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  1. Groupbuild poll for 2018

    Quite true for me as well. In 2016 there were too many group builds that was of interest to me, and I couldn't participate in all of them and had to choose. This year there were no group builds of interest to me - well actually there was one, but I couldn't participate since I was unexpectedly otherwise engaged in my off-time. Looks like 2018 will hold 3 that I'm interested in, of which one might not make the cut-off. Cheers Jimmy
  2. Groupbuild poll for 2018

    I've voted! Holding thumbs...
  3. Good evening everyone. For my next project I decided to do something that wasn't bare metal or camo. I had a Monogram F8F in my stash for a long time, but dreaded the thought of building it, since the decals had yellowed terribly. At last I decided to build it. I thought I'd either try to fix the decals (put in sunlight to get it white again), or find replacement decals, or just use some of my many spares and build a "generic" Bearcat without unique markings. But "luck" wasn't on my side. I couldn't get the decals white again, couldn't find replacement decals and couldn't get my head around building a Bearcat with generic markings. After all, this would probably be my first and last Bearcat, since there aren't a lot of them available in 1/72 out there (the only other one I'm aware of is the Revell, which is the same sprues, just different decals). In the end I decided to use the decals as is and see how it turns out. So it turns out the yellowing of the decals aren't terribly visible against a the glossy sea blue paint scheme! Despite the kit's age, I really enjoyed building it - and someone once told me enjoying it is the whole point. Won't win any model-of-the-year awards, but I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out. I used Tamiya's AS-8 Navy Blue rattle can spray, and the other bits were brush painted with Humbrol Acrylics. Cheers Jimmy
  4. I got my mojo back! The last kit I produced (new Airfix 1/72 Wildcat) was at the start of the year. I since got married, went on honeymoon and got a promotion at work Coming back to modelling, I just didn't have the motivation to start a build. I did however try to build an Arii Cesna 172 in order to get my mojo back, but it did the opposite and destroyed it. Anyway when I finished that kit with all it's white paint, I felt like a nice camo finish build could get me motivated. I've had this kit in the stash for a while, and decided to build it. The Airfix IX isn't the best IX there is, but it builds nice, and even though there are no cockpit or wheel well details, I decided to build OOB - with the exception of a canopy mirror scavenged from my spares box, foil seat belts and a custom underwing aerial. I brush painted the kit with Humbrol acrylics, and sprayed gloss followed by matt Tamiya TS-80. Anyway, hope you like looking at some new pics of a much-before-seen subject. Cheers Jimmy
  5. Small Scale Group Build 2018

    Added 3 more names to list. Let me know if I missed anyone. Cheers Jimmy
  6. Tamiya 1/72 Bf 109 E-3

    With these results surely your mojo is back up to 110%! Well done. Jimmy
  7. Hobbyboss 1/72 G10 & E3

    Looking forward to it. Cheers Jimmy
  8. Short-run fun! I'd like to see this great subject take shape. Cheers Jimmy
  9. Small Scale Group Build 2018

    Hi Patrice, sorry for the late response. I've added you to the list. Cheers Jimmy
  10. Small Scale Group Build 2018

    Mike, those are definitely small enough. Probably 1/144 or smaller. I've added you and vppelt68 to the list Cheers Jimmy
  11. ETO GB for 2018 ? or 2019

    Yes I'm in
  12. Small Scale Group Build 2018

    Caerbannog and Grandboof added. Cheers Jimmy
  13. Small Scale Group Build 2018

    I've added everyone who replied "I'm in" or something similar to a list on opening post. Cheers Jimmy
  14. All-American GB 2018/19?

    I'm in
  15. Small Scale Group Build 2018

    I have updated the thread/build title.