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  1. Aoshima Countach

    That's awesome and looks just like the one I had a poster on my wall of
  2. Tamiya Color for Polycarbonate

    Hi Dads Thank you for your response, I was aware of their intended use. I first used this type of paint to use up a can I had left over from my RC days and found the finish was quite good, providing the can is a good distance away from the model and the coats are applied thinly, hence now trying a different colour that I picked up from my LMS. I will start to explore more suitable paints as my skills with an airbrush improve. I've just started spraying dealer supplied paints, thinned with cellulose thinners having spent a few years dabbling with acrylics and despite my initial fears these are actually easier to use and much easier to clean up afterwards too.
  3. Tamiya Color for Polycarbonate

    Hi, I have searched the forum but couldn't find this answer, so here goes.. I've purchased some Tamiya Color for Polycarbonate so I can get a pearl effect on a car I'm currently building. Can anyone recommend a suitable lacquer to use on top please?
  4. Burago Ferrari 512bb

    I searched for a complete kit but couldn't find one, hence going for the decals. Now you have given me a dilemma
  5. Burago Ferrari 512bb

    Will do. Many thanks for the advice to both of you
  6. Burago Ferrari 512bb

    I've got to soak it to help remove X-many years dust but the wife gave me some acetone free nail varnish for another project if needs be. I'd not noticed the decals, but i can now see what you mean. I'll cut them down and offer them up and see how much difference there is. Will the nail varnish remover help to soften the old glue so I can dismantle it to paint it? I'm not sure what glue was used but it's possibly clear poly glue.
  7. Many years ago my dad and I built this model over a weekend as there was very little to paint. Over the years the decals have faded and worn to the point I've had it tucked away in a drawer to prevent any further damage. While searching for models I discovered a chap in Italy who was selling the decals. I bought a set immediately and they turned up this morning I was thinking of rubbing the old decals off with a washing up sponge and some warm water. Is this a good method? I'm also going to paint up the interior and I've got to make a side skirt as one was damaged from new and dad was of the attitude no-one will notice. He was right if you turn it facing the other way
  8. Revell 1:24 Volkswagen Beetle (New Style)

    Looks good chap Are the rear lights already red or did you paint them? My wife wants me to build a copy of her bug but she's fitted clear rear lights.
  9. These are possibly two of my best models to date. The Countach is a Tamiya LP500S, painted with a spary can of Peugeot titanium and Halfords clear laquer. The Diablo is a Revell VT and was painted with Hycote purple velvet double acrylic. I had this left over from when I painted a Diablo R/C car many years ago. It was lightly sanded down and polished, then treated with Revell Aqua clear coat through the airbrush. I think I should have applied a few more coats of laquer to the Diablo and then sanded and polished it again and I know the Countach would have looked better with the same treatment, but I'm still learning and as Lamborghini is my favourite manufacturer I didn't want to ruin them. It just means I'll have to build some more when I've learnt a bit more I'll take some better photos when we finally see some sunshine
  10. Tamiya Mk1 Golf Kamei Racer

    Cheers for the kind words. I must have photographed the better side
  11. My dad built one of these for me when I was a nipper. You've done a fantastic job on that one
  12. This is my first newly completed model using my airbrush and new modelling tools. I know it's certainly not up to some of the standards on this site, but I'm quite pleased with the result. My own personal criticisms are I need to sort out my shaking hand when doing straight, detail lines and I needed thicker coats of paint and to let them dry for longer before masking up.
  13. Smoking models

    Thanks for the welcome guys You're not wrong Chimpion, the chassis on mine is twisted so the front wheel is slightly popped up and the bonnet doesn't fit right. I've considered 'warming it up' and seeing if i can twist it back, but as my skills improve I may just purchase another and have another go Some of the models on here are stunning louiex2, and I agree I only build mine for self gratification, like most of my hobbies really. It's a bonus if someone compliments you on your efforts I'll take some photos of mine when the light is better and I have the nerve to take the aeroplanes down from the ceiling. I live in a flimsy new build and fixings tend to pull half the house down when they are removed.
  14. Smoking models

    Hi, I'm Ant. I used to build models of aeroplanes and cars as a kid, they usually only took an afternoon of superglue and dodgy painting. Some years later I realised how bad a job I'd made, so I filled the aeroplanes with lighter fluid, ignited them and sent them flying out of my bedroom window in a ball of fire and smoke. The cars got stripped and various bits of body work were then attached to some of my Scalextric cars. Many decades later (Xmas 2013) and my sister bought me an Airfix Vulcan to rekindle some of my youth. This coincided with me, for the umpteenth time, attempting to quit smoking. The theory was every time i wanted to smoke I went and did a bit of the model. I wanted to do a decent job with this model and not rush it, unfortunately, while waiting for proper modelling glue or paint to dry I was still craving a smoke. So I bought a Revell Mk2 Golf and a Jaguar E-type to help keep me busy, the Jaguar was a pain and not the easiest kit to get to fit right The quitting smoking didn't go so well, but I kept up with the modelling, some have been finished to a standard I'm quite impressed with considering my lack of skill in some areas, which are issues I'm slowly working on improving. For Xmas just passed, my wife bought me an airbrush and compressor, which I'm getting to grips with. I've also been bought a Revell Tornado and a Tamiya Mk1 Kamei Golf, the latter of which is teaching me lots about airbrushing - it's a bit different to spray cans. I've got loads of questions regarding various aspects of modelling, and some of the builds I've seen on here have inspired me to take the hobby a lot further. I'll do some more searching to make sure my questions haven't been covered before