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  1. Parallel universes

    Thank you all. Yes, maybe the next time I'll make that TIE fighter idea.
  2. Parallel universes

    Nice tip Sir! Thanks a lot!
  3. Parallel universes

    Just a quick pictures. Better pictures comes after the MosonShow. Now I'm on the road!
  4. Parallel universes

    Here is te results. Yep. Not so good. Thats it. I have to repair some paint parts. Now it's time to the weathering. The deadline are coming!
  5. Parallel universes

    WIP Painting masking, re-painting, re-masking. After the re-painting and thats the finish before the markings, chipping and weathering. Unifide surface. MAsking ... again ... Next time I'll make a single color thing ... And the result before opening.
  6. Parallel universes

    Made some pre-shading-ish. This technique is the mix of the pre-shading, and black basing and black-and-white. I used three diferences gray, and white. I aplyied these colors with low pressure, highly dilluted, and a micro worm stlye. I used H&S Infinity airbrush, with a 0.15 needle. The under colors are done. I know, it is very hard to see it, but beliwe me, you can see it with your eyes. This is a good base for any weathering technique, especially when you working with acrilycs only. The whole proces was 4 hours. This marbel coats, and the under-colors. First coat of gray. This is important. You have to start with the DARKEST color. I think this is a good base for the black aircrafts, or sci-fi things too. All colors are done. As you see, you can made pre-weathering-highlighting-something. Okay, this is the base color. I think, the light of my desk lamps, are very shine. It is very hard to see, but there it it. Now try another light-up mode. Here is the base. And the end result ... ehhh ... I hope you see it. Thanks for watching! I hope you like it!
  7. Parallel universes

    "I see your red door ... and I paintit black
  8. Parallel universes

    Now, they are togheter. Go to the primeing and painting stage.
  9. Parallel universes

    Thanks Bugle07! I'm on it!
  10. Parallel universes

    Now the Spit-wing ar under construction. With some Eduard PE parts. And a heavy wahs.
  11. Parallel universes

    Okay. The first stpes. The cockpits. The X-fire is almost ready.
  12. Parallel universes

    Thank you folks!
  13. Parallel universes

    Thanks Carts! I'm on it!
  14. First of all, please forgive my English. It will be 1/72 and this idea is very old. Sometime over a year ago, my friend and me figuried out a non-common dog-fight flight display, with TIE Fighter, and X wing. The idea was; the TIE will be at Luftwaffe scheme, and the X wing will be RAF scheme. My friend was ill a long time, but the idea still in my mind. Now here is the new idea. I'll paint the X wing in RAF scheme around the Battle of Britain, and I'll paint the Spitfire at Red 3 scheme frome the Star Wars - A new hope. I found Mark II mask set a year before, that what I want to use. But, when I want to buy a 72 scale Mk II, I did not found. Hello Mr Murphy. But I have the new Airfix Mk Va. A little changes, and it will be good for Mark II. I have to make some upgrade on the Airfix kit, but nothing fancy. There will be some figures. Two pilotes, and one civilian. The civilian is movie director. First of all, I made the base. This is a Costal Kit airfield. And this will be the composition. On the lower left corner will stand the director. But the base was 2D. I scratch the base, and made a heavy wahs on the lines with Vallejo blue wash, and it get some light wash everywhere. Maybe I'll use some pigments at the end ... I dont know yet ... I hope, you like it!
  15. Thanks a lot! Yes, it is all in style weathering.