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  1. Hi. Goodness gracious me... I will mercilessly copy those for mine... Excellent paintjob as always! Ciao Iwik
  2. Hi Spruecutter! I poured transparent resin from Pebeo into a cookie mold (!). For the ripples, I used artificial transparent water from Vallejo. Would do it differently though. Ciao Iwik
  3. Hi there! A little detour via SF for this (big) 54mm figure. At first I wanted the character to be climbing into a small spacecraft, but the project got too complicated. So I decided instead to have him go through a space-time portal... or something equivalent... Painted with acrylics only. Hope you like it. Ciao Iwik
  4. Hi y'all! Thanks for all those nice comments! At last here is the end of this little Winnie! I've added an Alpine miniature for this scene. Hope you like the end result! http://img4.hostingpics.net/pics/493602IMG2758.jpg]MG2753.jpg[/img][/url] Ciao et à bientôt! Iwik
  5. Hi y'all!!! At last it's done! Quite boring to paint 5 times the same uniform for the crew but the result is I think worth it. Well, at least I hope you like it too! Ciao and thanks for having followed Iwik PS Winnie is almost done as well so stay alert!
  6. Hi y'all! Meet the crew! Painted with acrylics. Peter: Phil: Steve: Michael: Anthony: See you soon for the last of it. Ciao Iwik
  7. Hi! Very nice work. I especially like the weathering on this piece. Congrats! Ciao Iwik
  8. Hi y'all! That's not quite the end (a couple of touch ups to do) as I will add an Alpine figure to this little Jeep before I call it done. Hope you like it! See you not too soon as I have to finish painting the M4A3E8 crew first. Ciao Iwik
  9. Walkaround GMC Water tank truck??? Somewhere?

    Got that already....:( I think my only hope now is to find someone who was lucky enough to photograph one during some AFV meetings. Unfortunately, there are only three in working order, including one in France but too far from where I live... Cheers Iwik
  10. Hi! I'm desperately looking for a walkaround of the WWII GMC Water Tank Truck . If anyone knows where to find that... I've been looking for days on the web to no avail.... Cheers Iwik
  11. Hi guys! Here's the follow up on this Jeep. I'm no art painter, so the pin up girl is what it is... Sorry for the quality of the pics. I'll do better next time. Ciao Iwik PS Next will come the "dirtification"!
  12. Hi there! While painting the M4A3E8, I found this picture of a Willys Jeep: (source: http://s25.postimg.org/rizkcij33/mmu_get_jpeg.jpg) So I just felt compelled to build that very same Jeep. Some modifications had to be done, such as the displaced windshields, and the rope around the front bumper. The "door" will be made out of "Magic Sculpt" and the "door art" will be hand painted. I will also add an Alpine miniature next to it. See you soo! Cheers Iwik PS I hope the paint work on the name "Winiie" will convince you that this is the correct name for this Vargas' Pin up girl that appeared in the April 1944 LIFE magazine issue.
  13. Hi there! It's been so long since I've posted anything here I doubt anyone remembers me! So I'm back with this Sherman. I didn't build it but did all the painting and the rest... Although the tank itself is finished, I'm posting it in the work in progress section as I'm still working on the paint job for the crew. 4 are done already. They will be lined up on the side of the tank on a small wooden base. In the meantime, I hope you will enjoy those few pics. Cheers! Iwik
  14. My Jedi Wood tricks

    Hi there! Why don't you just try balsa wood, coat it with superglue to reinforce it, sandpaper it to smooth it, and just paint it? I know what you're trying to do, but if you're having too many problems, balsa wood (so(too) easy to carve) might be the trick. That's what i did for a 1/28 fokker Dr1 prop. http://www.master194.com/forumww1/viewtopi...98&start=15 Ciao Iwik
  15. Hey,.... I could be the first to post.

    Hi there! I'm new to this forum, but here's where you can see my built of another camel, well, 3 actually , one 48th, one 32nd, and one 28th scale aircraft. it's in french but only the pix matter. http://www.master194.com/forumww1/viewtopic.php?t=645 But I have to admit that I recently only concentrated on the 1/48th one. Here's a couple of pix just to pike your curiosity: 3 seats, different scales (no kidding) The fuselage: And part of the underside of the upper wing: Ciao Iwik PS Sorry for the size of the pix. Will do better next time.