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  1. Hello Dears, I did get in Florennes AB, there is a little museum, at first it was only for the Spitfire Mk XIV restored on the spot. Now there is another hall for more modern Aircraft, F-84E, F-84F, Mirage V, F-16A, Fouga Magister, Tiger moth, UAV, and a Lance missile launcher. But I did get up there for taking some measurements to improve the Hobbycraft Mk XIV. Here are some photos from my 11 yars old son and me, hope that you will enjoy. All the photos are from cell phone, so do not be too severe please.
  2. Hello Dears, I told about 2 Sailor's Aircraft, here's the first one. First finished lit for 2017, but started years ago, the building has not been uneven, far from it Sometimes you will scratch your head .... This book has been helpfull and still is My project is to represent these planes, that very same day but on the ground. The TBD-1 has been the first combat monoplane to enter the fleet, and there was a ceremony and press conference. Here's the beast... She has been painted with Life colors and Alclad, I really like this Aircraft. The wearthering has been kept a minima, Since it was peacetime, Navy birds are well maintained It's the Squadron leader Aircraft and... We are in a press conference The Yellow wings decals are pristine, really enjoyed it The more I look at her, the more I like her What a pleasure... Different from the grey'ish grey Aircraft carrier deck of today Once again, I used EZ lines, I only kept the caban rigging, The photo etched wings main rigging is .... well ( this may contain some explicit contents) Moreover EZ line is flat, so, what else ?? Antenna aerial is also made from EZ line, but different kind of. Hope that you enjoy it, thanks for watching. Sincerely. Corsaircorp
  3. Oh nice idea, nice Aircraft and what a clean and nett workbench. Very inspiring Hum Hum, mine is not that way.... Sincerely. Corsaircorp
  4. I was about to tell the same, very nice job, congratulations. Corsaircorp
  5. Very nice job and knowing the kit a great amount of very nice job !! Thank for sharing Sincerely. Corsaircorp
  6. I really enjoy it, congratulations ! Corsaircorp
  7. Obviously ! that's "de rigueur" And now, let's go back to the TBD and may be starting (What !!! once again startin' a kit ???? ) the SBC Thank again. Corsaircorp
  8. Sure you can, I was at Le Bourget in the business day, not for the public. It is a gift from MiG, and NO, I mean NO, this is not a gift for a woman. Look what lie Inside this wonderfull coloured piece of art Seeing that beast making a low pass, full burner is exhilarating. As a complement of info, there was a model for woman, and Yes the Watch has worked well for almost 6 month. I keep it as a souvenir, there must have been thousand of this... but, will look nice beside my MiG 31, when I finishn no start it. Thank you, it's an inspiring work you have done. Sincerely. Corsaircorp
  9. I totally agree, or may be a little bit, just may be, too much belgian beer. I wonder how the belly is not flatter, since arrested landing can compress the oleos. and there is no margin, or just a little bit. Thank you Thank you Polo, always a pleasure for me to show you my finished kits. Thank for you support. Many thank, I really appreciated Sincerely. Here we go, you're right JR following the FDS is not always the best way. I will make it better next time, But sorry about it but I must use the same color for my BF2C and my TBD as they will be side by side. Thank you all. Sincerely. Corsaircorp
  10. Thank you, I've 6 1/48 Spitfire on the bench at least, a little bit of fancy colours before going back in ocean.... grey Thank you. Corsaircorp
  11. Thank you JR, In fact, it is Lifecolor LC 60, it was matching the color table at the end of the book, will show it in a future post. Thank you all. Sincerely. Corsaircorp
  12. Hello Oliver, and well Mike is also concerned by the way... Did you know that ??? Sincerely. Corsaircorp
  13. Hello Oliver, Must say, W√ľnderbar ! Korocho ! Very nice job, I really like it, will show you Something in a few hours... About the Foxhound, rememberance of the Soviet goodies from Mikoyan... Sincerely. Corsaircorp
  14. Hello Basuroy, Follow this thread and compare, if you need some photos, I can help, may be You can also go on Belgian wings, URL is on the thread too. To me, it look right. Good luck, the Eduard Spit are a pleasure Sincerely. Corsaircorp
  15. No doubt, it has been corrected, Sob sob There is only KH and Testors Corsaircorp
  16. Hello dears, I will try to find it out in my documents and as I will go soon to the Brussels museum for another reason, I'll look up there if there is any info. I also will take the measure for Stefano, may be the coming week, since I'm in a busy mode tor this while. All I know is that BAF did'nt receive any brand new Mk XIV, they came up all from diverses AMU. Some were already repaired machine (cat 1 and 2) Sincerely. Corsaircorp
  17. Hello Julien, Thank for the review, GWH has issued a Banshee ?? I knew about the would be Banshee of Kitty Hawk.. Did I have a false sens of hope Sincerely. Corsaircorp
  18. Hello Dears, I'll take a seat in a corner, bring on some beer and Watch... I've a project, no so original for building "Nan" with the dustbin radar and rockets winglets. The base will be the 1/48 Monogram, my friend is finishing his own CC Lib' Hope that he will come up to BM, lots of curiosities to show up. I'll support you Rob, go on and good luck. Sincerely. Corsaircorp
  19. Aaaaaargl, there is just 2 sets of Ventura 4821. in Hannants's stock I will order 'on the double" Thank you all. Sincerely. CC
  20. And Thank you too Hornet. I'll change my plans, (but can be back at Jared in a few weeks) I'm also a compulsive guy I receive my second Seafire 17, let's go for the test shot... Sincerely. Corsaircorp
  21. Thank Mr P, Polish fighting team, do you mean the Skalki circus ? Thank again. Sincerely. Corsaircorp
  22. Hello Dears, Oh my God, I would I have tried this one !! I knew the thing, already see it in a museum, but actually using it, Raaaaah 8 Thank for sharing. Remember me of the .50, but my over the top experience was the MG 42 Awesome and fully mechanic !! Sincerely. Corsaircorp
  23. Hello Mr P, Very nice job on the seven Spitfires.... I'm lost, far too much productive for me I'm sad about the Garth Jarred Spitfire 'cause it was one of my project. But you're right, looking at the photos, it is not a dark earth mid stone one. At least, did such a Mk IX really exist ?? I mean a dark earth mid stone Mk IX ? May be at the time, they did'nt get bored in changing the camouflage and every Spitfire were painted in european scheme ?? Have a nice day and I really enjoy your job and way to go. Congrats. Corsaircorp
  24. Hello Dears, In a previous thread, one can see that there is an Eduard Spitfire Mk VIII that is on the painting bench. As every time, Idid'nt finish a kit yet and I Wonder about the next one, time for me to start my Spitfire PR XI. So this one will represent the Spitfire Mk VIII of Clive "Killer" Caldwell and will be in a RFI in a few weeks. But as I told it before, I've got this one too The fuselage is quite good, engraved and dimensions are almost right, see, Nearby 2 mm to add on the very end of the nose, here, I Wonder if I will cut and modify the Otaki wing or using an Eduard one, whatever I choose, I must modify the wing... Here are some resin parts, made years ago from various donors, including a Tamiya Mk V I cleaned the original Otaki interior and began the surgery: And now, let's verify the Murphy's law Will St Eduard give us a good PR XI ?? Now that I've started my conversion ??? I've worked on some other projects this evening, will have 2 RFI in a few days, Sailors Aircrafts obviously Thank for watching. Sincerely. Corsaicorp