! Whatever I very oftenly listened to them in the making of that Focke ! Corsaircorp
  6. This one for Lemmy, Focke Wulf 190F-8

    As I promised it, here are the SUN Daylight pics ! Don't know for you but I really appreciate this one ! Let's have a look Under the lady, sorry about that Thanks for the kind words, really appreciated ! Have a nice modelling time ! 6th kit finished this year, incredible, better than in the 17 last years Sincerely. CC
  7. Special Hobby AH-1G Cobra

    Me too, good job Shellie ! sincerely. CC
  8. As I send a kit to the RFI, must show another project... no ?? I started the Tony 3 or 4 years ago and Val was out from the attic today hope that @TonyTiger66 will appreciate Val too 2 dancing penguins waiting for the return of Percy ! Here's Val Both kits are Hasegawa, the Val will receive a CMK interior... Tony has already received some attention from the toecutter to include (Don't forget my son to include everyoooone !) Sorry I'also like Enter sandman ! To include I Sayyyyy this one And NO ! I will not represent the Kobayashi's tony. I will depict a Tony from the 68FG they were reguarly visited by the Jolly Rogers ! Sooo ! Ok, have a very nice modelling time ! Sincerely. Corsaircorp
  9. hello Jaime, Don't you worry !! Times go on fast !! I'm at just one decade of my retirement ! Not yet a Gran'Pa but he .... can give me that kick pretty quickly , it's my son on his wedding day !! A Don Corleone 's look indeed ! Have a very nice modelling time ! Sincerely. CC
  10. Hello Gents, Following a bet with @jrlx I'll ask to join that great band of wet feet modellers. Knowing myself, I did'nt start a great thing since it must finished in January Since yesterday, I Wonder, did I join in ? Or not ? But wich will be my entry ?? Martin Marlin, Catalina, Kingfisher, none of these could be possibly finished in time. Then I saw over the cabinet... This one I picked her up with the idea of selling her on evilbay, since I have 2 of these... Seem to be a decent kit with a funny diorama base WTF ?? But, can get Something out of this, will be a first...
  11. This one for Lemmy, Focke Wulf 190F-8

    Here's the WiP For the one who will ask about the Wheel cover, I'll show the next pic ! The conditions were really harsh at the times, they flew with all that was at hand ! Trying to slow down the russian offensives !! To no avail ! Ok Dears, as usual, I'm open to comments ! Thank for watching ! Will show some better photos tomorrow ! Have a very nice modelling time and take care ! Sincerely. Corsaircorp
  12. This one for Lemmy, Focke Wulf 190F-8

    I was bound to build that scene, But I did'nt have a 1/48 grey mouse at the time Not an expert enough to create or modify a figure... Especially a women snaking into the radio compartment of a Wurger !!
  13. Some kind of a very special AAA battery

    I had these african hens in my garden years ago... 1st, it is delicious ! 2nd each time the neighbours was Noisy, they start to run in circle screeching madly... 3rd When he did make a party and barr me from sleeping to get at work on the Sunday at 0630. I clapped my hands and came with their meal, Lord that was the fair for at least one hour. I call it diplomacy !! through the hens ! Sincerely. CC
  14. Hello dears, Hello welcomed ETI, Here I go with a very nice looking of an aeroplane. I used our Martian words, This one will follow the pace of an asthmatic snail from Namur Region with at least 2 bad limbs I always liked the Blackburn design, like this one One of these day... I'll do it at 1/48 But for the while, I'll try this Here we go There is just one Roc that actually saw combat, and she was helped by 2 Skua. So I was looking for Something more original... Did'nt manage to be as original as our beloved Martian's Floatplane Target Tug but... I will represent onbe of the use of the Roc, she was on the side of airstrips, levelled up and plugged to a generator And she was used as a AAA battery..... Poor dismayed Roc. There was some logic beyond the idea, It was harder to shoot down an Aircraft already on the ground But Seriously... Levelled up ? Here she is... Just sayin' hello to the alien... So I cut the hump to lower it and I will cut the transparencies too, that will be a first for me. Did'nt have too many photos from the interior, but it seem that I must change the fuel tanks. And I also will open the turret's doors, why making it easy??? Ok Gents, more to follow soon, another RFI in a few days and 3 others at the ready... Have a nice day and take care. Sincerely. Corsaircorp
  15. Some kind of a very special AAA battery

    No problems, you're welcome !! Some mutants are in the making !!! Parakeets and tennis ball ! Wimbledon is doomed for sure Imagine the noise of parakeets echoed by the grunts of the William sisters ! Sincerely Long life the puffins and the tennis parakeets, and last but not least Möttled Otto ! CC
  16. Some kind of a very special AAA battery

    Hello dears, I was in need of RAF personnel for this kit, and Steely Dan's brother did'nt fit in the Roc's turret... I call on a Lowestoft friend and... And hooooooo ! there is Spitfire in the box too... Will be a french one in Indochina (That's the version for SWMBO) So, I will have a closer look on the evening And YES ! there's a dog too... and a Jack ! and a Waaf ! Goooood ! See you later ! Sincerely. CC
  17. What's your car used to go buying models

    Hello dears, As we had some good laugh about our tastes in car in a WiP thread, why not opening a dedicated thread and have more fun !! I have polished my P-47N before having a coat of clear ... That gave me a kick to do Something Mrs CC was really pleased with ! Let me introduce you to "Peanut" 19 years old, 176.000 kms, when I bought it 5 years ago she only has 22.102 Kms made in 14 years. Of course, the lady is by no means the X type I was dreaming about but she is a problem free car 19 years and still going strong, she will be back in UK in August... So now Gents come on and show yours, let's have some humor... Are we going to see Tesla, Cadillac, Mg's, Bentley.... Have a very nice day. Corsaircorp
  18. What's your car used to go buying models

    Good, The parking lot in Telford will be full of Skoda plus Sarah Jane ! Thank for sharing. Sincerely. CC
  19. What's your car used to go buying models

    Not exactly the legal way to carry things ! I've seen worst... in Africa ! And Waooow nice Merco ! Really worthy today, you still have her ?? And a convertible Bug, also pricey today ! Thanks for sharing. sincerely. CC
  20. What's your car used to go buying models

    I know, with almost 35.000 Km per year, I experienced it ! Will not say Nothing more, I've been Lucky enough, will not dare the devil ! Sincerely. CC
  21. What's your car used to go buying models

    Yup, Exactly that. Can be helpfull ! CC
  22. What's your car used to go buying models

    I had one of my Customer that has experiernced the same situation He was drivin a VW Sharan, He cut down the engine but let the key on ignition. Plug his laptop in the cigarette lighter and work. As the place he was waiting in was not safe at all, he shut down the safety lock. Accumukator run flat and he was locked in his own car. The little pointy Hammer like the one found in the buses or train is THE good tool. One can buy it on the web; It's pretty sacry, I know for sure ! Sincerely. CC
  23. What's your car used to go buying models

    A big Hello to my colleagues from the AA ! Hey Rick, what's the problem with your car ? Usually when they were in such a situation..... Sincerely. Corsaircorp
  24. Thanks Tony, I was wondering about the Junkers 52 of @CedB, Holly molly he is the MG 42 of modelling !! 1200 Kits per minute !! Will be that way after my retirement (if I can make it to that time !) Have a very good modelling time ! Sincerely. CC
  25. Hello Dears, Still I'm modelling some evening but Nothing really worthy of a pic My next RFI are almost ready ! here's the Ryan Map holder, throttle quadrant and Dashboard; Will add the seat belt, finishing the Steely Dan painting and I buttoned her up ! I remember havin' bought long ago some bezels, found it in my stock But I bought 1/32's ones So, must find Something for the Ryan ! See you later Gents ! Have a very good modelling time and take care ! Corsaircorp