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  1. Hello Dears, Still hope that my friend Pierre will join us on BM... Can't resist to share some pics from one of his project. I mean the Fonderie Miniature 1/48 Hampden, Just a look a the first half fuselage, this work is only to make her fit with the plan. Look It seem not very special, but have a closer look He has already done "Bambi" a 1/48 Halifax and he is finishing a Tollerton Halifak both Fonderie Kits... Hope that you will enjoy... Have a very nice day. Sincerely. Corsaircorp
  2. Waooow, pretty nice painting and decaling. I'm a bit off for some days, but paid a visit to my friends. Really kike Scat II? I'm eager to use kitsworld d├ęcals, seem very well printed. Congratulations again . Sincerely. Corsaircorp
  3. Hello Dears, There's are some kits at work, but as I'm wondering about the Mossies, I start a WIP for sharing and Learning... I've started the Mossies last year, I mean 2015, a Revell one wich will become a Pathfinder from 627th Sqdn. Very nice interior but as Cheezburger has said, try to close it ... Apart the seatbelts from Eduard eveything is from the box The pilot seat will be replaced. The bomb bay will stay open and dears, here's my first question.. The pathfinder has used special coloured bombs, Willie pete or red or green to mark the objectives. What did those bombs look like ??? did anyone have a photo or data, maybe a bomb that seem externally normal ?? I don't know. I read here and there that the Airfix mossie is quite right in shape and dimension, but I Wonder about the paddle blades, are they the right shape ? For the Revell, I've spinner duplicated from Airfix and I modified the landing gear. The Airfix one is already cutted to become a Tse Tse.... Meanwhile, this one will enter the painting room, She has been a nightmare in adjustments And I opened this box too... but just a slow start.. Since my Tungsten Corsair Mk II will be finished soon, she just need a friend beside her.. Back to the mossie, I also have another foolish project, but for the next year maybe. A Monogram mossie that will become a Sea Mosquito, (still crazy about naval aviation) and a Tamiya that will become a Corsair Mossie from the Banff wing. Hope that I'm not too boring Have a nice modelling time. Sincerely. Corsaircorp
  4. Hello SH, Nice project, I really like the way you do. More than building a plastic kit, IMHO it is a way to offer a tribute, deserved or not to the people who fought. No matter the people involved, I use to say that they were people who did what they have to do at a given time. A good kit with a story behind is really what I like. So come on... I'll follow if you don't mind, I've the same kit in my attic, will see how it unfold. Why did you change the propeller, the Tamiya's one is wrong ? Sincerely. Corsaircorp. PS must try that colourcoats paints..
  5. Hello Christer, Well, there is a Eduard Mk VIII wich is nearing completion A Mk IX Eduard in about the same situation another Eduard Mk IX not yet closed will be desert or Italy An ICM Mk IX just started will be a pinkie An Otaki Mk VIII that will become a PR XI The ICM Mk XVI will become a New Zealander in Fassberg The Airfix PR XIX will be "The last" 2 Airfix Seafires 17 that will show if the lunacy of a modeller is usefull or not and finally An Airfix Seafire 47 and a Spitfire Mk 24 both for korean war serie.... Who has said "one can never get enough Spitfire"??? Thank for the kinds words. Sincerely. Corsaircorp
  6. Hello Dears, Before anything said, I wish you and your family a happy and wealthy new year , may 2017 bring you the actual realisation of your Dreams I must confess that I'm a serial starter, I can stay month and even years in some case without finishing a model, and then in a given time, I will have 3, 4 or 5 kits out in a few weeks. Sometimes I speak with a friend about an Aircraft, or see her on the web, and I go to my attic (my own private shop) pick up a box or two and have a go. I've started the Airfix PR XIX weeks ago, trying to duplicate the cameras, As I bought the ICM Spitfire HF VII in a bashed box containing the HF VII, a XVI and parts from a IX, I also casually start the Mk XVI. The HF VII is finished, opening the way for the XVI, See, The Eduard Mk IX will be finished in a few weeks, tool late for a WIP on the right, the wings of the Mk XVI and her interior. On the left lie the PR XIX, I use the Airfix parts to make parts for my PR XI and PR I conversions. Still the rocker cover are a little bit undersized, but the exhaust rack seem to be at the right place. Here's a comparison between the Spinners from Quickboost, Airfix and Barracudacast The Quickboost one is made to compensate the too large spinner plate from the Academy XIV, I will check it and cross check with the Seafire .17 Another side and long term project, turning a Monogram A-1H into a AD-4NA from korean war. That mean erasing all the armour plates and engrave it according to the plans and photos, there is a Tamiya A-1H started aside but not many modifications Almost from the box No, never believe me when I tell such a thing The Meteor transkit is made for the Tamiya, and did'nt correspond to the Monogram, so I did it old school modelling, after all, I'm not a rabbit of the year Ok, more in the future... There still is the Mk IX, the Eduard Mk VIII, an Hasegawa Typhoon and a F-94C that are at the painting room... Have a nice evening, quiet after yesterday excesses.... Sincerely. Corsaircorp
  7. Hello, Don't you worry, they did'nt stay for a long time in that drawer Since I'm like my favourites dogs, I mean the Boxer, once I bite, I did'nt let loose. My main concern is about the transparencies and their fitting, I can no longer trim in the sides since there will no place for the pilot's seat Next time, I'll be focused on the Tse Tse, my friend has given some good 1/48 plans I will remain silent for some days since my evening work week start on sunday And then, I'll get a surgery, 11 teeth and roots plus scrubbing the jawbone, the doctor tell me "That I will remember that one" Have a very nice day. Sincerely. Corsaircorp
  8. Hello dears, Just to show you another kit well on his way. The academy kit is well Worth his price, I have erased both the panels on wings and fuselage, because this is barely visible on the real thing. And raised as it was on the kit, sanding once again, I have added the Aires interior, an Aires P-2900 late and the Quickboost guns. The propeller came from a Tamiya kit because this P-47N-10 has paddle blade propeller. I have a lot of resin engines because they're generally poorly represented, here's a view of th interior I have copied the turbo from another kit who share the same type of material and add it to my P-47 The cleaned up wing, again sanding and putty. And I will to reproduce this one, 2 pin up for the price of one, another one for my Pacific serie. Thank for watching. Corsaircorp
  9. Hello Spad, Gooood job, tea bags are finer than my mosquito screen, very good idea. I used to drink deca and tea bag are now mase from paper; Must find some of that stuff. Very nice job on the Wheel wells Sincerely. Corsaircorp
  10. So come on, you will be the fourth, let's have fun... Sincerely. Corsaircorp
  11. I think so, I've tried to reproduce the lettering that say "No Hand Hold" in front of it My eyes are not eager for such a job... Corsaircorp
  12. Thanks a lot, it's the Aires one, must look for havin' more of this thing It can be used in F-84, F-86, '45 and Korea mustangs. I had bought some Meteor prod gunsight but can(t put the hand on it for this while. Thank for watching. Have a very nice day. Sincerely. Corsaircorp
  13. Hello Dears, Who has say that the Revell's Mosquito is a dog of a kit ??? Let's say, it is not nice for the dogs.... I no longer can sand the sides and it WILL NOT CLOSE Okay, she go back to the drawer of doom for some times. Have a very nice day. Sincerely. Corsaircorp
  14. Hello dears, I changed my mind about exhaust, too late for the Eduard Mk VIII, I must find a way to rework my exhaust stacks So this ICM Mk XVI will receive overtrees Eduard exhaust stacks for Mk XVI Just saw on the photo that I must clean up the gunsight's glass. More to come soon. Have a very nice day. Sincerely. Corsaircorp
  15. Hello Dears, I've been silent fot 2 days since I'm burned out, suffering from my hip/ Made some plastic today, Gunsight installed and windshield too. I bought some whit primer, will try it I did spend a lot of time on my next RFI I did get a problem with my MiG 3, I must rectify the painting, it has been my first with PA air More to come soon. Sincerely. Corsaircorp
  16. It's always reassuring to know that we're not alone... I can do whatever I want in the house, cooking, fixing thing or gardening even repairing the car, She let me quiet and alone. Should I start my models in the kitchen, there's Something to do or a long well known story to explain again.... And the rockets are coming soon, "when you do your plastic thing, you did'nt even listen what I say." It is really hard to live with you and so on... And the atom bomb; "My passion is about enhancing life and it bring me money, yours is about dead thing or people, and machine that have been made for Killing peoples and it cost you some money" ITE MISSA EST, what can one add to this ?? Sincerely. Corsaircorp
  17. Helo Helidriver, The viper is going strong and well. Nice job, are you satisfied about the iwata ? Keep carry on that fine work. Sincerely. Corsaircorp
  18. Hello Dears, Wow wow, a lot of page to read for this very nice and interesting thread. If you don't mind, is there a little place for watching ? I'll catch up quick and promise that I will not be too Noisy. Sincerely. Corsaircorp
  19. Hello Mr P. I understand the way you think about, but, as a father of 3, I must say that it is mainly the best thing that I've done. Each time different, but I've been a better father at 37 than at 26 Don't even mind about telling "older" I prefer "experienced" Very nice job on the Gauntlet, and very nice job on mini P too, I'm faithfull about the protoprocopius Mk II at the birth of my first son in 1991, I told my ex-wife that I will have 2 more kids, She told me "Find another women ! " And I did just that, not purpotedly but I did just that, So be carefull in telling so.. Keep up that fine job and may be , there is a place for a britmodeller member at the 10th of the downing Street I really enjoyed the video too. Sincerely. Corsaircorp
  20. USAFline

    Hello Dears, I'll be glad to find the same sheet but in dull red... It will be usefull for Korean era Aircraft. Ok, I mainly think about my F3D Nice review, thanks. Corsaircorp
  21. Hello Jerzy, Very nice job on the trio, my favourite is the white one. These kits were a serious challenge and you get through it ! Bravos for that ! very nice painting job too. I really enjoy ! Sincerely. Corsaircorp
  22. Hello, Nice job on that 109, brush painted ! Again congratulations. Sincerely. Corsaircorp
  23. Just minutes before entering the oven After the oven Here we go, minutes before entering my stomach... Mrs CC is glad, it was tasty. May be a lot of modelling after that... Have a nice day. Sincerely. Corsaircorp
  24. Look, I've started a P-38 from Monogram at a time, that the Monogram was the only girl to date Then in 2015 or 16, I bought this one As Mrs CC has always told me, that if I die first, she will throw away my whole collection ( almost 500 plus transkits, decals and so on...) I told her that, she will have been wiser to throw the whole pack on E b, she saw prices on some boxes and then ... The guy who buy kits from my collection can have such a surprise... 2 for the price of one plus bonus track And yesterday !! I was looking at Spadgent new built and Tilt !! it sparked this The Monogram was good, must be engraved and wingtip modified but look... Dimensions are right, no brainstorming for guessing what this one will be Will find cool decals for her and some resin parts are gone to the plusplastic park. Cloning,Dodson ! nice hat, you played spy ?? The Academy will be this one As I get the opportunity years ago to buy 5 monogram Lightning (Of course, there is 5 versions available on the same box) It was a toy shop that failed, it was a friend, it was not a gift but not any far from it. I was back home with 5 P-38, 3 P-47, a B-26, an A-26, a F4F and 3 F6F, smuggled at night , since the pill was a little big too hard to swallow for lot of spouses I think. Then, I will make this one I'm a great fan of Robin Olds, so Scat is in my challenges, I have at least 4 differents Scats wich are waiting in my attic. I also have this one available for a swap, don't remember why I've bought these.. Viking 2 may be... but I will make a conversion for one of the first british lightning Ok, it was not a warhorse but the sleekest of the P-38 for sure... Look at the differences Monogram 1966, just a few years younger than I am Eduard 2013, Who will dare to say "It was better in my years ???" Rough and dirty will be fun too, I like the pin up So now Rammstein mode.... Benziiiiine and let's go a L and a M Thanks for watching. It's not my fault Sir, I know I start, no please restart, it's not the same !! Convict Spadgent ! You're free, Corsaircorp's complaint is irrelevant. Have a nice day, I start my evening work week, no many modelling next days. Take care, see you soon. Sincerely. Corsaircorp
  25. Nope, A recce nose for a Monogram RF-80 since the HB is a complete mess ! Here's the lamb and again Thanks to New Zealand See you later. Corsaircorp