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  1. F4U-1A Corsair info

    Hi Simon. No problem, I think it is on-topic enough. Great info posted above. Unfortunately as I don't have an airbrush, and Tamiya paints don't paint so well with a paintbrush, I had to go to with Humbrol. They don't have a color close to the dark blue paint used in the USN (or at least not in the only big Hobbyshop in my town). I thus made my own mix. It's accuracy is debatable, but I went for something that looked "right" to me. This is a very much in-progress photo of my build so far. You can see some of the techniques I'm trying out for the very first time, as well as the result of my own mixed color. This is my mix (excuse my weird representation of my mix): 7 parts Hu25 (53.8%) 2 parts Hu32 (15.4%) 1 part Hu85 (7.7%) 3 parts Hu34 (23.1%) total of 13 parts. This is probably not very accurate as I measured in in ml's with a dropper, but it should get you close. I think my blue is a tad dark, however as I am doing a relatively weathered corsair, I plan to blend it in with various lighter shades as a result of the pacific sun. This excellent photo of Ira Kepford's Vf-17 Corsair is what I'm trying to accomplish. Cheers Jimmy
  2. F4U-1A Corsair info

    Hi all. Thanks for the confirm, red surround it is then! Still unsure about what to do about the camo at the front. I've studied the photo closely since my last post, and although it's hard to tell where the cowling aft end is, it looks like there is a light bit behind it, although it extends up further than the light area on the cowling forward of it. Same for the cowl flaps. I honestly don't know what's going on there, and don't know if I should try to reproduce it. Thanks for the info. Interesting. I've looked at all the photos of VF-17 Corsair's I've collected, and although some of the photo's quality or angles makes it hard, there are definitely some with the wider paddle bladed prop. As you said, could probably be either, though I might just leave it as it is. Cheers Jimmy
  3. F4U-1A Corsair info

    Hi all. So I've "sorted out" the cockpit colour as well as the primer paint. I'm was still at odds over the red barred star insignia, however then I found this photo: https://hu.wikipedia.org/wiki/F4U_Corsair Yes it's a Hungarian Wikipedia page. It's the one at the very top right-hand corner. The English Wikipedia page does not have the same photograph. The aircraft 3rd from the front is the VF-17 subject I will be building (click on the photo to enlarge). Look at the insignia. It's almost certainly got a red bar around it. Does anyone agree that this is photographic evidence of it having the red barred insignia? The only doubt about the photograph is the date of 1944. On this link the same photograph (only much smaller) is dated 1943. https://www.pacificwrecks.com/aircraft/f4u/17804/1943/vf17.html This is probably nitpicking, but it would have been nice to have the correct date. Another interesting thing about the photo is the aircrafts sudden end of the tri-colour camo just behind the engine cowling. Hi Martin. I've decided to fill the two pylons, it was quite easy. As for the tailplance and rear fuselage, that will be difficult to fix, and I'll try to ignore those. I found another -1D part though, and that is the prop. Linked from this gaming forum, I found this picture: https://forum.warthunder.com/index.php?/topic/374078-f4u-1-series-inaccuracies/ I did further research and seems the info is correct. This kit does indeed have the -1D prop. To me this is a bigger issue than the rest. Thus I think I might attempt sanding it down to look more like the correct prop. Cheers Jimmy
  4. F4U-1A Corsair info

    Hi Alan. Yes actually it does help, thank you! Hi Martin. Not negative at all, only fact, which I do appreciate. I would most likely have missed it completely. The more I know about the kit's deficiencies, the better, since I like to think I should be able to do something about it. Thanks Corsairfoxfouruncle, that's what I needed to know, which of the two would be the most accurate. I had a feeling the VF-17 option would be more accurate, but I wasn't sure of the USN Corsair's operating off of island fields, but I'm convinced now. Also, that's very informative. I surely didn't know that. Cheers Jimmy
  5. F4U-1A Corsair info

    Good day all. I'm planning on doing a Corsair diorama depicting a relatively weathered Corsair on an island. I have this Revell kit: After about a day of research on general info, I still have unanswered questions. 1. The kit has the following two options: a) Pappy Boyington's VMF-214 Corsair at Vella Lavella, Solomon Islands. As far as I could find out, Major Gregory Boyington didn't actually fly this plane, ever, as the photos with him in it were for publicity only. And b), a VF-17 Navy Corsair. My objective being to depict a weathered Corsair on an island, which one of the two would be the most appropriate? Seeing as "Boyington's Corsair" wasn't flown by him, was the publicity additions (kill markings, lulubelle/lucybelle) removed after the op, or did someone (other that Boyington) actually fly the Corsair like this? As for the Navy option, there's a photo of a Navy VF-17 Corsair on Bougainville at this link http://www.mission4today.com/index.php?name=ForumsPro&file=viewtopic&t=14428&start=436&finish=15&printertopic=1 It's about 3/4 down the web page. Why would a Navy Corsair land on an island? Or were they based there? I thought all Navy planes were based on aircraft carriers (please excuse my lack of knowledge on the subject). And would that then be realistic to depict a Navy Corsair on an island diorama? 2. The kit includes the US insignia with red outlinings. For some reason I doubt it it's correct. According to the image below, both these subjects post date the red barred insignia. Also, I see a lot of Corsair model pictures with the "normal" blue barred US insignia. Did Revell get this wrong? 3. Cockpit colours (and general primer colours). Seems like this is a tricky one. According to http://www.ipmsstockholm.org/magazine/2004/05/stuff_eng_interior_colours_us_part3.htm : "Vought F4U Corsair Sorting out the interior colours of the Corsair is particularly tricky. For the F4U-1 Birdcage Corsairs, photos taken at the time show the cockpits being a very dark colour, most probably black. Analysis of some crashed examples of F4U-1s indicates black, while the factory Erection & Maintenance Instructions called for Dull Dark Green. As mentioned before, early production Corsairs had their interior surfaces in areas other than the cockpit covered with Salmon primer. This colour mixture was used relatively long into Corsair production. It would seem that all F4U-1s and a number of early F4U-1As were finished this way. Somewhere during the production of F4U-1A model Vought discontinued the use of Salmon primers and switched to Zinc Chromate Yellow with cockpits in Interior Green." Did anyone get more concrete info on this? Seems like the model I want to depict could be either Salmon or Zinc Chromate Yellow primed. Although I have more questions, these are the ones that prevent me from starting this build. Any opinions would be appreciated. Cheers Jimmy
  6. Seafire III 1/72

    Hi Justin, Been following for a while, but only now had the change to take my time reading from the start of the thread. I really love the attention to detail, I'm sure many are inspired by it. Your model is coming along nicely. I'm also quite interested in how you converted the 1/72 Airfix Spitfire 22 into that beautiful Seafire 47 in your opening thread. I'd very much like to attempt it. Cheers Jimmy
  7. Groupbuild poll for 2018

    Quite true for me as well. In 2016 there were too many group builds that was of interest to me, and I couldn't participate in all of them and had to choose. This year there were no group builds of interest to me - well actually there was one, but I couldn't participate since I was unexpectedly otherwise engaged in my off-time. Looks like 2018 will hold 3 that I'm interested in, of which one might not make the cut-off. Cheers Jimmy
  8. Groupbuild poll for 2018

    I've voted! Holding thumbs...
  9. Good evening everyone. For my next project I decided to do something that wasn't bare metal or camo. I had a Monogram F8F in my stash for a long time, but dreaded the thought of building it, since the decals had yellowed terribly. At last I decided to build it. I thought I'd either try to fix the decals (put in sunlight to get it white again), or find replacement decals, or just use some of my many spares and build a "generic" Bearcat without unique markings. But "luck" wasn't on my side. I couldn't get the decals white again, couldn't find replacement decals and couldn't get my head around building a Bearcat with generic markings. After all, this would probably be my first and last Bearcat, since there aren't a lot of them available in 1/72 out there (the only other one I'm aware of is the Revell, which is the same sprues, just different decals). In the end I decided to use the decals as is and see how it turns out. So it turns out the yellowing of the decals aren't terribly visible against a the glossy sea blue paint scheme! Despite the kit's age, I really enjoyed building it - and someone once told me enjoying it is the whole point. Won't win any model-of-the-year awards, but I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out. I used Tamiya's AS-8 Navy Blue rattle can spray, and the other bits were brush painted with Humbrol Acrylics. Cheers Jimmy
  10. I got my mojo back! The last kit I produced (new Airfix 1/72 Wildcat) was at the start of the year. I since got married, went on honeymoon and got a promotion at work Coming back to modelling, I just didn't have the motivation to start a build. I did however try to build an Arii Cesna 172 in order to get my mojo back, but it did the opposite and destroyed it. Anyway when I finished that kit with all it's white paint, I felt like a nice camo finish build could get me motivated. I've had this kit in the stash for a while, and decided to build it. The Airfix IX isn't the best IX there is, but it builds nice, and even though there are no cockpit or wheel well details, I decided to build OOB - with the exception of a canopy mirror scavenged from my spares box, foil seat belts and a custom underwing aerial. I brush painted the kit with Humbrol acrylics, and sprayed gloss followed by matt Tamiya TS-80. Anyway, hope you like looking at some new pics of a much-before-seen subject. Cheers Jimmy
  11. Small Scale Group Build 2018

    Added 3 more names to list. Let me know if I missed anyone. Cheers Jimmy
  12. Tamiya 1/72 Bf 109 E-3

    With these results surely your mojo is back up to 110%! Well done. Jimmy
  13. Hobbyboss 1/72 G10 & E3

    Looking forward to it. Cheers Jimmy
  14. Short-run fun! I'd like to see this great subject take shape. Cheers Jimmy
  15. Small Scale Group Build 2018

    Hi Patrice, sorry for the late response. I've added you to the list. Cheers Jimmy