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  1. Hello Thom; Did'nt even know that such a kit was existing, seem fun ! you can choose the colors or is this coming from mangas or so ?, Sorry for such a stupid question, but I know about Nothing in this field of kits. Nice job whatever, glad to follow you on this one. Sincerely. Corsaircorp
  2. Hello Spad, No, I still remain for the Viagran Virgin even if WW is tempting So, I restart mine... Thank for the spark Sincerely. Corsaircorp
  3. Hello it's me again, About Pacific Prowler, it seem that the color of the Squadron was blue instead of yellow, can anyone help please ? Sincerely. Corsaircorp
  4. Look, I've started a P-38 from Monogram at a time, that the Monogram was the only girl to date Then in 2015 or 16, I bought this one As Mrs CC has always told me, that if I die first, she will throw away my whole collection ( almost 500 plus transkits, decals and so on...) I told her that, she will have been wiser to throw the whole pack on E b, she saw prices on some boxes and then ... The guy who buy kits from my collection can have such a surprise... 2 for the price of one plus bonus track And yesterday !! I was looking at Spadgent new built and Tilt !! it sparked this The Monogram was good, must be engraved and wingtip modified but look... Dimensions are right, no brainstorming for guessing what this one will be Will find cool decals for her and some resin parts are gone to the plusplastic park. Cloning,Dodson ! nice hat, you played spy ?? The Academy will be this one As I get the opportunity years ago to buy 5 monogram Lightning (Of course, there is 5 versions available on the same box) It was a toy shop that failed, it was a friend, it was not a gift but not any far from it. I was back home with 5 P-38, 3 P-47, a B-26, an A-26, a F4F and 3 F6F, smuggled at night , since the pill was a little big too hard to swallow for lot of spouses I think. Then, I will make this one I'm a great fan of Robin Olds, so Scat is in my challenges, I have at least 4 differents Scats wich are waiting in my attic. I also have this one available for a swap, don't remember why I've bought these.. Viking 2 may be... but I will make a conversion for one of the first british lightning Ok, it was not a warhorse but the sleekest of the P-38 for sure... Look at the differences Monogram 1966, just a few years younger than I am Eduard 2013, Who will dare to say "It was better in my years ???" Rough and dirty will be fun too, I like the pin up So now Rammstein mode.... Benziiiiine and let's go a L and a M Thanks for watching. It's not my fault Sir, I know I start, no please restart, it's not the same !! Convict Spadgent ! You're free, Corsaircorp's complaint is irrelevant. Have a nice day, I start my evening work week, no many modelling next days. Take care, see you soon. Sincerely. Corsaircorp
  5. Hello Viking, Very nice job, I really enjoyed her. Congatulations Sincerely. Corsaircorp
  6. Hello Devilfish, Nice job on this one, sure she would have moved some sand on take off. Congrats for the weathering, well done. Sincerely. Corsaircorp
  7. Hello, Precisely, I'll make the RNZAF one at Fassberg. No, there's no SAAF bird on the decal sheet, a polish, a New Zealander and 2 brits. Just a miss from the printer. Sincerely. Corsaircorp
  8. Hello Dears, Before anything said, I wish you and your family a happy and wealthy new year , may 2017 bring you the actual realisation of your Dreams I must confess that I'm a serial starter, I can stay month and even years in some case without finishing a model, and then in a given time, I will have 3, 4 or 5 kits out in a few weeks. Sometimes I speak with a friend about an Aircraft, or see her on the web, and I go to my attic (my own private shop) pick up a box or two and have a go. I've started the Airfix PR XIX weeks ago, trying to duplicate the cameras, As I bought the ICM Spitfire HF VII in a bashed box containing the HF VII, a XVI and parts from a IX, I also casually start the Mk XVI. The HF VII is finished, opening the way for the XVI, See, The Eduard Mk IX will be finished in a few weeks, tool late for a WIP on the right, the wings of the Mk XVI and her interior. On the left lie the PR XIX, I use the Airfix parts to make parts for my PR XI and PR I conversions. Still the rocker cover are a little bit undersized, but the exhaust rack seem to be at the right place. Here's a comparison between the Spinners from Quickboost, Airfix and Barracudacast The Quickboost one is made to compensate the too large spinner plate from the Academy XIV, I will check it and cross check with the Seafire .17 Another side and long term project, turning a Monogram A-1H into a AD-4NA from korean war. That mean erasing all the armour plates and engrave it according to the plans and photos, there is a Tamiya A-1H started aside but not many modifications Almost from the box No, never believe me when I tell such a thing The Meteor transkit is made for the Tamiya, and did'nt correspond to the Monogram, so I did it old school modelling, after all, I'm not a rabbit of the year Ok, more in the future... There still is the Mk IX, the Eduard Mk VIII, an Hasegawa Typhoon and a F-94C that are at the painting room... Have a nice evening, quiet after yesterday excesses.... Sincerely. Corsaircorp
  9. Viagran Virgin ??? They already have the blue pills ?? Corsaircorp not so proud of this one It was too tempting, sorry !
  10. Hello Spad, Here we go again, sparking my envy to take back my double Lightning bang, A monogram and an Academeduard !! I can resist to anything but the temptation I'll follow, Chimay blue at the ready with some cheese cube, belgian way ! and I prefer the Virgin even if the B*** is more colorfull, did I became romantic ??? or so ??? Have a nice day. Sincerely. Corsaircorp
  11. Hello Spad, Relentlessly, now gone for Gabelschwanze Teufel Very nice pics of a very nice Typhoon II, the sunrise is a pretty good idea. Let's go see your Lightning now. Congrats Sincerely. Corsaircorp
  12. Hello Tony, Waoow, did'nt know about NM scheme for the Coastal Command. Very nice job, fine weathering, she look great ! Sincerely. Corsaircorp
  13. Hi Mark, Nice job on these 2 Fords, I really enjoyed. Spark an envy to start mine ?? No CC, to much started kits The RF probes are barely used by NATC but you're right. That give an cool add. And barely is not never, is'nt it ? Congrats, I like it. Sincerely. Corsaircorp
  14. Hello dears, Just to show you another kit well on his way. The academy kit is well Worth his price, I have erased both the panels on wings and fuselage, because this is barely visible on the real thing. And raised as it was on the kit, sanding once again, I have added the Aires interior, an Aires P-2900 late and the Quickboost guns. The propeller came from a Tamiya kit because this P-47N-10 has paddle blade propeller. I have a lot of resin engines because they're generally poorly represented, here's a view of th interior I have copied the turbo from another kit who share the same type of material and add it to my P-47 The cleaned up wing, again sanding and putty. And I will to reproduce this one, 2 pin up for the price of one, another one for my Pacific serie. Thank for watching. Corsaircorp
  15. Hello Mike, Thank for the tip, I think it's only part of the problem, since; In the détails and Scale about the P-47, the problem of the cockpit aperture is already highlighted. On the P-47N the back of the Dashboard is not visible. It is also said that the shape of the aperture is wrong and oversized. Let's compare with the Tamiya. So I start by the rail on each sides, they are not even engraved on the Academy But, you're right about the adjustment, I add an Aires interior and I did'nt erase enough on the fuselage. Whatever, thank for the tip and the nice words. Sincerely. Corsaircorp, détails and scale's fan
  16. Hello Dears, A Navy Canberra, I'm in too better late than never, Sincerely. Corsaircorp
  17. No problems, you're welcome, Will try it asap and check my differents plans. It's always fun to look so closely, then the decision to do it or not is a personal choice. I was glad with the Hobby Boss, but there, the egg has been made by Rubick's hens... Still working on the comparative comprehensive Seafire 17 build.. The flattened -4 has gone unnoticed in french reviews, they still are glued on the UC doors... One of them has corrected the exhaust and the windshield.. 5 corsairs and 7 Spit/seafires on the go; not too bad. Sincerely. Corsaircorp
  18. Hello dears, Here we go to justify my alias. I'm found of bent wings birds and there is some of her on my shelves. I was very glad about the arrival of the trumpeter's Corsair serie, so I started one of it as soon as I've bought it. And picked up one of my Academy for a joint project. The Trumpeter interior is quite fine, the Academy is well... forget it I added the fabric seatbelts on the Trumpeter, the one and only fabric seatbelts I've used. It is wonderfull but nerve raking, this thing has also his own life The Academy interior is replaced by an Aires one. As one can see, Trumpeter is also a putty addict, as it is very oftenly the case, if you shut down all that has been designed to be opened, get some putty... The trumpeter engine is pretty good, but the exhaust stacks are coming from a Ford Anglia, such a thin pipe will be a welding torch at best when a PW 2800 is blowing in.. The Academy will receive an Aires P-2800 One of the biggest flaw of the trumpeter Corsair is her smile, I've tried putty and plasicard but did'nt like the result, So the kitchen table surgeon is back at the Helm. I picked up my Hasegawa F4U-4, take a mould of the cowl and duplicated it and Taatzaaaam ! The propeller is also to be rectified but still easy. Here's a view of the complete mess. And To be continued... Thank for watching. Corsaircorp
  19. I mean the Panzerwaffe museum im Lutzow Kazerne. I'm not only interested in Grumman big cats... We were in Iserlohn, we toured the mountain, spend a night in the vicinity of Kassel my wife is german, her sister live in Frankfurt an Main Last week end we were in Bonn (Bad Godesberg) for Suchhund prufung. Sorry about the cathedral Sincerely. Corsaircorp
  20. Hello Troy, Wich is the Tamiya used for your test ? I will have a Tam back in a few weeks, if someone else did'nt bought it ! I have a lot of -4, from these are 2 HB and 2 or 3 Academy. The Monogram one is a collector I probably will never build her. The -5 and AU-1 share the same fuselage... almost The -7 is a mix of these 2, I also have a Heller -7 and Heller AU-1 Lots of correction ahead. Will check it. Sincerely. Corsaircorp
  21. Sauerland ?? Nice place, will get back up there soon. But in May, I'll paid a visit to a museum in Munster. There is some interesting big chunk of metal, Mrs CC is not happy about the day... Sincerely. Corsaircorp
  22. Here we go, I checked all my references, there is no such a flat belly on my favourite bird In dimension, it's about right for any of them Academy and Hasegawa, I give a best to Academy since the kit is engraved, Hase is raised. Hobby boss over Hasegawa And over Academy. I dislike the appearance of the Academy, they tried to represent the fabric, but not at the right place. On the wing and rudder, sanding again. Both Hasegawa and Academy need an improvement for the interior and the engine. Here I get on another Look what they did to the _5's wing !!! Raaaaahhhh !! NO FABRIC on the -5's wing Hobby Boss san !! To be continued... Sincerely. Corsaircorp
  23. Hello Dear, hello Troy, Here we go again with rules and caliper Nice modelling evening today, I did some good things, here's my workplace Kitchen table modeller, Here are some comparisons BUT, today I speak only ( well almost) about F4U-4 There has been Love Story, here's the equally famous Nose Story (Don't you mind about my blue Chimay, and don(t step on it either !!) From left, the Academy, the Hasegawa and the Hobby Boss Head on the Academy is the best rendition of the real thing ! So one may ask, Why did you choose to copy the Hasegawa one ?? Because from a profile, the Hasegawa have a better chin than the Academy. Opening the Hase a little bit is easier than modify the chin... That's why.. However, these 2 are VERY close, look Hase over Academy and Change the position... No Dears, to me the worst issue with Hobby Boss is here They flattened the pig nose of the F-100 and they strike again with the Corsair !! I follow the thread, but did'nt want loose my work
  24. Hello Dears, Aarf Aarf Aarf ! I finally got it, after some guessing, skull sessions, Here's the first step I take some measures on a P-47D, look at photos and finally did that I have another piece of plasticard for the centering of the windshield. Pushrods, Magnétos and cowling flaps are improved. Will finish her this year I think... Since here is how I'm modelling Still a kitchen table modeller for a while and counting... No carpet monster but the colour of the floor is a nightmare for looking after a tiny part. And finding it before my big doggy find it Sincerely. Corsaircorp
  25. Hello Dears, Just a funny add, did'nt know that there has been this... Seriously Orange and blue fin flash and orange meatball !!! And this is not for a Dutch Spitfire Will find some roundels and fin flash on other decal sheet. Luckilly the fern leaf is black... All Black Yes, I must admit that I like the blacks too. Sincerely. Corsaircorp