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  1. Pretty simple follow on from the orginal thread which has now been locked. Post what you've bought as long as it falls within the automotive section. Get buying guys Shaun
  2. Right so this is 1 half of my twin build GT-R thread. Normally I'd post them both together but the LB version came together so much faster, mainly due to the paint finish. My opinions of the kit are very high, it just fell together most of the way, the only tricky bit was basically at the start of the build when adding the wide body kit. There are no alignment holes or marks so you have to be pretty precise before gluing, that being said it wasn't too hard compared with other wide bodykit models. One major plus are the window masks as for the first time the kit supplied window masks didn't leak any paint under them. Also it was a very nice touch to have 2 piece rims where the whole centre section is separate from the outer rim Now for some tech specs. Paints used were: Halfords primer for all parts Zero paints LB zero fighter grey Zero paint gulf orange. Tamiya flat clear. Various shades of alclad. Bits added: VR38DETT engine from the Aoshima r35 pure model. Various extra decals from aventador LB sheet. So now on to the final result. This is the picture I left on the build thread but I actually quite like it so it's being added to this thread also. And finally LB's message that could change so much as we enter a new year. Thanks for looking and to all those who did and hopefully continue to contribute the the build thread. Have a great end to this year and start to the next. Shaun
  3. I've been pondering what to make my first build of 2018 and this is something that's been near the top of the pile since I bought it not to long ago. As seem obligatory these days the box shot. A brief look into the a kit that I've made in the past with relatively good result. This was completed in January of 2016/5 I think so the experience has improved since then I hope. From the above kit I am now pretty aware of the areas that need a little more care and also areas where I myself can improve. So for this current attempt at this model I managed to pick the kit up rather cheaply from eBay as it had no decals but as it was the same kit as the finished fina car above I still have the majority of the decals left with only the rear gtr one and 1 other missing. Right so then it was the mindset of I have this kit now what to do with it? Test car? Another race version to go with the fina car and soon the be made gulf version? I couldn't make my mind up, then as I was half way through the Liberty Walk Nissan GT-R I came across a set of carbon decals that cover the whole exterior in a carbon wrap. So that the plan. A full carbon McLaren f1 gtr, possibly with the yellow and pink decals on aswell but I won't make that call until the body is finished. The set includes 4 sheets of pre printed templates to cut of that from what I can see covers most of the car in carbon, there are a few bits not on the sheets(or maybe I just haven't found them yet) but these bits will be easy to make myself with the leftover parts of sheet. Now on to the plastic. The shell is as nicely moulded as it was the first time with no really bad bits to clean up. I need to decide if I should just glue the rear parts on for the engine cover or maybe detail the engine bay a little. And then finally for the first update I need to decide whether or not to cut out the front hatch to show the details underneath that incuded in the kit. I guess if I do the rear it would be silly not to do the front and vice versa. Also in this picture you will notice that I have started to clean up the few mould lines that are on the body and filled the small dips with ca glue ready to be sanded off very soon. I think body work wise this kit will move pretty quick as it is only going a gloss black after primer with then the whole raft of decals to put on. More soon Shaun
  4. Aoshima McLaren f1 gtr long tail

    Thanks for the kind words guys. So I thought when I started this I would smash through to painting really quickly but family, work and a stinking cold have got in the way so here is the progression up until now. I made my mind up about the front hatch. Out came the scriber and I made a hole. The actual hatch part will have some extra material added around the edge as a 1 mm gap in this scale would equate to an inch gap each side in real scale. Just to see how much will be shown once done Also as you have probably seen in the previous pictures I needed to add some epoxy putty as I filed down one side too much. Also i have now added one thin strip of plastic to the hatch piece and maybe leave it as is now just with the paint and decals closing the gap up more. More soon Shaun
  5. Aoshima LB Nissan GT-R

    Thanks for the kind words. I have to agree with you guys these style of cars are not for every body but I'd rather this than a prius any day of the week 😂😂 Shaun
  6. Tamiya Mercedes AMG GT3 1/24

    Great finish. Also the pics with the black background are very well taken. Shaun
  7. Miura

    More muiras lol January is the month of the muira in the old Italian car calender. Great work Ian love the blue. Shaun
  8. Great finish Neil it's always nice seeing these cars in a classic colour. Shaun
  9. Scratch build 1/8 scale trucks.

    Fantastic skills. Love the gulf tanker. Shaun
  10. From what I've seen so far it is very hard to disagree with you Steve. I love the fact they include the clear body parts aswell as the white plastic body parts it really opens up the build options. Shaun
  11. A couple of buys this week. Ive had my eye on the first purchase for a while, kind of hoping they'd drop in price but they haven't. The Aoshima pagani huayra. Then second I joined the club and bought a couple of tamiya Mercedes amg gt3s. Might see if I can mate a revell amg gts to the gt3 and make an amg gtr and then maybe add the revell V8 biturbo to the tamiya gt3.. Shaun
  12. First off I'd like to take a minute and admit that I am a weak person. I planned to leave this alone until atleast the end October and use it as my winter build when the f1 season finishes, but after looking through the box couldn't stop myself from having a little fiddle (not that way ) and as more and more came out the box more bits were trimmed and cut off the mountings and placed together. So on to the kit. The obligatory box shot. I find it hard to believe how they fit the whole car in this as it's not much bigger than a couple of tamiya boxes. First thing out of the box is this plastic wallet. It's a nice touch compared to the last mfh kit I made. Inside the wallet are the assembly instructions and decal guide. Under the decals guide was the decal sheet and carbon decals. So moving into the box again and first out is the etch parts. There's not as many as I thought there would be considering the size of the car. Also on the etch plate it comes with some helpful guides to show how the diffuser strakes need to be bent. The tyres are really nice and don't have the fujimi/tamiya centre seem. Also it helps that the Pirelli markings have been pre printed like ebbro as it saves me messing them up like normal. A little comparison between 2 front tyres 15 years apart. On the left is the mfh front tyre and on the right is a revell f2002 front tyre. So it's now at this stage where I got a little impatient and just took every thing out the box. This is all the little bags with all the smaller resin and white metal parts. The rims are nice aluminium, very light and the tyre fit on them like a glove. So in bag 1 was the rear wing, gearbox/rear crash structure, seat, roll hoop/intake and the part for the lower part of the monocoque. In bag 2 are the unique side pods, nose cone, radiator parts, lower body parts and cockpit horns. Bag 3 was the front wing and clever oil cooling sheets. In the last resin bag are the wheel hubs and other little misc parts. Now the floor pan. This is a bit that I have spent around half an hour just looking at today, it is literally a work of art and half the bits for it are not even one yet. And finally the main body section. As you can guess for being a new kit there is little to no extra material that needs sanding off but obviously with resin it's not perfect as there are a couple of bubbles that need sorting and from a few little test the fit in some areas will need a bit of work. So this Is where I left the big beastie at the end of the day. It's easily 45cms long from tip to tail and that's before you count the rear end which sticks out another few cms. None of the white metal parts have been touched yet either as I am waiting for a new polisher to turn up. More soon Shaun
  13. 1/12 Ferrari SF70-H

    Right so after a bit of an extended break this is kind of back on the table. So starting off with the bad. The oil coolers, or what ever Ferrari used them for, for some reason had bubbled even though they have never been near any souce of heat. So I cut them off and will have a sort of Austria spec floor now. I could heat them and flatten them out again but honestly as I don't know what caused the bubble in the first place I don't want to risk it happening again after I've painted and got decals on. Obviously after taking them off the floor required quite a bit of clean up. It didn't take too long so I'm not to worried. I'm not sure if I had said before but I wasn't happy with the finish on the wheels so into ipa they went and out come the filler to fix the bits I wasn't 100% happy with. The gearbox area was one of the bits I was originally going to take a short cut with as it wasn't going to be seen much but this just bugged me so again I have filled the gaps and soon will get some more primer on. The little horned s-duct part had the gaps filled also. The nose has also had it main aero bit added and gaps filled it's now ready for primer. And finally on the prep side of things there was always a little dip on the part of the body where the shark fin meets the engine cover from top to bottom. I feel this may have been caused by me being too hard while sanding but it fixed now so I can happily move on. So now the nose cone has been sprayed with primer again. There are a couple a very small bits I'm not 100% happy with but it's mainly just for in the primer that I can sand out. The main body has been sprayed in primer again also. As you will see the lower front suspension arms have been glued on also, this was because when I tried them out testing the gap was huge so I got it closed as much as I could but ultimately I would not be happy with even a 1mm gap that shouldn't be there so glued them on and filled the gap. The biggest part to change is the floor pan. The whole bit has now been primed, flatted back and sprayed with Halfords gloss black. Now I just need to get the carbon on and it's done. More soon Shaun
  14. Made a couple of great deals with a Facebook buddy this week. Model factory hiro Ferrari f10 Aus gp. Finally I can make the f10 with the proper barcode decal. And model factory hiro Ferrari f2008 version a. The Brazil massa car will be done. Just need to pick up some intermediate tyres for it. Shaun
  15. As another build finishes another must start. This time I will be building 2 of Aoshimas Nissan GT-Rs, one as a stock anyman car and one of the new Liberty Walk version cars. So on to the build and the 2 cars i am talking about. As you can see these 2 have the similarities but also have the same amount of differences. So starting with the standard car. It is the 2014 spec pure edition. I did think of trying to spec this car into the nismo 17 spec but the front bumper was a little too much work to make it look good. This car will hopefully have a showroom look to it with a nice spec'd interior and painted with Xirallic Crystal White on the exterior. Rather conveniently it comes with a VR38DETT engine which will most likely end up in the other car. Now on to the LB car. This is the new release from Aoshima classed as version 1 so possibly there may be more to come in the future. Me being me I am not going to be building this out of the box, as you will notice in the picture I will be adding a swan neck rear wing and possible some rocket bunny wheels (not pictured) but overall I am just excited to be able to build an LB GT-R for under £50. Obviously with this being a specialist car the interior will be painted with a high sort of spec finish, the exterior will be using the kit decals and also be painted with LB zero fighter grey and probably top coated with a flat clear or semi gloss clear. The decals for the LB car are very nice and it's also great that they include different colours of the same decals to give the option of having light or dark paint. These are the kit rims which are very nice and are 2 peice per corner. Also they have been pre painted in black. Not sire if I have already mentioned it but these 2 kits are basically the same kit just reboxed with extra parts. Fro. What I can see these are the extra parts for the LB car. So that being said the body shells are exactly the same, the even have the same code stamp in the inside. So as these should be 2 pretty standard straight forward builds I got to sticking bits on. Front and rear bumpers are on the pure car with the bonnet only placed on. Now this is where the differences start. The front bumpers are now glued to both cars and as you can see are quite substantially different in terms of complexity. Pure car left, LB right. Mocking up the arches for the LB car. Front and rear arches mocked. Also the pure car in underneath to show the visual difference. That's it for now. More probably tomorrow Thanks for looking Shaun
  16. Right so it's that time for the LB GT-R. It's done, finished, completed and any other word to use for it. Honestly this kit was a pleasure to build some parts were a little tricky but as a whole it was a great kit from Aoshima and I would highly recommend it to all of you, plus I may just get my self another one to do something really unique or maybe just wait for the version 2 to come out or just get both. Here a quick picture of the base I forgot to add in yesterday also. I think it's very fitting for the car and it's history. And also now as 1 car is done I will be putting up a thread for it in the ready for inspection section of the forum later today, so here is also a quick peek at the finished article. Also now I can fully concentrate on the standard car and get them together again in the not to distant future as it mainly the clear coating that is holding that car up. More soon Shaun
  17. Thank you roger I maybe would go as far as that but that's only because I can hide the bad parts lol but it does always help when the kit is as good as it was to put together. Shaun
  18. So it's that time of the build where I am basically at the end, for the LB car anyway, and looking forward to the next one. The progress from the last few days. The little side vents have been painting in gulf orange and flat clear. Same with the mirrors. The front splitter has been glued on. I have to admit I was going to paint the side intakes gulf orange also but forgot to do it. So a nice layer of carbon decal has been added instead. After the clear coat sealing the carbon was dry I went ahead a glued on the side vents. The rear diffuser has had carbon decal added to it. Not much of it will be seen once one the car but it is a nice touch. Now just to add the mirrors, exhaust tips and wipers and a few little final touches and I should be able to call this done. Shaun
  19. Brief guide to using Flickr

    Just incase people haven't realised yet. The issue we were having recently with ot being able to imbed the flickr app copy code has been fixed so those of us using android or iOS no longer have to go to the website and use the bb code. Shaun
  20. What have you purchased / been gifted

    For the first time in 4-5 years nothing related to model making. But my birthday is in a few weeks so hopefully a nice big bright orange and green mfh kit will be opened then. Shaun
  21. Thanks for the comments guys. And Ian the rising sun was actually included in the kit decals, well 2 sets 1 light and 1 dark so very soon I will have another LB project on my desk (after a couple of f1 builds I have planned for the new year) Also just a side note while I am talking about rising suns. I have made up a japan themed base for the kit which it will be displayed with when done. Shaun
  22. Cool colour for a gtr, waiting to see how this will look soon hopefully. Shaun
  23. Nice subject and love the choice of final colour. Not very often you see a blue miura, most of the time it's either yellow or orange, so it's good to see some individuality. And the wheels do look the mutts nuts. Shaun
  24. So I was going g to post this the others before all the issues with the photo embedding issues but hey better late than never. Revell are close to dropping this little beauty on us in the very near future. I for one am very happy as I was unwilling to pay the price of the mfh or profile versions. The only problem I can see there being is the wheels as the recent releases from them have had so pretty odd sizes. Maybe plamoz will put out some replacements after it comes out though. For me though I can put up with odd wheels if replacements come out so I can see a few being purchased. Shaun