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  1. Hello Dears ! Here I'm again ! A drama Dogge is de rigueur ! Not sure to finish this one in 2018, but whatever I dedicate this thread to a great gentleman @Ex-FAAWAFU I try the big game and bet my Bucc kit on this one ! 3 days of brainstorming about the air intake beside engine nacelle... For nuthin' It's included in the heritage kit ! Here's the start No need of these.. Will be used later, may be That will be fun I think !! I already have the Bang seats ! Sorry a mould for the bang seats ! And up we'll go ! Have a good modelling time And yes I know, I'm absolutely crazy, that point has been debated in Telford with our green alien and the stickless general ! So don't you worry I'm done ! Sincerely. CC
  2. As usual, I did'nt put it all in one time But I managed to do this ! With this kit, we are milles away from the Walrus... Look Look mama!! there are 2 Blackburn niceties... Now making a pure S1 interior, That will help ! Ok Dears, now I will search my resin parts to find 2 look alike first stage compressors of Gyron junior Cannot let these air intake empty... Have a nice modelling time 8 Sincerely. CC
  3. Hello Dears, The more I go the more I feel eager to do this one ! Or 220, but this one will be interesting too, a Rooed Bucc... Tempting !! But I prefer an all white buccaneer so... I saw one of these with 4 bullpup Under the wing.... More tempting... Well, I'll use this ! I searched but the Bucc still have the same ejection seat, S1, S2 and so on ! There's a tiny difference ! The same can be said about the tub ! Pavla seem right in size and shape !
  4. Hello Dears, Just say forget about the Brown sauce because I used to hear "Rum and Brown sauce, you know how to party !!" never noticed it before, but yes ! it's made in the Netherlands Incredible ! It's almost impossible to buy it in Belgium Lea & Perrins.. The best Worcesteshire saus ever, but became also hard to find !! We now can find some pretty tasty lemon curl, orange marmelade is now a belgian classic ! Global village... But I still must cross the channel for havin' my favourite rum ! I do not need Rum to be eager to cross the channel !! must be said !! I'm going to work in the cold january rain ! fixing cars on the roadside... Have a nice modelling day ! Sincerely. CC
  5. In fact Dear Colleague, I'm searching for 2 other Buccaneer.... 'cause I have some pink paint... and a good decal sheet... There will be a "Hello Sailor" is this surprising ?? So let's go for the Buccaneer club Yooohhooo A bottle of rum ! Please ! Do forget about the Brown sauce !! Sincerely CC
  6. Abram's Sherman

    Hello Dears, The Sherman will be RFIed soon but I will show what's coming next ! The guy on the right seem a good indication ! No, no no He's not @Panzer Vor!!! On the left stand my first RFI in the figures forum, will also finish him in 2018 ! Have a good time modelling Dears ! Sincerely. Corsaircorp
  7. Abram's Sherman

    Hello Dears, I'm a newcomer in this section of BM, Aircraft are my main point of interest But sometimes, I came modelling lower and lower, I mean vehicles ! I made a swap with a fellow modeller and received this one My friend bought this for using some parts, So I knew well that had to buy tracks As I wanted to depict it in the battle of the bulge period, It was a good time to try the duck billed tracks I feel always disapointed when I see some AFV in convention, well painted, well weathered but .... empty ! So I bought this one And used some parts of this one And scratchbuilded some other parts. I know this is no longer a real work in progress topic since here's where I stand today
  8. The other thoroughbred from WWII P-51

    Hello Dears, Almost finished but I changed my mind ! And decided to open the cockpit... So I cut the transparencies !! The landing light is upgraded too, I used an overtree Spitfire rear vew Mirror and here we go ! I will have at least a RFI per month in 2018, That will be short but I still work in that way ! Have a very nice day of modelling !! Sincerely. CC
  9. Hello, Here's another project of mine. 3 american aircrafts including 1 and a half under british management. Both are early Mustangs with différents armament and of course different wing. 1 MTO, 1 ETO and the last from CBI There's an Accurate min and 2 ICM, serioulsly they're almost identical. The first to be finished, I guess will be the MTO one a P-51A from an US Sqdn on loan to an brit squadron. The colours will be ... Let's say, unusual. One of my favourite game , you both should know the kind of remark "are you sure about the colours ???" I modify the camera rack for 2 of thede Mustang, because, you receive this... And you must have that... So, I cut the brackets, throw away the original support, add an armour plate ( from her cousins ) slightly modified. Add wiring to the camera, That seem promising, there's also lots of sanding but the ICM are worst. I keep on going, modifying the wings according to the 3 different type of early mustang is funny. Thank for watching. Corsaircorp
  10. 'Sicilian' Revell Ju88 A-4 in 1/48

    No probs ! Take your time ! I'm also a kind of procrastinator... I think that there is some... here around... may be, perhaps... Sincerely. Corsaircorp
  11. 'Sicilian' Revell Ju88 A-4 in 1/48

    Hello Bruce, pretty nice job goin'on here ! Congratulations ! Will take a seat and Watch, if I may ? Sincerely. Corsaircorp
  12. My Telford sin... Supermarine Walrus

    Believe me Dear Spad ! AFAIK this pinniped is the best airfix kit I ever see Even the ejection pins are finally little game ! A must for sure, you will succumb too ! So now, the half eaten sandwich ! Thank for the kind words ! CC
  13. Hello Dears, Did I've been a good guy in Telford ?? Have a look... To my point of view... Yes, I've been, but I'm not sure that SWMBO will agree... Will be curious to know how many of the 1/48 Walrus have been sold this year in SMW ??? And some trainer Harrier too..... And today, I started her Cleaning up the ejection pin This is really a great kit... I asked the Airfix guys about the next 1/48 kits... Seemingly we will not hav the Avro Bison or Blackburn Ripon next year !! What a lack of good taste.. But a Beaufort is possible in a near future, The Blenheim is sure and will be great... But No Stirling or Hampden..... Damn it !! Sincerely. Corsaircorp
  14. I better don't tell what Mrs CC is saying about me... Oh what a luck ! I have models to do Aaaaaaand Raaaah tomorrow evening, I'll be back in the game ! Have a nice Sunday ! Sincerely. CC
  15. Hello Dears, However, I cannot start a WiP for any of my running projects. I always have "side projects", kind of kits that are processing at the pace of "an asthmatic snail with a bad limb" thank to the martian for the sentence !! I participate to the researches about 2 Lancasters wrecks in my vicinity, after the second excavation, I decided to start mine as a Ton up Lanc. Here's the well known kit As a tail sitter, she do not need ballast but for the sake of the Lancaster spirit, I will include a bit from ED800 and PD306 in this kit. I will depict "Phantom of the Ruhr" I also really like the F-4 so it is a double shot here ! Knowing that the engine nacelles are flawed, I bought some aftermarket parts, like these I make a big mistake since I wanted to engrave the kit, I should have this done on the wing only Since on the fuselage, the riveting stand proud , too late once it is open one just have to carryin' on !! The flaps are cut because I will drop it a bit, Eduard interior parts are great, even if it will not be really visible once the fuselage is closed. Now, Dears, I have a question, Belcher bits give us differents air intakes for the engine nacelles But when I look surviving Lanc, I did'nt see differences in between inboard and outboard air intakes ??? Should I rectify this ?? And which one is the good one ?? Large or small ?? I will post sometime on this thread, but it will not go faster, For now, I'm preparing 2 RFI's Thanks for watching, Ok Spad, here's my Lancaster, will not be as good as your Bloody Parylyzer !! Sincerely. Corsaircorp
  16. A slow progressing Ton's up Lanc !

    Hello John, Are you kidding ?? With my asthmatic snail pace ?? I will more follow you than you'll following me Your Lanc will be on RFI in.... Let's say March ?? Thank for the kind words ! Sincerely. CC
  17. Hello Spad, The way I told you, Hope that you grew better, Splendid job on your Electric friend, Congratulations !! sincerely. CC
  18. The other thoroughbred from WWII P-51

    Hello Dears, I managed to spend a bit of time on my model yesterday. I finished the weathering on my first Mustang, Flat varnish this evening... Some parts and détails and go on RFI ! Have a very good modelling time ! Sincerely. CC
  19. Catching Pictures in the Air

    Our Dear Baron has finished his Dornification... Back to the packet now !! Coooool, Sincerely. CC
  20. Hey Massimo, Very fascinating thread ! You do a sterling job on that gannet ! Congratulations ! I already spent a lot of time in reading Learning and laughing !! Sincerely. Corsaircorp
  21. Convair xfy-1 pogo

    Well Matt, the kit is more of my age.... At the time, I was also highly detailled !! I'm gathering some parts in my resin stock to make mine... One day... But I'm not sure that she's really at 1/48... more 1/50 I think ! I also started a lindberg classic, and still have some of these on my stash ! Aka the XF4D... with is Tamiya cousin... That will be fun too, but not mojo restoring at all Not many parts but when you start to add your own parts... Things can get a little more complicated. Good job on this one, Congrats ! Sincerely. Corsaircorp
  22. From Failure to Failure

    Ai caramba ! I'm dead !! Sincerely. CC
  23. From Failure to Failure

    Hello Troy ! The way I have a P-47 and an A-26 that are named Sylvia .... But I also have a Tornado that will be named Amamda Jane, I must hide this one, even if it was time before to meet Sylvia It's a kind of prequel jealousy ! Better, I have decals for a B-17 that sport a pin up which is a real look alike of my wife. Well, I better start one of these build ! Sincerely. Corsaircorp
  24. 1/48 Mosquitoes Revairfix and resin

    Hello Dears, Just have a look at the last deed of my friend Pierre, when we were in UK, he did take some shot of the BC bomb sight ! Aaaaand Tatzaaaaammmm !! Only made with sprue !! So nice and tidy ! I'm almost sad to use it... Too thin to be copied in resin... So Thank Pierre Sincerely. CC
  25. Hello Dears, There's are some kits at work, but as I'm wondering about the Mossies, I start a WIP for sharing and Learning... I've started the Mossies last year, I mean 2015, a Revell one wich will become a Pathfinder from 627th Sqdn. Very nice interior but as Cheezburger has said, try to close it ... Apart the seatbelts from Eduard eveything is from the box The pilot seat will be replaced. The bomb bay will stay open and dears, here's my first question.. The pathfinder has used special coloured bombs, Willie pete or red or green to mark the objectives. What did those bombs look like ??? did anyone have a photo or data, maybe a bomb that seem externally normal ?? I don't know. I read here and there that the Airfix mossie is quite right in shape and dimension, but I Wonder about the paddle blades, are they the right shape ? For the Revell, I've spinner duplicated from Airfix and I modified the landing gear. The Airfix one is already cutted to become a Tse Tse.... Meanwhile, this one will enter the painting room, She has been a nightmare in adjustments And I opened this box too... but just a slow start.. Since my Tungsten Corsair Mk II will be finished soon, she just need a friend beside her.. Back to the mossie, I also have another foolish project, but for the next year maybe. A Monogram mossie that will become a Sea Mosquito, (still crazy about naval aviation) and a Tamiya that will become a Corsair Mossie from the Banff wing. Hope that I'm not too boring Have a nice modelling time. Sincerely. Corsaircorp